The Rain Season 2 Episode 3: Stay in Control Recap


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Episode 3 of The Rain, titled Stay in Control, opens with Rasmus testing out his new power to release the virus at will. He successfully sends out black viral smoke and then stops it, staying calm the entire time. Every time he’s released the virus in the past, it’s been because he was emotional and out of control.

After the opening theme, Rasmus stands in the doorway of his room and stares at Fie as she works on the cure in the lab. It’s not creepy at all.

We learn about Fie’s background in this episode. Right now, she’s remembering that time in graduate school when she went to a bar with her boyfriend and did shots all night. Urban legend says she did 30 shots, but she denies it later. She was a star student and scientist, which made all of the mediocre mean girl scientists jealous. How dare she be good looking, smart, have a boyfriend and know how to party?

They list her accomplishments: Her nickname is The Prodigy. She skipped two grades in school and was valedictorian of her high school class. She’s the youngest person ever accepted into the biology department. And she finished her master’s in four years. (I think they must mean what we’d call a Master’s and Doctorate in the US, because in the  US a Master’s degree only takes 1-2 years.)

The mean girls ironically agree that they wouldn’t want her to be the one entrusted with saving the world.

In the present day, Fie explains to Simone that now that she has Frederik’s notes, she has what she needs to create the cure, but she has to work quickly, because of the virus’ tendency to mutate. Each time it reaches a new host, it changes. They don’t know why, but the virus is inherently aggressive. Fie shows Simone what she means using a sample under the microscope. Whenever the virus is provoked, it attempts to kill whatever threatened it and mutates into a stronger, deadlier version in the process.

The current mutations are much deadlier than the rain was. If it continues to evolve in Rasmus, they won’t be able to cure him. They need to avoid provoking his virus. Simone looks away from Fie, since she knows that Rasmus’ virus has already evolved.

Simone suggests they put Rasmus in a more comfortable room to help decrease his stress. I suspect she wants to keep him from watching and listening to them. Fie suggests a larger room down the hall, then becomes nauseous and has to run to the waste basket to vomit.

Simone walks Rasmus to his new room and exclaims over how nice it is. Rasmus wants to know when they’ll cure him. Simone explains that they’re working as fast as they can and Fie knows what she’s doing. Rasmus thinks that Fie doesn’t believe in a cure, and Simone can’t convince him otherwise. She convinces him that she believes he’ll be cured, anyway.

Then Rasmus goes all drama queen, and asks Simone what it feels like. She asks him what he means. “To do what you like.” She tries to explain to him that none of them are doing what they really want to do. He seems to let it go, while also thumbing through an old book. He teases her about what she’d really like to do with Martin, until she leaves. She lets the door swing shut behind her, but at the last second, Rasmus sticks the book in to stop it from latching.

Now he’s free from his unbearably long imprisonment. It must have been 2, maybe 3 days now.

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Martin brings Simone up to the roof for a romantic picnic. He did the best he could with what was available, acquiring marching songs and sour wine, but all that matters is that they’re alone together. They lie down on the blanket and kiss. Simone asks Martin if she can really tell him anything, like he said. He says she can. She begins to reveal something about Rasmus, but they’re interrupted by Patrick.

He’s found something he thinks Martin should see right away. Martin gets up and follows Patrick, telling Simone they’ll try again another time.

She may have chosen Rasmus over him, but he also still chooses Patrick. It’s likely she was going to reveal her secret to him then.

Patrick tells Martin that he found the video room while Martin was busy goofing off with Simone. It also has weed, tools and other stuff.

So this wasn’t an emergency at all and he could have let them have their date. This was his old possessiveness popping up.

Patrick pulls out the device with the blue light and tells Martin to put his arm in it. It’s electromagnetic and the nanocapsules are also magnetic. Whoever was using the room was definitely trying to get the nanites out. Patrick says there’s all kinds of weird gadgets there. He brings over the EMP gun and tells Martin it switches off the lights. Martin asks him to keep investigating.

Kira, the rebel Apollon soldier, visits one of Apollon’s rebel prisoners who’s also one of her friends. She secretly tells him that Apollon has found the base and she needs him to go destroy all of the evidence that links them to the rebels before Apollon finds it. She breaks his nose so that she has an excuse to take him out of his cell. They pretend they’re going to the medic, but escape instead.

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Jean and Lea plant cucumbers up on the roof in the sunlight, now that the rain is safe. A black box lands on the roof, brought by a little parachute. Lea pushes the button to play a holographic message from Sten.

Sten: “We’ve been looking for you. Now we know you’re here. You can’t hide anymore. We want Rasmus. He has the virus and he will kill you all. I know how much you have suffered, but we can end that. Let us take over. Either you hand him over by free will, or we’ll come and get him ourselves. If you choose to cooperate, we will help you remove the nanocapsules from your bodies and let you leave the zone. If you choose not to, you will all die. You have 24 hours to hand him over.”

He might as well have written, “Surrender, Dorothy” in the sky. Pretty sure he’s going to end the suffering by killing them, and they’ll be leaving the zone in body bags, no matter what they choose. Sten isn’t going to let the truth of the quarantine zone get out. If there’s one thing we know about him, it’s that he’s a megalomaniacal psychopath who can’t be trusted.

After the whole group watches the message, and realizes that the facility is surrounded by Apollon soldiers, Jean wants to turn Rasmus over to Apollon. He believes that they need help with Rasmus and Sten would provide it. Simone argues that Sten is lying. She and Fie know more about Rasmus and the virus than Apollon anyway. With Fie, the notes from the laptop and the lab, they can solve this.

Jean asks how dangerous Rasmus is, a reasonable question. Lea tells him to stop with this line of questioning. Rasmus isn’t dangerous to them. She asks Simone for confirmation. Once again, Simone hesitates and doesn’t sound convincing when she answers that they’ve got Rasmus and the virus under control and they know how it’s spread. Jean brings up a couple more points, but Martin jumps in and says that Sten is just trying to get them to fight amongst themselves and turn on Rasmus. Lea looks like she’s having doubts.

Simone finds Fie just after Fie has found a pregnancy test, but she keeps it hidden from Simone. Simone tells Fie that Sten has found them, so she needs Fie to cure Rasmus in the next 24 hours. Fie wants to know how Apollon found the base and doesn’t think they can work any faster. She’s overwhelmed by the pressure of trying to do something that’s never been done before. Simone gets angry and says she’ll just do it herself. She walks out, leaving Fie to go back to her pregnancy test.

Fie remembers more of the night she went out with her boyfriend. On the drive home, he was mad at her for drinking too much. She said she didn’t actually drink that much, and she needed a break from school and everyone’s expectations. Her boyfriend told her it was okay. Even though he was driving, she got silly and started tickling him. He got distracted and they were t-boned by a semi truck.

In the present, Patrick and Martin haven’t found any useful weapons. Martin hopes that a barricade and the facility’s doors and locks will hold Apollon off for long enough. Patrick argues that they should leave the base, but Martin says they have nowhere to go. Patrick wants to leave Rasmus, since he’s the one Apollon wants.

Patrick: “Did they really offer to extract the nanocapsules?”

Martin: “They’re lying.”

Patrick: “They’ve been chasing us forever.”

Martin: “It ends when we find a cure for Rasmus.”

Patrick: “If we find a cure. Right now, we don’t even know what’s wrong with him. We don’t even know if he killed the others.”

Martin: “We do. Simone was there.”

Patrick: “What if she’s lying?”

Martin: “She’s not.”

Patrick: “How do you know she’s not?”

Martin: “Because… Just… Stop with these questions all the time!”

Martin storms out and orders Patrick to keep looking for weapons.

And this is why you have to keep someone like Patrick around and actually listen to him. (And someone like Lea to balance him out.) He’s never completely trusted Simone, and he’s been right not to. The fact that Martin can’t bring himself to say, “Because I know she’d never lie to me,” says it all. Deep down inside, he knows something’s going on, but he isn’t ready to admit it yet.

Someone needs to question the decisions that Simone is pushing them into, that are based on science no one understands and events no one else witnessed. They at least need backup plans, since Simone can’t face the fact that her brother may already be beyond help.

While Lea and Jean are on lookout duty, Jean suggests that the two of them leave and find a house someplace where they can try to make a life. Lea refuses to abandon the group. Simone didn’t leave them at the end of season 1, when she had the opportunity to get out of the quarantine zone, so Lea isn’t going to leave Simone. Jean is worried that Apollon will kill them all, but Lea thinks they’re safer if they stick together. Jean isn’t happy with her decision.

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Rasmus goes to Sarah’s room to apologize for killing Jakob. He assures her it was an accident. Sarah tells him it doesn’t make Jakob any less dead. Rasmus continues his not-really-an-apology by telling Sarah that she has to help him find out what he did and why. She’s the only one who knows he’s guilty and she hasn’t told anyone.

He implies that she’s complicit in the conspiracy now.

Rasmus tells her that once he knows how he did it, he can figure out how to stop it. He doesn’t want any more blood on his hands. Sarah says okay, she’ll help him.

Rasmus tells her that he was locked up for 6 years, so he knows what it’s like. Sarah doesn’t think it gives them as much in common as Rasmus does. She asks him if he thinks this makes them like Romeo and Juliet, but he doesn’t know who they are. Sarah tells him it’s Shakespeare and gives him a brief synopsis of the play. “I love you, I can’t have you, I commit suicide, all that stuff.”

She’s surprised he hasn’t heard of it. He reminds her that he was locked in a bunker for six years. She thinks it sounds funny and probably didn’t believe him when he said it before. He doesn’t think it’s funny at all and tries to maintain his wounded dignity.

Rasmus tells Sarah that he actually has an idea of how the virus works in his body. He wants to show her. She says okay, “It’s a date.” Rasmus gets all excited that they have planned a date.

Kira brings the rebel prisoner, Denis, to the base and sneaks him in through a secret entrance. She tells him to kill anyone he sees, and burn any incriminating evidence.

Simone works on the cure by herself, but she’s impatient and makes mistakes. Martin tries to calm her down and promises to help.

Fie watches the pregnancy test for the result to show up. She thinks back to the aftermath of the accident. The doctor told her that her pelvis had been shattered, so she’d never be able to have children. Her boyfriend, Asgar, didn’t survive the crash.

The rain starts that day.

Back on the base, Fie gets excited when her test is positive.

Up on the roof, Patrick has figured out what the gun does. He has Martin throw a drone into the air, then uses the gun to send out an EMP pulse and knock it out of the sky. It causes them pain as well because it affects the nanocapsules inside them. Martin wants to give it a try, but the gun is out of juice. He leaves to find a charger or more batteries.

When Patrick returns to the basement, Kira’s rebel friend is searching for the gun and other incriminating evidence he intends to destroy. He and Patrick fight over the gun. It goes back and forth between them over the course of their brutal fight. The new guy puts new batteries in it and tells Patrick he has to kill him. Patrick purposely sets off a blaring alarm, which closes a quarantine door between them, then sets off the decon spray, which kills the other man.

Simone finds Fie working in the lab as if nothing ever happened. She’s filled with new enthusiasm. She’s collected new samples and is already running new tests. If they work, they can try the cure on Rasmus today.

They put on their Hazmat helmets and use the prototype vaccine on a rat. The injection has both the virus and the cure in it. The rat seems to get sick and die very quickly. Simone figures out that the rat is becoming like Rasmus. WIthin moments the rat turns black and emits a cloud of black smoke.

Simone drags Fie from the room. This is the first time Fie’s seen the black smoke.  She wants Simone to explain what happened. Simone just tells her it’ll be fine, they’ll try again. Fie doesn’t think it’s possible.


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Rasmus and Sarah go outside to a courtyard, where Rasmus explains that the virus comes out when he gets upset or angry. He tries to force himself into the emotions, but it doesn’t work. In order to wind him up, Sarah taunts him. He doesn’t realize what she’s doing, so it works.

The way they’re yelling at each other attracts Jean’s attention from the roof. He goes to get the rest of the gang. They come outside just as the virus is reaching critical mass.

Sarah begs Rasmus to stop, but he can’t. She cowers in a corner and the virus stays just far enough away from her. He calms down when he hears Simone’s voice, but the virus came close to everyone.

Jean figures out the truth about Jakob and the others’ deaths. He confronts Simone with the truth and asks if she lied. All she’ll say is that she’s always tried to protect everyone. Lea walks out immediately and Jean follows her. Fie and Martin are both furious with Simone as they walk Sarah and Rasmus inside.

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Once Martin locks Rasmus up, he demands that Simone explain why she didn’t tell him her brother has gotten so much worse. Rasmus could have killed all of them. Simone says that she tried to tell him. And she insists that Rasmus isn’t dangerous to them. It’ll all be fine once they cure him and Apollon stops chasing them.

Oh, is that all.

Martin points out that Apollon are outside, ready to kill them all, but they’ve all defended her and Rasmus. He would have died for her. And now he finds out that she’s been lying to him. She tries to get him to understand, but he walks away.

Lea goes to the greenhouse and pulls out plants in anger. The dying plants are now definitely dead. Jean runs in and stops her, then holds her while she cries.

Lea: “It was a lie, Jean, don’t you understand? It was a lie. I trusted her. She was pure. She was my guiding star, Jean. Why did she lie?”

Jean can’t answer her question. Lea decides she wants to leave the group and the base after all, just the two of them. She’d wanted to stay because their group felt like a family, but now she feels used and humiliated. In this moment, she’s forgotten everything else that’s happened.

Simone goes into Rasmus room. He blames her for not telling the truth about his murders. She explains that she didn’t want him to be scared and she was trying to save him. She says it like he’s still 10 years old. Rasmus stands up to face her. His eyes turn blood red, the black veins begin to show, and he moves slowly toward her.

Rasmus: “I told you I’m not scared. Maybe we don’t need to remove it.”

Simone: “I need to get back to the lab.”

Rasmus: “Are you scared of me?”

Simone: “No.”

She tries not to look like she’s running as she leaves. Then she hides in the bathroom for a few minutes to get over her anxiety, because she was actually terrified. Even without the virus, Rasmus is much bigger than her and was purposely threatening her. Anyone would be scared- he’s a mass murderer.

What’s even scarier is that Rasmus means it when he says he wants to keep the virus. And Simone means it when she says she wanted to protect Rasmus from his own killing spree. There are some serious mental health lapses happening here.

Simone remembers what her father told her. If they can’t find a cure for Rasmus, she has to kill him. For the first time, she understands that’s a real possibility.

Then she finds Fie’s positive pregnancy test stick on the sink. Her cognitive dissonance only gets worse.

Patrick wakes up after being knocked unconscious during his fight with the rebel. He’s trapped in the basement by a security door and wanders the halls looking for another way out. He discovers a control room with video feeds of the entire base.

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Fie and Martin sit on the roof and try to figure out what to do next. Fie says that they can’t trust Simone and Rasmus and she can’t control Rasmus. Martin thinks they should take Rasmus to Apollon, or he’ll kill them all.

Simone uses the decon spray to kill the rat they infected with the virus. Martin finds her in the lab and tells her they’re giving Rasmus to Sten. She tells him that Apollon will just kill all of them, but he says she’s not thinking clearly because it’s her brother.

It’s like he’s forgotten how many times Apollon has already tried to kill them, and how many innocent people they rounded up and killed for 6 years. Sten has no reason to leave them alive, except maybe Simone, so he’ll kill them.

Simone says she isn’t giving up on finding a cure, and goes back into the lab. Martin locks her in. When she’s done trying to get out, she finds that the dead plague rat has turned to liquid, some of it red and some black viral goo.

Rasmus blood had turned to black viral goo. Is he going to be a slime monster soon? I don’t think they have the budget to do that justice.

Fie tells Sarah they’re giving Rasmus to Apollon. Sarah disagrees with the decision.

Fie lets her know that she’s going to be an aunt, since Jakob is the father of her baby. She wants to make the base safe for the baby, too.

Sarah lashes out at Fie. Sarah will never be her family. Sarah ruined Jakob’s last moments by making him upset. This is a terrible time to have a baby. Most importantly, Jakob is dead.

Sarah lost her person, and she feels guilty that he stayed in the zone and died for her, so everyone else is going to pay for it.

Martin and Fie find Jean and Lea waiting for them with all of their stuff packed. Martin orders Jean to go look for Patrick, but he refuses. He tells Martin that they’ve decided to leave and find somewhere to live in peace. Martin tells them they can’t just leave. Lea asks, “Why not?”

Martin says they’re all in this together. Lea asks him to define his terms, but the best he can do is “us”. Lea asks where all of the others are. She points out that they aren’t together at all.

She has a point. Martin locked both Simone and Rasmus up. Patrick has been accidentally locked up for hours and no one noticed. Martin and Fie made a major decision by themselves, which they now expect everyone else to go along with. No one has made any moves toward reconciling the group as a whole. Simone apologized to Martin and spoke to Rasmus. Fie talked to Sarah and Martin. For the most part, we’re seeing the group break up into its original pairings or new romantic couples.

Martin argues that the big bad wolf Apollon is at their door. Jean states that they’ll be leaving as soon as they can. Fie says they don’t have to, because they’re turning Rasmus over to Apollon. “They were right. He’s too dangerous for us.”

But they weren’t leaving because they’re afraid of Rasmus. They’re leaving because they’re hurt and don’t want to be with a group of people they can’t trust. We’ve seen how badly that tends to work out for people who aren’t the alphas.

Lea’s maternal instinct and sense of justice kick in. She won’t let them cooperate with the organization who killed Simone and Rasmus’ father. She asks what Simone thinks about turning Rasmus over, since it’s her brother? Martin’s answer is that Simone lied and Lea is leaving. They don’t get a say.

Lea tells him she’s not ready to sacrifice her friends. Martin throws up his hands in frustration and asks what she wants them to do. Everything is falling apart.

Lea gets up to go find Simone. Martin tries to stop her, but she pulls away, telling him to let go of her.

Martin is turning into part of the problem in this episode, with all of the forcing people to go or stay where he wants them. Fie isn’t much better. Martin should not have put his hands on Lea, and he definitely shouldn’t have locked Simone in with the virus.

Sarah goes to Rasmus’ room. She tells him that the others are planning to turn him over to Apollon. Rasmus immediately says, “Simone would never do that.”

Lea goes to the lab and unlocks it. She goes in without a hazmat suit.

Simone has spent the time that she was locked in doing more research. She’s discovered that there are 2 controller genes instead of just one. Fie was on the right track. They just need to adjust her cure.

Simone is so excited about her discovery, she doesn’t listen to what Lea is trying to tell her or warn Lea that she should be wearing a suit near the samples. She runs out of the lab in search of Fie, leaving Lea there alone.

After Lea fought so hard for Simone, she’s not even on Simone’s radar of important people.

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Simone finds Fie on her way to Rasmus’ room. She tries to tell Fie about her discovery, but Fie won’t listen. She tells Simone it’s too late.

And it is. When Fie looks in Rasmus’ room, he’s gone.

Rasmus and Sarah have gone all viral Romeo and Juliet and run off into the woods together.

Simone remembers Frederik telling her, “Rasmus is no longer who he used to be. We don’t know what he has become, what will happen.”

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Fie’s Injury and Pregnancy

Fie’s doctor was working with outdated information. Women with pelvic fractures are able to have children, but they’re twice as likely to need a Caesarean section when giving birth. In Fie’s current situation, that’s a concern.

Is Fie being set up to be the woman who dies in season 3? And her viral baby will survive?

This is a really scary link, if you want to get an idea of how Fie might have almost died from her injuries in the car accident. An EMT discusses Critical Management of Deadly Pelvic Injuries.


Simone is an amazing person, but she’s also just a very sheltered, scared kid whose mother died and whose father abandoned her, leaving her to raise Rasmus by herself. While everyone reactions to Simone’s lie and their feelings of betrayal are understandable and expected, so was the lie itself.

Simone went from thinking her troubles were coming to an end to the unthinkable happening within a few seconds. She only had a few seconds more to deal with a situation she didn’t fully understand, but she knew could lead to Rasmus death. Anyone would have said whatever they needed to, in that moment, to buy their loved one some time.

It’s easy for everyone else to blame her, but we’ve seen people do the same sort of thing (panic during an emergency in which their most important people are threatened and choose the people most important to them, whether it’s fair or not) over and over in this show. What Simone said is true, it was strangers who died, so she could delude herself into thinking that Rasmus would never get angry enough with his friends to turn the virus on them.

Simone knew she was wrong, but once she went with the lie, she didn’t know how to get out of it. She tried to tell Martin when they were on the roof, but Patrick interrupted. After that, she was in too deep and couldn’t get up her nerve again.


Lea set the bar pretty high for Simone’s behavior and morals. Let’s hope she doesn’t find out that Simone is no longer a virgin. It’s unfair for Lea to expect Simone, who’s just another kid, albeit a smart, driven one, to be perfect all the time and to guide Lea so that Lea doesn’t have to think too hard on her own.

Lea is my favorite character, and I like what they’re doing with her and Jean. But their relationship should lead to new maturity on her part, not to her regressing. Last season, it seemed like Lea had come to a place of peace and acceptance that could allow for flaws in her heroes, especially after her experience with Karen in episode 5. Lea own mother accidentally died for her, then her spiritual mother, Karen, from the cannibal cult, took Lea’s place as the monthly sacrifice. This provided a powerful boost for Lea, as it was meant to.

In the final sacrifice of the season, in S1Ep8, Simone stayed in the quarantine zone with the others, rather than abandon them. It was clear that Lea loved Simone and was moved by her choice to stay. In between seasons, she turned love and admiration into obsessive hero worship. All of the feelings she placed with Karen transferred to Simone

It’s understandable the Lea’s depression would surface again now that they’re staying in one place and have a little time to think. That’s how trauma tends to work. You put it aside to get through the crisis, then it hits you hard once you slow down for a few minutes. They all still have to deal with the loss of Beatrice and what happened to them at Apollon in S1, in addition to the ongoing stress of living in an apocalyptical quarantine zone. And Lea still has her sexual assault and the loss of her mother to deal with.

But it’s still very cringey to hear her call Simone pure and to see her be devastated because she thought Simone was some kind of saint. Lea deserves better characterization than that. She, more than anyone other than Sarah and maybe Patrick, is still living in a fantasy version of the apocalypse. Sarah is living out her romantic dreams with a monster who matches herself. Patrick wants to be the big d-mn hero and be essential to rescuing everyone.

Lea wants the warm, loving family she’s never had. She wants togetherness and a peaceful community. Of all the people we’ve seen, Lea is the one person who unselfishly puts others before herself herself.

And I don’t like where this foreshadowing is going.


You’ve got to feel for Patrick in this episode. He’s fighting for his life, then he’s stranded behind a steel door, while all of these important decisions and events are happening without him. The others just assume he’s asleep and don’t bother to worry about him or include him. Even his best buddy Martin doesn’t think to turn to him when he’s fighting with Simone. He turns to Simone’s friend, Fie.

In some ways, Patrick is the one who’s most betrayed, because he told Martin that he wasn’t sure they could trust Simone’s story about how Jakob died, and Martin swore they could. That might be why Martin didn’t try too hard to find Patrick all day.

Sarah and Rasmus

Sarah and Rasmus have a lot in common, with their years of chronic illness and isolation. Rasmus may look healthy much of the time, but his flare ups are killer. 😘 And he almost died as a child. That’s a profound experience at any age.

Sarah’s illness is also invisible, though these days she looks sicker than Rasmus. Both of them were rejected by parents because of their illness and raised by devoted siblings. Both have learned to use their emotions, their illnesses and other forms of manipulation to get what they want, since they can’t necessarily go out in the world and get things for themselves. They’re frequently at the mercy of others.

We’ve seen Rasmus use manipulation much more than Sarah, because we’ve spent so much more time with him. He pulls out his boyish charm or sad, hurt face and uses sincerity to evoke guilt or pity. Sincerity, not necessarily honesty.

Sarah is more honest and uses a straight up guilt trip with a twist of the facts. Sarcasm is her native language.

She’s been dying for years and has just lost her brother, the one person who kept her alive and who she lived for.

So why does Sarah help her brother’s murderer?

Several reasons. For one, she’s in a nihilistic, devil may care mood that matches Rasmus complete self absorption and inability to muster more than superficial concern for anything outside of himself. She hates herself and the world, so who better to hang around with than the guy who can end the world?

The fact that Fie and Martin turn him into a victim when they unilaterally decide to turn him over to Apollon, for another. Her parents rejected her because of an llness that’s part of her, that she couldn’t avoid. Now, Rasmus is being rejected for something that was put inside of him.

When you’re sick for most of your life, your illness becomes part of your identity. It’s hard to imagine who you’d be without it. You want to be seen as a whole and valid person, even with your illness and limitations, rather than spending your life waiting for a cure that probably won’t come.

That’s what Sarah wants for Rasmus and, by extension, herself. She wants him to feel okay as he is and make the most of his life. She doesn’t want him to let the people around him pressure him into spending all of his time and energy trying out new miracle treatments that won’t work anyway. In Sarah’s case, she’s tired of spending so much time resting and trying to extend her life, that she never gets the chance to really live at all.

The fact that she’s dying and hasn’t been outside the compound in years is another reason she goes with Rasmus. She’s barely left her room. And along with that, this is her chance to have an adventure with a boy. It’s the end of her life, the end of the world, and he’s the end of the world, so there’s no pressure.

She can make the best of it and Rasmus will to, because he’s in the same situation. Neither of them is supposed to leave their room, never mind the compound, so they have the thrill of escape and getting away with something to bond them.

When will either of them have another chance to run away and experience forbidden love?

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 11.08.01 PM
Rasmus spends a lot of time hiding behind behind Simone, then blaming her when things don’t go the way he wants them too.
Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 11.14.06 PM
We see Sarah through the reflection in her mirror, a lot. She speaks to the reflection instead of other people.

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