Hilarious New Santa Clarita Diet Trailer


They’re back! The fun-loving Hammond family of cosy, typical California suburb Santa Clarita returns March 23rd for more wild and wacky hijinks as mom Sheila and dad Joel keep their real estate careers afloat, daughter Abby copes with high school, and her best friend and next door neighbor Eric fits in like one of the family.

Oh yeah, and Sheila’s a very life-like zombie. You can hardly tell at all. Most of the time. Except when a stray small body part falls off. Or she gets hungry. For humans. But it’s no problem, really. They’re a loving family, and coping with Sheila’s illness just fine. Except for that cop who lives next door and the growing trail of bodies…

Even with a zombie in the family, the Hammonds still have suburban problems: The kill room looks like it’s straight out of Ikea or Pottery Barn, instead of an authentically gritty kill room. The coworker who sexually harassed Sheila and became her first kill just won’t leave her alone. His undead head is now living in the tool cabinet, which is like stalker level annoying. (Nathan Fillion cameo!) The kids keep doing science experiments in the kitchen, leaving it a giant bloody mess that takes forever to clean up.

I can’t wait for this show to come back. I spotted the book with the potential cure on the kitchen counter, so hopefully the Baka and her buckets will be back, too.



Photo and trailer courtesy of Netflix.