Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing Recap

Roswell, NM S1Ep10 Max & Isobel Just Out of the Pod

In episode 10 of Roswell, New Mexico, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, the characters hunt down lost memories, retrieve Isobel from stasis, crack a secret code, and find other ways to reveal secrets to each other. Some hearts are made lighter, some are not. The secrets bring up as many new questions as they do answers.


Since Isobel was left in her pearly pink egg over the break, it’s only fair that we get right to setting her free in the first scene of this episode. Max coats his hand in dissolved silver, then reaches in and pulls her out. She’s disoriented, but quickly gets her bearings. They’re relieved to find she’s retained the memories she went into stasis with, so amnesia isn’t an automatic consequence of time in an alien pod.

Liz is there, with an antidote filled syringe at the ready. She gives Isobel about one minute to catch her breath. As soon as Isobel asks if they’ve found the cure, Liz strides forward, tells her they’re about to find out. She jams the syringe into Isobel’s chest, using the same vampire killing technique as Kyle.

They take Isobel back to Max’s house for a proper exam and some pampering. Isobel is upset when she learns they didn’t let her sleep through the next presidential election. Liz finds that all normal activity has returned to Isobel’s mitochondrial DNA. She hatched out of her egg an alien again.

Liz cautions them that drugs have side effects, so they should be cautious. Kyle will stop by later and examine Isobel more thoroughly. Liz decides to leave to let Max and Isobel have some cuddle time together.

Isobel teases Max for his romantic goodbye to Liz. Then she relents, and admits she’s not used to seeing him this happy.

Max follows Liz outside to tell her she doesn’t have to leave, but she says she does. It’s still hard for her to be around Isobel, knowing what happened between her and Rosa. She just gave a potentially dangerous alien her powers back and doesn’t want to constantly face Isobel, wondering if she made a mistake.

Plus, now that she’s done helping the aliens, she needs to focus on her own work. The grant for her stem cell research was just announced to the public, and there are protests at the hospital.

Max is going to focus on catching the serial killer fourth alien. He isn’t sure how he’s going to tell Isobel that there’s another alien and they’re evil.

Just as Max is about to kiss Liz goodbye, Cameron drives up. Liz leaves Cameron to her turn with Max. She’s off duty and working on the alien serial killer case.

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Michael finishes telling Alex the basics of his alien story, then tells him to ask whatever questions he wants. Or, if it’s all too much, he can erase Alex’s mind. Alex asks if he can really do that. Michael can’t, of course, but thinks it would be pretty cool if he could.

Alex asks why the Evans were adopted separately from Michael. Michael is surprised that Alex wants to know about his family stuff instead of the more alien stuff. Alex says that he’s known about aliens for months. He wants to know about Michael. You know, his boyfriend?

Michael: “The Evans came into the group home one day to adopt one kid and they adopted two. They’re good people. Maybe I just smelled like trouble.”

Alex: “Where’d you go after that?”

Michael: “The system. First it was a couple of angry meth heads in Albuquerque, then a violent drunk in Santa Fe. I was 11 when I was sent back to Roswell, fundamentalist, religious freaks. After that, I’d take an angry addict any day. But it did bring me back to Max and Isobel, and I was just… I was really relieved. They had an easier time… I showed you mine, now you show me yours. How’d you know about me?”

Alex: “Massive government conspiracy.”

Michael laughs. Alex doesn’t. Michael gets the picture.

Alex ends the conversation by using his massively dry wit to get revenge for Michael’s teasing joke at the beginning of the conversation.

Cam tries to talk business with Max, explaining that there are 14 autopsies that point to alien involvement, and as far as she can tell, the real autopsies were destroyed. Max interrupts her to complain that they’ve skipped talking about his alien status. Cam acknowledges that she has the right to be shocked he’s alien, angry with him for lying to her for so long, and worried that having sex with an alien him repeatedly might have some effect on her health.

Max gives her one of his typical not-an-apologies, in which he tells her that he’s not sorry for anything he did, but it’s too bad she got hurt in the process. Cam knows that’s as much as she”ll ever get out of him, which is why she didn’t bring it up to begin with, so she asks if they can move on to crime solving now.

It really seems like they intend to make Max a king, without doing the Royal 4 storyline. He’s so fracking high-handed. He needed to know Cameron had properly reacted to finding out he’s an alien by making sure she’d thought about him a lot, so he baited her into airing her concerns.  But he didn’t intend to actually address those concerns in any meaningful way.

If Max were a grown up, he could have just brought up the subject of his lies and the difficulties of being caught between two worlds on his own, instead of pushing Cam into talking about it first. See: Later in the episode, when Michael tells Alex he’s sick of secrets, and is honest about his feelings and plans.

Of course then Alex runs away, but he’d just had a shock, so you know, baby steps.

Kyle visits his mom the sheriff to give her a hard time over the way she handled his dad’s brain tumor diagnosis. Now that he’s a doctor, he can see how strange it was for Jim to develop a giant brain tumor in the 2 weeks between brain scans in 2014. He wants to know why she didn’t pursue other opinions and question the diagnosis. She says the doctor told her the cancer grew at an accelerated rate and she saw how his father was affected. She felt helpless to do anything. She couldn’t open a murder investigation for a cancer victim.

Most people don’t assume there’s a massive government conspiracy involved in their cancer diagnosis.

Michael takes Alex down to his fallout shelter. Alex asks why Michael is showing him this, when the Manes have been targeting Michael’s people for generations. Michael says that he’s sick of secrets. If he’s going to trust anyone, it’s Alex and if anyone’s going to destroy him, it might as well be Alex.

They look each other in the eye, Michael looking open and vulnerable, Alex looking like he isn’t sure what to do with the information he was just given. He’s still fighting his battle, every second of every day, and doesn’t understand how Michael could make himself vulnerable to a potential enemy like this. But Michael’s been fighting too, and has been much more alone than Alex. He’s trying a new strategy, because the old one wasn’t working anymore.

Michael reveals that under the tarp he’s building the spaceship’s console and central control panel. He says, “I think it’s my only way out.”

Cam and Max visit the Wild Pony to question Maria about the murders. Before they get to work, Maria offers to let Max do some karaoke. Cam tells Maria that Max doesn’t sing. Except, apparently he does. But probably only when Liz is in town and happy with him, so Cam thinks he doesn’t. Sleeping Beauty has been woken from his slumber by Princess Liz’s True Love’s Kiss, and Cam is about to discover an entirely different Max.

They show Maria a photo of the wrist of a murder victim, which has an image on it of a star within a circle, with a bucking bronco in the center. It’s Maria’s door stamp, which she only uses twice a month on Ranchero Night, when they open up for those who need a free meal and live music. All of the victims had the stamp.

Cam asks if they get any suspicious characters. Maria says it’s full of suspicious types like addicts and vagrants. She suggests they talk to Racist Hank, who provides the live music, since his terrible band plays for free. He’s currently passed out under the pool table, as he has been since Wyatt was arrested.

Back in her own home, Isobel gets cleaned up and looking her best so she’s ready to greet Noah when he gets home. Noah’s ready to greet her, too, but he’s prepared by buying a gun, after he saw her in an egg.

He doesn’t want a gun, but he’s married to an egg person. He also didn’t turn the eggs in to the sheriff, because he’s married to one of them. That’s loyalty.

Isobel convinces him she comes in peace, then explains the whole situation during the commercial break. And, for future reference, she prefers to be called a pod person instead of an egg person. I do respect her wishes, but I don’t think I can can resist calling her Eggobel.

Noah gets stuck on Max and Michael being both cowboys and aliens and what a bad movie that was and that the whole thing is against the laws of nature. And the cowboy-aliens came out of gelatinous pink egg pods, don’t forget that. That’s just wrong.

At the very least we should get to see one or both of the guys get naked, covered in silver goo, and slide in and out of his pink egg, to prove the whole story is really true. Just sayin’.

Pause to consider this possibility. There’s probably eyeliner involved. Green Day’s (Good Riddance) Time of Your Life should be playing. Or maybe Edwin McCain’s I’ll Be, if it’s Max, while Liz watches tearfully. Who is Love’s Suicide, if not Max? Somehow, he’d be going back in the egg to save Liz. Michael would be regaining memories or becoming whole, making him available for love in a way he’s never been before. Alex and Maria would hold hands as they watched him slather on the silver. We’d all get teary, but if we cry, we can’t actually watch.

End Eggo Break. Where were we?

Noah pauses to freak out about Isobel’s powers and insult her by suggesting she’d choose the sweater he’s wearing. She tells him how much she loves him, so much that sometimes she wants to fuse her skin into his. He asks if that’s a thing she can do.

Of course not. Especially with that sweater in between. But this is the first time we’ve heard Isobel talk as if she’s imprinted on Noah instead of Rosa. Maybe the antidote is fixing more than just what Liz’s weapon injured. Noah’s always been devoted to her, but she’s been distant with him.

Eggobel tells him she loves him, one more time, and that brings Noah around completely. They kiss.

Noah: “I can’t believe I’ve literally been probed by an alien.” Hope she remembered the butter and maple syrup.

Kyle asks his mom what happened between his dad and Jesse Manes. She says they were friends until Kyle was a teenager. Kyle asks if she knows what ended their friendship. She tells him that Jim said Jesse had no code, but what he meant was Jesse had a different code. She doesn’t think her husband was fit to judge anyone, since he cheated on her with a girl half his age.

Kyle tells his mom that Jim wasn’t sleeping with Rosa, she was his daughter. He lets her know about Jim’s affair with Rosa’s mom, the letters he wrote Rosa and that he was helping her detox. “He was being a good dad.”

Sheriff Mrs Valenti says, “That was the code. The unbreakable moral line. Protect your children at all costs.”

She takes out the letters Jim wrote while he was sick and hands them to Kyle, saying Jim wrote them for his son. She’s tried to decipher them countless times. Now she’s giving them to Kyle.


Michael shows Alex how the pieces of the alien console seamlessly knit themselves back together when he puts the right parts together. If he can get the console working, he can attach it to a vehicle.

Alex realizes that Michael is saying he wants to leave the planet. He suddenly needs processing time, and to get home before an oncoming storm. Once he’s back in his car, Alex takes his piece of the ship out of his pack to look at.

Operation Sober Up Racist Hank involves dousing him with a glass of water. He remembers seeing the dead prostitute with a guy on the night she died. Hank was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge because he was jealous of the guy and fought him. The guy seemed shady to Hank, which Max translates to mean he wasn’t white.

Noah and Eggobel have inexplicably decided that they need to go on a picnic when a winter storm is approaching. The picnic fare consists of mostly wine. But while she’s packing the wine, Isobel has a memory of the first time she and Rosa had a real conversation.

They each drew Sharpie pictures on the town gazebo, while they talked about the way the people in town decided who you were. Then you can never escape that rut, even if you realize you’re someone else or change. It’s stifling for both. Rosa drew a rose and Isobel drew the alien symbol.

Isobel comes out of the memory understanding that she and Rosa really were friends. Isobel and Noah drop the picnic in the snow idea (good call) and go to the hospital to find Liz. The front entrance to the hospital is surrounded by people protesting Liz’s stem cell research. Isobel thinks the protesters are standing in the way of progress, but Noah wonders if there’s some things we aren’t meant to know. “At what point does scientific progress become about man playing God?”

Isobel doesn’t engage in the argument, she just plays Goddess. She uses her powers on the crowd, and the Red Sea Dissent Sea parts to let them through to the Promised Land hospital door. Noah still isn’t used to how weird this is.

Maria is doing a little psychic bar betting for spending money, while proving that she really does have talent. She’s guessing the cards that a customer is holding, but figures out that the woman is thinking of the three of diamonds while holding a joker. She’s correct and wins a $20 bill. That guess was too specific to be chance or through the use of body language cues.

Her psychic talent has seemed real all along, but she’s very ethical in the way she uses it. She doesn’t go into the mind of anyone she’s not involved with and she respects the personal lives of her friends. She also minds her own business when it comes to her suspicions about other people, maybe a little too much.

Alex sits down at the bar, there to stake his claim on Michael. Maria asks him what’s up, saying she hopes it’s something commonplace, like boy trouble, rather than something like the murder Max was investigating earlier. Alex acknowledges that he knows about the murders Max is investigating, but that’s not what he wants to talk about.

He does have a standard boy problem. Maria puts on her “psychic face” and figures out that it’s the same boy who Alex has been crazy about since the museum incident in high school. She can feel that he’s more hopeful now, but she’s waited long enough to find out who the guy is.

Alex is still cagey, so Maria teases him, saying it’s not like it’s Wyatt Long or Michael Guerin. Oops. Alex makes a face, and Maria realizes that it’s Michael. She visibly swoons for a second, reaching for the necklace, which isn’t there, to ground her.

Alex says that Michael’s not so bad when he cleans up, but she knows that. Maria tells him that she had no idea that he and Michael were involved and their hookup meant nothing. Alex knows. She tells him again, more forcefully. He looks probably the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen him look about his relationship with Michael, and says okay.

Maybe he thinks she was protesting too much? He was probably always confident in the fact that Michael never committed to anything or anyone, so he’d be there waiting for Alex, no matter what. Now, Michael just told him that he’s actually been trying to leave the planet all this time and Alex can see that their hookup meant something to Maria, which means it probably meant something to Michael, since he kept her necklace.

For the first time, Alex knows he has competition for Michael from not just one, but two sources that affect his heart and his head.

Isobel tells Liz about her new memory. Liz thinks the antidote is healing more than just her serum-damaged organs. All of her damaged cells are regenerating, including her brain cells.

Isobel wants more antidote, now, to speed up the healing and remembering process. Liz is against it, because they don’t know how it would affect her powers and how dangerous she’d get. Noah mills around in the background. Isobel points out that she could use her powers to force Liz to give her the antidote, but she wants to get along with Liz, since she’s Max’s girlfriend now.

I really wanted Liz to tell Isobel to go ahead and try to use her powers, but she didn’t. Isobel’s powers didn’t work on Liz at the drive-in because of Max, and I doubt they would now. If Alex is finally all in on Michael, I bet that would protect him from Isobel’s powers as well.

Isobel nicely asks Liz to work with her. Liz agrees to compromise and give Isobel a microdose. After being quiet and pacing up until now, Noah has a question. “What are the side effects, again? She gets extra alieny?” The microdose should kickstart the brain. But if it doesn’t, Liz can’t help Izzie.

Just then, an alarm goes off. Liz says it’s a routine active shooter drill, and finishes giving Isobel the injection. As soon as she’s done, shots are fired outside the lab, then into the lab. Liz locks the rest of the antidote in a drawer. It’s too late to evacuate. Noah is hit in the arm.

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Kyle takes Jim’s letters to the bunker and waits for Alex. When Alex arrives, he complains about his all-night bender at the Wild Pony being interrupted. Kyle shows him the letters and he immediately takes out his alien tech sample, then gets excited about the complicated cyphers Jim might have used. Kyle slows him down, pointing out that Jim wasn’t that sophisticated. Alex agrees to try a one-to-one symbol-letter correlation first.

He asks for a personal keyword that only Kyle and Jim would know for the computer to use to crack the code. Kyle gives him “Magoo”. The program quickly finds a page that says, “Hi Magoo I love you.” But it doesn’t find anything else using the simple cypher. Alex suggests that Jim just wanted to tell Alex he loved him. Kyle doesn’t buy it.

Max and Cam arrive at the hospital to find the sheriff in charge of the evacuation. When Max discovers there’s still an active shooter, he runs in to save his loved ones. Liz, Isobel and Noah hear a pounding on the lab door and are afraid it’s the shooter, but then the lights flicker. Isobel figures out that it’s Max and lets him in. He leads them to safety. No one thinks to grab the antidote case.

The shooter, who was featured amongst the protesters that Isobel and Noah walked through, breaks into the lab, smashes everything, then sets fire to it. He cuts his hand badly in the process of breaking all of the glass. By the time Max looks for him, there’s a trail of bloody handprints for him to follow, all the way to the basement.

Roswell, NM S1Ep10 Max Searches for Shooter

Noah gets treatment for his wound out in the parking lot, then asks if Isobel feels any effect from the new dose. He specifically asks if Liz got the dose into Isobel before the shooter starting shooting. Isobel doesn’t think the dose was big enough to do anything.

Liz sees Cam, and asks if she’s heard from Max. Cam says he isn’t responding to his radio.

Liz:”He always has to be the hero.”

Cam: “Not really. This is actually kind of new.”

Gee, he’s always been the hero when Liz is around. Sorry Cam.

Black, oily smoke rises from the research wing. Just what were they researching over there? Liz notices, then everyone else does. Liz walks away from Cam, and right by Isobel, muttering in Spanish.

It triggers a memory. Isobel found Rosa on the roof of the Crashdown, melting down. Isobel gathered her into a hug without being asked. Rosa is taken aback. Isobel wonders if she did the wrong thing, but Rosa says she needed a hug, she just didn’t realize it. They go back to hugging.

The next memory is the night of the prom, when Isobel went back to talk to Rosa after being rude to her in front of Max earlier. She makes the “I wish I could be who I am with you all the time” speech.

Then Isobel remembers finding Rosa after her car was vandalized. Rosa blamed Kate and Jasmine, then complained about a couple of other things and went inside, leaving Isobel behind.

Isobel comes back to herself in the present day. Noah asks if she’s okay. Michael runs up and throws himself at her and asks about Max.

Max finds the shooter sitting on the floor in the basement. He doesn’t remember what happened or how he got the gun. He doesn’t like guns and he would never do something like what just happened in the hospital. As he’s talking, the shooter has a severe seizure.

Once the shooter is on his way to the hospital, Cam tells Max that he’s her barista at the coffee shop Bean Me Up. He draws UFOs on the foam. He wouldn’t do anything like this.

Cam scolds Max for going after the shooter without backup. She tells him that Liz was really scared and didn’t take a breath until he was safe.


Please give Cam her own, better, boyfriend. It’s only the desperate loneliness of working in a small town that would have her pining for Max, who treats her like dirt.

Max goes to find Liz.

Isobel goes back to Michael’s trailer with him and tells him about her new memories. She says that in the memories, it felt like she was in love with Rosa. She wanted her, and would hurt anyone who hurt Rosa.

Michael: “Okay.”

Isobel: “Okay? You don’t have anything else to say?”

Michael: “Welcome to the party. It’s a real bisexual alien blast around here.”

Isobel is looking for more of the antidote, and she knows Michael has to have acquired some. Sure enough, he has a large vial he swiped from Liz, as insurance against her weapon. Isobel drinks half the vial in one gulp before Michael takes it back.

Isobel decides to go home to Noah before the antidote kicks in. Michael isn’t sure that’s a good idea, but Isobel knows Noah loves her and will help her through any difficulties. They hug goodbye.

Kyle goes back to see his mom. He asks her if the name Caulfield means anything to her, since it’s repeated in the letters. Mrs Sheriff says it’s the name of a prison about 100 miles north. Grandpa Valenti, who would have been one of the prime alien hunters, started his career as a CO (corrections officer) there. The prison’s been closed for decades. She reminds him how confused his dad was.

I’m starting to wonder if she’s in on the conspiracy, but in a rival gang to the Manes Gang.

Michael shows up at Maria’s bar, after closing time, to return her necklace. The clasp broke and he fixed it, so he’s looking for some free drinks in exchange, and whatever else might flow from there.

Maria explains that Alex is one of her best friends. She didn’t know that he and Michael had a history when she slept with Michael. Since Alex called dibs on Michael ten years ago, she can’t be with Michael in any way, apparently not even friends. He should come back when they’re open.

It doesn’t matter how she or Michael feel, and they clearly feel something. The current friend code dictates that sleeping with a friend of a former lover is equal to incest, so Michael is off limits forever, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter that Alex had viciously broken up with Michael before Michael slept with Maria, or that Michael and Alex are talking, not sleeping, together now. This isn’t about Michael’s feelings. He doesn’t get to choose.

Alex slept with Michael in high school, so he gets to keep Michael in his pocket for the rest of their lives, in case he wants to take him out again and use him. No one else in their social circle is allowed to touch what’s Alex’s.

Y’all do realize this is the emotional reasoning of elementary school children, right?

Michael is a person, not Alex’s possession. Maria choosing not to be with him doesn’t automatically force him to be with Alex. If Michael and Alex haven’t even become friends after ten years, their odds for a successful relationship aren’t good, other than on TV. Oh wait…

Maybe Cam and Michael should get together.

Liz examines her destroyed lab. Max finds her there. They each make sure the other’s okay. They don’t feel right until they know the other’s safe. Then they finally have the kiss that’s been interrupted multiple times today.

Max tells Liz that he thinks the attack specifically targeted her lab. Liz isn’t surprised. The damage will set her research back months. Max tells her about Connor Smith, the shooter, who says he blacked out during the attack. Liz knows Connor, because he used to work at the Crashdown. He has epilepsy. Liz realizes that this attack fits the pattern of attacks in which the attacker has a blackout and acts out of character. Isobel might be innocent of Rosa, Kate and Jasmine’s murder.

Isobel, Wyatt and Connor each had a pre-existing condition (PTSD, alcoholism, and epilepsy) that made them prone to blackouts. Liz wonders if they’re actually looking for one mind-controlling alien, instead of the three different individuals. This fourth alien finds it easier to control a brain that already has certain types of issues.

As Isobel prepares for bed, she yawns and puts her hand over her face. It triggers the memory of Rosa’s murder. Isobel remembers finding Rosa in the cave, panicking because she couldn’t find her backpack with the bus tickets. Isobel acts all creepy and tries to convince Rosa that she can be everything Rosa wants.

Isobel wants to show Rosa proof that no one will ever hurt her. Rosa says she’ll never like Isobel like that. Isobel tells Rosa that she’s not wearing her real body. Isobel could be anything Rosa wants her to be. Rosa dismisses her.

Not-Isobel says again that she’s not Isobel. She can be strong and protect Rosa, never leave her. She can be the man Rosa needs. She killed Kate and Jasmine for Rosa. Not-Isobel wants Rosa to come outside and see. Rosa agrees, but Not-Isobel suddenly becomes violent. She grabs Rosa, saying she can feel that Rosa hates her now.

She did everything for Rosa. Rosa doesn’t want to belong to her? Her hand glows where it’s pressed over Rosa’s mouth, but only for a few seconds. Michael runs in, and we’ve seen the rest. He asks what she did, she says Rosa couldn’t be trusted, drops her, then faints.

Isobel comes back to herself in her bathroom, and when she considers confessing this to Noah, probably wishes she’d stayed with Michael. Always the best course of action.


I knew all along Isobel wasn’t the real killer, any more than Michael or Max were. If she could do the hand thing, she would have done it on the guy who grabbed her in the desert, just like Max did. After watching the scene between Isobel, Noah and Liz in Liz’s lab, I still think Noah is the fourth, mind-controlling alien. He was restless and distracted in that scene, asking odd questions and timing everything just so. Then afterward his questions to Isobel about whether she got more of the antidote were worded strangely. He doesn’t want her to have those memories.

It’s such an inconvenient thing about small towns for everyone to have to get over their breakups at the same bar. Probably ensures Maria’s profit margin though.

I’m no chemist, but it seems like whatever they use to turn the silver into liquid can’t be good for the skin. I guess if you can drink acetone, whatever will dissolve precious metals is probably no big deal either. Maybe it acts as a moisturizer.

I’m not a religious person, but I take exception to the writers having Michael say the fundamentalist family was worse than the addicts and the alcoholics. I live in Albuquerque, and it’s not the religious families who are on the news for killing their own children, burning their own houses down or committing some other violent crime.

Since we got a reference to Max singing Chekov’s karaoke this episode, he’ll probably sing for reals before the end of the season.

As a fan of the original series, it was a bit healing to have Noah accept Isobel after learning she’s an alien. I’ve never been able to warm up to Adam Rodriguez in any role after he rejected his Isobel.

Maria’s necklace seems to be becoming important. It was featured in the “previously on”, then she reached for it, after they’ve featured it in other episodes. It could just be the symbol of Michael’s relationship with Maria, the way the guitar represents Alex and Michael. But I think it’s more than that.

In this episode’s “previously on” they showed Jim’s letters, with a teardrop-shaped drawing and alien writing. They showed Michael with Maria’s necklace in sequence with that drawing. It’s possible that Maria’s necklace is alien. It’s possible that Maria is half alien, and that’s where her psychic abilities come from. We might not be getting Tess from the original series, but we could still be getting other young aliens who the trio will naturally be drawn to.

Mimi, Maria’s mother, told Alex that contact with alien artifacts was damaging to humans. Does she know that first hand? Was the necklace hers, a gift from her lover, who didn’t know how it would affect her? Or is/was the fourth alien purposely creating alien hybrid children and scrambling the brains of their mothers, so they can’t spill his secret?

Let’s not forget, we have at least three missing/brain scrambled mothers who have children that are outsiders. Two of the three already have strong connections to Jim Valenti, whose family has been involved with aliens since the 40s, and whose unbreakable moral code was to protect his children at all costs. Is that because his children are aliens?

Actually we didn’t see a DNA test to prove Rosa was Jim’s daughter, so it could be he was friends with the alien, and was protecting the alien’s children at all costs. That would explain why Mrs Sheriff Valenti is fine. The alien children so far are Rosa, Maria and Alex. There’s an outside chance that Cam’s sister Charlie could be one.

Or Charlie could know where Rosa is. Caulfield is the most likely place for Jesse’s full Project Shepherd research compound. No way is that little bunker all there is. That’s just the little Roswell outpost.

Jim might have attempted to leave something to do with aliens with each child. Kyle got the letters. Alex got the cabin with the piece of the ship. Maria has the necklace. Did he give Rosa something? Is it hidden and still waiting to be found?

He wanted them all to work together. His letters to Kyle for sure also contain more complicated coding of the type Alex was ready to look for in the beginning. That initial, simple Mr Magoo message was just to get Kyle started.


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