Avengers: Infinity War Behind the Scenes Video Plus Photos [Updated]


StuckyNat are hanging out with T’Challa and Michonne in Wakanda and they have matching outfits now!!! And look at the amazing new arm that Shuri made Bucky! His wrist and hand are so flexible!

In anticipation of tickets for the film going on sale Friday (as has been leaked anonymously by a theatre employee), Marvel is releasing new promotional content this week. Black Panther’s sequel has been confirmed, as well. Infinity War debuts in theatres Friday, April 27th, with preshows on April 26th.

Update: Theatre websites are adding showtimes for Infinity War.

Update 3/16/18: Tickets are on sale now. A few hours in, sales are already breaking records. (This morning, Metamaiden and I got tickets for the 26th. 🏇)

Plus there’s a new trailer.

EW decodes the trailer.

Entertainment Tonight aired a Behind the Scenes Featurette on Monday:


Some interesting quotes from Mark Ruffalo in the video below. I think that the hosts’ analysis is off in some ways- for example, in the past the Avengers have wanted to listen to Banner, but he generally wouldn’t talk to them and kept himself on the periphery- but the quotes are revealing.

Here ⇓ are the two quote they discuss, if you don’t want to watch the video. They are slightly spoilery, so skip if avoiding all but absolutely official info.













Thor and his new sidekicks. Baby Groot is growing up so fast.

With great power comes greater opportunities to skip school.


The new Avengers boy band, Dr Strange and the Superettes. The two in the center are hopeless at choreography.


Someday it will be revealed that Loki has just been playing one really long practical joke on Thor.


Shuri designed these outfits, yes? And Rhodey’s bulky leg braces were designed by Tony. By why is Natasha blonde?

Bow to the king.

Shuri looks so young here. It’s going to be so much fun to see her with Bruce and Tony. Here she’s with Bruce and Wanda.


Steve has gauntlets just like T’Challa’s.