The Rain Season 2 Episode 2: The Truth Hurts Recap


The Rain S2Ep1 Rasmus Surrounded by Bodies

Episode 2, The Truth Hurts, begins moments after the end of episode 1. Simone has just discovered Rasmus lying unconscious in the lab at the rebel facility. He’s surrounded by the bodies of the scientists who were supposed to cure him and create a vaccine. Despite the fact that he manifested black veins all over, black viral goo instead of blood and poured out a cloud of black viral smoke only moments before, now Rasmus looks perfectly healthy, with his usual smooth white skin.

Simone pounds on the glass between the observation room and the lab, trying to get a response from Rasmus. After a minute, his finger twitches, then he sits up. Simone wastes no time in creating an alibi for him. She tells him to go to the backroom before anyone else can get there. The alarm is still blaring. Rasmus asks if he killed the others. Simone makes up a quick story. She tells him to say that they dropped a sample and got infected. Rasmus doesn’t remember what happened, but he knows it wasn’t that, and tries to argue with her.

Martin and Fie rush into the observation room. Fie turns off the alarm and tries to take in the loss of almost everyone she had left, including her boyfriend, Jakob. Before either can speak, Simone blurts out that Jakob dropped a sample and got infected, then he infected the rest. Before she could do anything, they all just died.

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The Rain Season 2 Episode 1: Avoid Contact Recap

The Rain S2Ep1 The Gang Gets Scanned

It’s time to journey back to Scandinavia for season 2 of The Rain, Netflix International’s pocket apocalypse series in which rainwater contaminated by a man-made plague virus has killed almost everyone in Denmark. That country, and possibly parts of the countries it borders, have been closed off in a quarantine zone, while the company which created the virus, Apollon, tries to find the cure. The quarantine zone is a post-apocalyptical hellscape, while the rest of the world continues on as if nothing has happened.

Before the end of season 1, our intrepid gang of survivors, Simone, Rasmus, Martin, Lea, Patrick and Jean, discover that, after 6 years, the rain is no longer toxic. But, as was shown in that other famous viral plague series, 28 Days/Weeks Later, viruses have a way of mutating and spreading when they get a sequel. This was set up at the end of season 1, when Simone and the Scooby gang brought Rasmus, the still-infected patient zero, to their father Frederick’s company, Apollon, on the edge of the quarantine zone.

They aren’t at the Apollon compound long before viewers are shown that Frederick’s partner at Apollon, Sten, evil scientist and CEO of the company, intends to use the virus to hold the world hostage. He needs Rasmus alive and still infected in order to enact his plan.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 8: Trust Your Instincts Recap and Season 1 Review/Analysis

Simone stands between her father and Rasmus, and the world and Rasmus.

In episode 8, Simone and Rasmus are reunited with their father at the Apollon headquarters, and the survivors reach the wall that separates the quarantine zone from the world, but nothing else goes as planned. The survivors face new and unexpected challenges at the Apollon headquarters, and have to make some difficult decisions, but they get some good news, too.

At the start of the episode, Thomas drives the survivors toward the grounds of the Apollon headquarters. The 100 foot high wall isolating the quarantine zone can be seen in the distance as well.

Simone remembers when her father charged her with taking care of Rasmus. He told her that Rasmus was the key to it all. In the present, she tries to put her hand on Rasmus’ shoulder in solidarity, but he cringes forward to shake her hand off.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 7: Don’t Talk to Strangers Recap

In episode 7, everyone’s bad day continues into the next day, except for Beatrice, whose fight is over. Patrick is now a guest of the Strangers, and they’re too desperate, for reasons of their own, to exhibit much politeness or patience with him. Rasmus has cast himself as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, and is unable to cope with his beloved’s death, or let go of her body. He’s the same trainwreck that he’s been since the moment we met him, a force of nature who can’t be stopped and feels no remorse. As Simone will try to tell him, the rest just revolve around him, trying to keep him safe, and falling to the wayside as they fail.

The episode begins with the chief Stranger, Thomas, interrogating Patrick about the location of the rest of his group. When Patrick won’t answer, he does a little demonstration of old school interrogation methods. Once upon a time, they used to believe that insanity lived in the teeth, and kept removing them until sanity was restored. He pulls out one of Patrick’s molars, with pliers and no painkillers, to make sure Patrick’s understands.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 6: Keep Your Friends Close Recap

This is the episode where the group spins out of control. All of the emotions and tensions that have been building all season, both positive and negative, come to a head. Individuals act on their feelings, for better or worse, and, while some actions are beneficial, others are mistakes that can’t be taken back. The group will be changed forever because of the events of this day.

Keep Your Friends Close is Patrick’s episode, and the cold opening gives us a taste of Patrick’s life before the plague rain. He was a slacker who messed up everything in his life: He couldn’t keep a job, or a girlfriend, and everyone had given up on him. His boss at the fast food joint says that he’s started five fires, among other complaints, so he’s fired. His girlfriend wants someone who nicer, more ambitious, and generally not him. She breaks up with him. His social worker says he’s her first hopeless case. Patrick doesn’t listen to any of them. He sits and fidgets with a lit lighter instead.

In the present, Patrick and Martin sit next to some water and throw stones into it. Patrick worries that the outside world won’t be any nicer than the quarantine zone. Martin thinks that it has to be. Patrick says that they never would have met if it weren’t for the zone, so he can’t hate it. Martin replies that traveling together doesn’t make them friends.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 5: Have Faith Recap


Have Faith, which is Lea’s episode, tells the story of where Lea was and what she was doing when the plague rain came, while also showing the survivors finding a mysterious mansion full of thriving people. The title refers to faith because Lea is a devout Christian, despite the tragedies she’s faced. In fact, it’s almost like God has directly answered her prayers at times, though not in the ways she expected.

This episode examines each survivor’s ability to let go and believe in a fantasy world, based on a little reality, some storytelling, and a lot of trust, faith and hope. But this is still the harsh, post apocalyptic world. Nothing is too good to be true.

As the episode begins, night is falling, the rain is coming, and Simone can’t find the next bunker. The electronic map isn’t working and they’re out in the woods with no landmarks for her to use to orient herself. Tempers flare and everyone yells at everyone else. Patrick becomes aggressive toward Simone, then toward Rasmus.

Lea drags Patrick away from the group before things can escalate further. She tells him that she misses Jean too. He says that Jean was a pain. She agrees, but she still misses him. Patrick admits that he does too. They hug and cry together. Lea tells Patrick that Jean is still in their hearts.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 4: Trust No One Recap

Episode 4 is Jean’s episode, as we learn about his life during the early part of the plague. Like all of the other characters the show has explored so far, he has a dark secret that allowed him to survive at the expense of others. The events of the past resonate with current events and cause him to take drastic measures, which have a huge impact on himself and the group.

Each episode title is a lesson Simone and Rasmus need to learn in order to survive in the wild post apocalypse world. So far, the lessons have been simple: Stay inside, Stay together, Avoid the city. With this episode, the titles start to address interactions with strangers, which is a more complicated situation. It’s probably not possible to “Trust no one” and survive, but extreme caution is a necessity Simone and Rasmus haven’t learned yet. This episode provides ample evidence of why it’s best to be careful.

Lea and Jean watch the bridge, which is being regularly patrolled by the Strangers, from a high vantage point. They get frustrated that they can’t see any way to cross, and Jean stands up to get a better look. Lea pulls him down, telling him that was a stupid thing to do. Then she makes sure that he knows that he isn’t stupid, just the thing he did. She thinks he’s nice. He tells her that he isn’t sure she’s right about him. After all, she doesn’t know what he’s done. She says the past doesn’t matter. What matters is who you are now, and she knows him. He says she knows nothing.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 3: Avoid the City Recap

In episode 3, the survivors make their way to the big city of Copenhagen as the first leg of their trip to the Apollon headquarters in Sweden. Copenhagen follows the Walking Dead big city model introduced with Atlanta: When the disaster hit, everyone went there to find shelter and relief, so food is scarce and crime is rampant.

The Rain follows a modified version of The 100’s model for Black Rain. The 100’s radioactive rain became safe as soon as it hit the ground (kids, don’t try this at home). On The Rain, the water is safe as soon as it lands, as long as it’s not collected in a pool of any quantity. A wet roof is safe, but a puddle will kill you… Don’t think about the science of it too hard. The virus probably really needs a lot of room to swim free, or it dies quickly.

After getting to know Simone in episode 1 and Martin in episode 2, this episode is Beatrice’s turn. Beatrice is a complicated person and a skilled survivor who’s not easy to get to know. She’s learned to use what she has, mainly her good looks and ability to charm people, to keep herself alive.

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The Rain Season 1 Episode 2: Stay Together Recap

And so, it’s back out into the real world for Simone and Rasmus. In this episode, it’s time for them to wake up and discover what it’s like outside 6 years after the plague killed almost everyone. But first, they have to convince the survivors who forced them out of the bunker not to leave them behind.

The episode begins by introducing us to Martin, the leader of the group of survivors who followed Simone home from the hospital. In the early days of the plague, he was a soldier who was sent to guard the edges of the quarantine zone. When his troop arrived at their assigned location, he was sent straight out, for first watch.

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