Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 4: The Queen of England Recap

Mr Ball Legs and Friends

Sheila and Joel get a new pet this episode, after Sheila and Rite Aid Rita finally meet. Gary proves to be a valuable friend. Eric becomes a pawn in a game of tug of war between the undead women of Santa Clarita, which is not as much fun as you’d think. Joel and Abby continue to work through their feelings about their new lifestyle, trying to find an elusive new normal amidst Sheila’s undead adventures.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 3: Moral Gray Area Recap


In episode three, Sheila and Joel attempt to fulfill Gary the severed head’s last wish, prove they are good people, build cherry wood bookshelves, and possibly eat a real life Nazi. They achieve only moderate success, but Joel does get some great ideas for the bookshelves, while Sheila discovers an all you can eat buffet of white supremacists. Eric and Ramona manage to have an entire relationship in one episode, from 1st date to the awkward break up that ensues when he discovers she’s been using him. Ramona is the Zen undead femme fatale of Santa Clarita, and she uses her powers without guilt. It’s a successful date episode for both couples, in the sense that they all come out of it in better circumstances than they were at the beginning of the episode.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 2: Coyote in Yoga Pants Recap


Now that Sheila’s feeling more like herself, it’s time for the Hammonds to try to return to their normal lives, starting with getting their careers back on track. There are also a few loose ends to tidy up from the whole “becoming a flesh-eating zombie/finding a cure” odyssey, but nothing that the family can’t handle.

This episode finds the Hammonds dealing with relatable issues, like trying to beat out the underhanded competition at work, figuring out the best microwave setting for an unusual item, trying out a new exercise routine, and having to redo a chore they thought they were done with. It’s all taken care of with the family’s usual good humor, and hardly anyone gets eaten. Plus there’s an adorable dog.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 1: No Family Is Perfect Recap


Welcome back to sunny Santa Clarita, CA! Though it’s been a long year for us, it’s only been a few hours for the residents of the cul de sac. Sheila is still chained in the basement, making do with a wooden post for a snack instead of the fresh body parts she craves. Abby and Eric are hard at work on their science project in the kitchen. Eric is putting the finishing touches on the cure formula using the method Dr Wolf taught him, while Abby searches for a live and cooperative Serbian to provide some vomit. And Joel is locked in a mental ward for a 72 hour observation period after the police arrested him at Principal Novak’s house. His hospital roommate lives with evil, sentient asparagus people who have it in for him. Given the state of my fridge, that might be the scariest concept this show’s ever come up with.

But this is the plucky, loving Hammond family, so we know it’ll all work out fine in the end!

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Hilarious New Santa Clarita Diet Trailer


They’re back! The fun-loving Hammond family of cosy, typical California suburb Santa Clarita returns March 23rd for more wild and wacky hijinks as mom Sheila and dad Joel keep their real estate careers afloat, daughter Abby copes with high school, and her best friend and next door neighbor Eric fits in like one of the family.

Oh yeah, and Sheila’s a very life-like zombie. You can hardly tell at all. Most of the time. Except when a stray small body part falls off. Or she gets hungry. For humans. But it’s no problem, really. They’re a loving family, and coping with Sheila’s illness just fine. Except for that cop who lives next door and the growing trail of bodies…

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Santa Clarita Diet Renewed for Season 2: Yum!


Netflix confirmed today that Santa Clarita Diet, its upper middle class, suburban, zombie sitcom starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, will be back for a second season in 2018.

Announcement teaser trailer using some of Sheila’s snacks 😜  to spell out the number 2 under the cut.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 10: Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats


As we start our last episode of the season, everyone is putting up a good front, but covering up a deep well of anxiety. There is some hope that Dr Cora Wolf will come through with a cure. Eric has put together a background reel to introduce us to the doctor.

Dr Wolf is a genius who was a prodigy. She was working for the CDC when she came across her first zombie case. The subject had murdered and eaten his entire family, and partially eaten two hikers. Her research led her to believe the condition was caused by an unknown virus, but the rest of the staff at the CDC didn’t believe her. She was ridiculed and fired. Dr Wolf started her own biotech company to search for a cure.

Sheila is still worried about what will happen if she ends up randomly murdering people and Joel needs to put her down. She wants to play a game where he tells her how he’d kill her, sort of like f*ck, marry, kill. Joel knows that, no matter what, this isn’t going to go well for him. He tells her he’d bash her head in with a baseball bat, like they do in zombie movies. Sheila is appalled. Just like Joel feared, wrong answer. Sheila wants him to make it special, maybe even romantic. He should kiss her, then put a silk pillow over her face, and shoot her with a pearl-handled revolver. It’s a nice picture for an assisted suicide, but I don’t know if it would work with a feral zombie. Maybe Joel could just bedazzle the bat.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 9: The Book! Recap


Things are getting a bit more intense this episode, as Joel and Sheila feel like Sheila’s time may be running out. Sheila and Abby spend the day doing mother-daughter stuff, like playing Raffi for a porn-loving biker, and Joel and Eric have a father-son day at the paranormal convention.

Joel interrupts Sheila as she’s packaging up delicious bags of Dan for her daily meals to tell her that he’s heard from Anton, the guy who claims to have the Serbian zombie cure book. Anton will be at the paranormal convention in Oxnard today, and is willing to meet them there.

But first, Sheila needs Joel to pop her eye back in more tightly. It’s been wandering around in the socket since it started jumping the night before. Joel girds his loins, and pops it in. We all need to accept the changes in our partners’ bodies as we age, even post-mortem.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 8: How Much Vomit? Recap


Sheila is obsessed with her little toe, and trying to reattach it. Unfortunately, she’s not very handy. The glue gun gets glue everywhere (who hasn’t had that happen?), she’s not much of a seamstress, and the toe splits like dry wood when she tries to nail it back on. We’ve all been there. A little part of something has broken off, and it seems like it should be simple to fix, but ends up a disaster. Usually the answer is duct tape.

She gives up and goes back to bed. Joel is awake and hopeful, but losing a toe is bit of a turn off for Sheila. Not that she tells Joel about her toe. She convinces him that they need to make brownies for Lisa instead.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 7: Strange or Just Inconsiderate? Recap


In this episode of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” the answer is: Dan! And he overstays his welcome, just as he did in life. Some people just can’t change, no matter what life, or death, throws at them.

Joel and Sheila are working hard to adapt, though. Their quick thinking skills are coming along nicely. After killing Dan with a shovel at the end of episode 6, Joel throws his body over the back garden wall into his own yard. Unfortunately, Sheila is having coffee and conversation with Alondra in the kitchen at that moment, in full view of the yard and wall. Fortunately, Alondra’s back is to the wall, so Sheila is able to cover for her surprise with some passionate sharing about kites and canning, then get Alondra out of the house. It really is a b*tch when the peaches go bad before you get to them.

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