The Man in the High Castle Season 3: Release Date and New Trailer from SDCC


As expected, Amazon took the opportunity to announce the release date for season 3 of The Man in the High Castle at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. The entire 10 episode season will drop on Amazon Prime on 10/5/18. Amazon also gave us a bonus announcement: The show has already been renewed for season 4, which is a much needed show of faith after an almost 2 year wait between seasons and the number of shows that Amazon has already cancelled recently.

The time between seasons is likely down to Amazon’s behind the scenes issues with replacing executives due to a sexual harassment scandal, including a claim made by Isa Dick Hackett, daughter of author Phillip K Dick and an executive producer of TMITHC. TMITHC also lost its showrunner midseason during season 2 and has a new showrunner, Eric Overmyer, for season 3. But it’s still taken many more months than normal to get the show released since it finished shooting (filming began in June 2017).

Best guess would be that it’s because of the transitions between Amazon executives or disagreements between the new regime at Amazon and the new showrunner. Let’s hope that season 3 doesn’t turn out to be a choppily edited mess from having had too many hands on it. I already thought the second half of season 2 suffered from the lack of a showrunner to give it a cohesive vision.

The Comic Con Trailer gives us more information on the Third Reich’s research into traveling, and conquering, the multiverse, and shows Juliana leading the Resistance movement to stop them. We get confirmation that Juliana’s sister is from an alternate reality, one in which Juliana died. The Nazis have built a machine which allows them to travel to alternate realities at will, and it appears to be huge, able to transport armies and tanks for an invasion. The Resistance, as usual, is of no practical use at all, and Juliana has to take over in order for it to be effective. And we get an intriguing shot of Nazi flags cut apart and sewn back together so that the Swastikas form a peace sign at the center of the flag. Who is flying that flag, and in which reality?

I am so ready for this. Almost time to start the rewatch!




Images and video courtesy of Amazon.