The Rain Season 2 Episode 6: Survival of the Fittest Recap

The Rain S2Ep6 Sad Jean Looming Rasmus

The season finale of The Rain season 2 pays off the concepts the show has played with all season, while also providing a satisfying mirror image to the season 1 finale. As of this writing, June 1st, 2019, the Rain isn’t renewed for season 3, so I hope it gets the chance to finish its story. The path forward is both obvious and wide open, which tells you the writers are doing something right.

This episode continues with the themes of family, responsibility, revenge, romantic love and death. Sarah and Rasmus play out their Romeo and Juliet scenario, while Fie tries to build a stable family for her baby. Simone and Martin struggle to balance their relationship with their responsibilities toward the rest of the group. Patrick takes a giant step forward in his maturity level, while Jean takes a step backward. He’s reacting to losing Lea, so his actions are understandable, but still uncalled for.

Kira joins the group after saving Martin and Patrick’s lives, but it’s not clear yet whether she’s a permanent or temporary member. She suffered so much trauma and betrayal that she’s forgotten how to trust and be trustworthy. She’d be an asset to the group, if she could be open to caring about them.

Her mother’s final sacrifice wasn’t just awful because it forced Kira to kill her own mother. It also forced her to become the thing she hated most in order to survive and to betray others she agreed with. It made her hardened and cynical.


Simone kneels beside Lea’s dead body and prays for her. Fie tries to comfort a devastated Jean. They prepare Lea for burial. Martin and Patrick run through the forest, hoping to get to the base in time to warn the others not to use the cure.

Simone isn’t sure she can go on. She feels guilty for Lea’s death. Fie, who has too much experience with this sort of thing, explains that they have to go on. They have to work toward normalcy and getting Rasmus well, otherwise Lea’s sacrifice is wasted. Simone agrees that Lea wanted them to keep going.

Sarah stops to check on Rasmus. She asks if he’s alive. Fie tells her he is. Simone says they think the cure worked on him. Sarah looks at Rasmus and says that they did something to him, but she’s not sure what they did.

Patrick trips and hurts his knee. He tells Martin to go on without him, but Martin refuses. He tapes up Patrick’s knee. While he’s wrapping the knee, Martin says that he hopes Simone hasn’t used the cure on Rasmus yet. Patrick says that he knew Martin hadn’t given up on Simone. He can tell that Martin and Simone are madly in love. Patrick admits they belong together and tells Martin to move on past their argument.

They stand up and start walking, but now there are drones watching them. After they’ve walked a few more feet, they’re surrounded by Apollon soldiers.

Fie runs blood tests and discovers that the cure is working in Rasmus. He  can’t remember what happened when they gave him the medication. Simone and Fie explain that the virus killed Lea while she was trying to help. He runs from the room.

Jean is outside at Lea’s grave, weeping.

Sarah finds Rasmus in the hall feeling sorry for himself.  She tells him she thought he was dead. He tells her to stay away from him. Rasmus: “I killed Lea.” Sarah: “I’m glad you’re alive.”

Martin and Patrick are taken to Apollon’s current encampment, tents set up in a village. They’re brought directly to Sten and Kira. They’re told to kneel while they speak to Sten.

Sten tells them that they have to understand that the virus can’t be stopped. Martin asks him to let them go, so they can stop Simone from trying to cure Rasmus. Sten says that there isn’t time. The virus will take over everything.

Martin asks why Sten wants Rasmus, if the virus can’t be cured. He tells them, “Rasmus has shown us that we can live with it. That we can make it part of us. That’s what we’re going to do. We won’t cure him. We’ll cure us.”

Martin realizes that Sten is an insane psychopath. Sten asks what Martin has in mind that’s better? The alternative is that the virus kills everyone. Rasmus can’t die, so he’s the future. He orders Kira to kill them, then walks away, saying he’ll take care of the others.

Rasmus finds Jean at Lea’s grave and apologizes for killing her. He says he doesn’t know what happened. (He has a habit of dissociating at convenient times.) He tells Jean he’s cured now.

Jean isn’t impressed by anything Rasmus says to him. He’s the first person to tell Rasmus the truth about Lea’s death: “You got angry. She only tried to help you. And then you killed her.” Everyone else has talked around it and treated Rasmus like a child.

Fie takes Sarah’s temperature and finds she has a high fever. Then Fie tells Sarah that she visited Jakob’s grave today. She misses him and really cared about him, even if Sarah doesn’t believe her. She cares about Sarah, too, and she’ll take care of her. The 2 and a half of them are a family. Fie cries after she speaks. Sarah comforts her.

The Rain S2Ep6 Fie Takes Sarah's TempThe Rain S2Ep6 Kira Holds Martin & Patrick at Gunpoint

Kira takes Patrick and Martin to a trench in the forest. Instead of killing them, she tells them to follow her if they want their friends to live.

Kira remembers running through the forest with her mother when the rebels were trying to escape Apollon. Her mother knew they were about to be caught, so she held Kira’s hand and gun to her own head and made it look like Kira killed her. She sacrificed herself so that Kira could be accepted into Apollon’s army.

Look, another suicidal female sacrifice. This time, a middle aged mother sacrificing herself for her daughter. She was a rebel leader. That’s a pretty threatening position for a woman, especially an older woman, to hold. It’s not surprising that she suddenly forgot everything she knew and got caught, then decided the only way to cope with it was to die. Notice how Patrick and Martin only talked about sacrifice, but both lived to find freedom again?

Kira was in shock after her mother died. The soldiers captured her immediately. She went along with them because she had no other choice.

Simone can’t get over seeing Rasmus murder Lea, the most non-violent person on the planet. She can’t make up an excuse for why Lea really deserved it, and has to face that this was all Rasmus (and her). She’s finally figured out that her little brother, as charming as he may be at times, is also spoiled, impulsive and capable of anything.

Fie tries to make Simone feel better by talking about how she could see that Simone tried very hard to take good care of Rasmus and to be strong for him. It’s not her fault things went wrong.

The results of Rasmus’ latest blood test come in. They show that the virus is cured. It can’t be detected in his blood. Simone goes to tell him.

The two women who were captured by Sten’s men, then made part of his army and told to search for Rasmus, find the base. They see Jean outside decorating Lea’s grave. He takes them to Rasmus without a fight, since he wants revenge against the boy.

Rasmus visits Sarah in her room to check on her health. She still feels awful, so he tries to cheer her up. The two women find them and take them at gunpoint. They lead the two kids to the exit from the base.

Simone checks the graveyard as she searches for Rasmus. She finds Jean there and sits next to him to chat, oblivious to his mood. He shifts away from her. When she asks if he’s seen Rasmus and Sarah, he tells her that the Apollon women took him. He blames Simone for Lea’s death and hopes Rasmus dies so that Simone will feel the kind of loss that he’s experiencing.

Kira, Martin and Patrick hide from some other Apollon soldiers, leaving Martin and Patrick confused. Kira explains that she hates Apollon and doesn’t want them or their friends to die. To stop that from happening, they have to trust her and keep moving, so they can beat Sten’s army to the base. Patrick is skeptical but Martin believes her, so they cooperate.

Kira remembers being brought before Sten after her mother’s death. He asks what she wants. She tells him she wants to get out of the zone and she’s willing to do anything to accomplish it. Sten decides to hire her. He says she won’t have to do anything she hasn’t already done. Once she leaves him and has a minute alone, she screams in grief for her mother.

The Rain S2Ep6 Kira Meets StenThe Rain S2Ep6 Sten Meets KiraThe Rain S2Ep6 Sarah Tricks the Soldiers

Simone runs to get Fie to help her get Rasmus back.

The two soldiers try to get Rasmus to open the door to the outside, which is locked, but he says that he doesn’t know how. Sarah insists to them that Rasmus is infected and dangerous. He pretends to have another seizure/attack and writhes on the floor. Combined with Sarah’s encouragement, that’s enough to scare the soldiers off.

Fie and Simone find Sarah and Rasmus right afterward. Simone tells him he’s cured. He’s stunned, but happy.

Kira, Martin and Patrick see the soldiers on the road close to the compound, while Simone and Fie are scouted by drones while on the roof. They all realize that their time is up.

Kira leads Patrick and Martin to the secret entrance to the base. Patrick figures out she’s one of the rebels and pesters her with continuous questions, until she hits him. Patrick wasn’t really getting that they were on a covert op. Kira found an effective way to remind him. Martin suggests that Patrick stop asking questions.

Kira and Martin go through the entrance, leaving Patrick to stand watch. Kira gives him a gun, trusting him not to shoot her.

Sarah and Rasmus awkwardly hang out in his room, now that nothing stands in the way of their romance. They are centimeters away from a kiss, when Fie and Simone interrupt them to warn them that the base is about to be attacked.

Jean is in the control room when Kira and Martin reach the hallway. He orders Martin to bring him Rasmus. He assigns some of the blame for Lea’s death to Martin, since Martin just walked out on them. Kira pushes Martin to find Rasmus.

Sten’s makeshift army is already attacking the base. Simone, Fie, Rasmus and Sarah can’t leave through the main door because it’s surrounded.

As they’re running away from the door, Simone hears Martin’s voice. She turns and goes back to him. When she reaches him, she tells him not to ever go away again. They kiss and then he says he won’t. But they need to leave the base. They can use the basement exit.

Simone asks about Jean. No one mentions Patrick.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 7.41.43 PM
“I won’t leave.”

Kira tries to convince Jean that he can’t kill Rasmus. She uses the intercom to talk to him through the security door. She needs Rasmus as part of her plan to bring down Sten and Apollon. It’s her last chance. But she also means that because of the virus, Rasmus won’t die, even if he’s mortally wounded, as we saw with the out of control virus in the Apollon lab.

Kira never states it clearly enough for the others to figure out that she’s saying he can’t be killed, rather than she doesn’t want him to be killed, in part because they hear what they want to hear. The truth is already obvious, if you think about the plants, the goo, the lab, and the way that Rasmus recovers from anything and everything so easily. He’s more virus than human now. We saw that in episode 1, when Jakob drew viral goo instead of blood or spinal fluid from his lumbar puncture.

Jean has made up his mind that Rasmus is going to die and he won’t listen to any alternatives. His immaturity has chosen the worst moment to become assertive. The army breaks down the front door. Despite all of the warnings, Jean didn’t see this coming. Martin takes over trying to talk sense into him.

Simone pulls Rasmus aside and tells him that he has to survive, no matter what, because he has the cure in his body. Rasmus doesn’t understand what’s happening or why she’d say that. He seems to have forgotten about the cure.

Just imagine me banging my head against the wall at this point.

Simone turns to Kira and explains that Rasmus is cured. They removed the virus from his body, so if they can get him out, he can save the world. Kira tries to explain to her, more patiently than she deserves, that curing Rasmus is impossible.

Meanwhile, Martin is trying to save Jean, but he won’t come out of the control room. Rasmus decides to be helpful by showing himself and talking to Jean. When he sees Rasmus, Jean goes all murder-suicide and pushes the evil alarm button with the deafening sirens. They affect him just as much as they affect the others. Kira shoots out one of the sirens, so it’s not as loud in the hall, and everyone but Jean gets out.

Jean goes back to the control panel and quiets the sirens in the room. He has a vision of Lea telling him not to harm the others. He comes to his senses and runs to catch up to them. Out in the hall, he’s almost caught by the army and has to duck under a tarp until they pass. That’s the last we see of him.

Whatever happens to him, the others will assume he ran away and won’t go looking for him, unless he returns to the group on his own. If he’s captured, he’s in big trouble.

A squad gets close to the others and fires on them, as they run to the secret entrance. Kira shoots them all down, but Sarah is shot in the abdomen. The bullet must have hit an artery, because she bleeds out quickly. Rasmus rests her head on his lap and calls Fie to look at her. Simone and Martin try to drag Rasmus out. Sarah knows she’s dying. Her last wish is for Rasmus to kiss her. He’s too slow, so she pulls his head down to hers.

Her last words are, “Just like Romeo and Juliet.”

Rasmus lays over her body and moans in grief. Then the virus wakes up, more powerful than ever.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 7.44.29 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-01 at 7.45.16 PM

He walks through the building, sending out his viral cloud to kill all of the Apollon soldiers he finds. Simone watches in shock. She had no idea her cute little brother was capable of such an act.

Her level of denial is staggering.

Simone approaches Rasmus and asks what he’s done. Rasmus speaks in unfinished sentences and blames everyone else for his murders. He finishes by saying to Simone, SIMONE, who gave up her childhood and youth to raise and protect him, “Why won’t you leave me alone?”

He is now a full grown, entitled white male who has turned his mother figure into the villain in his life because his world isn’t absolutely perfect, and he’s decided she owes him that, as the symbolic sacrificial woman in his life.

Simone tries one more time to convince him to come back inside and be reasonable. Rasmus says: “I don’t have to do anything. They killed Sarah. She’s gone.”

He walks away from her. Simone picks up a gun from the ground and points it at Rasmus, telling him to stop. Rasmus asks if she really wants to do that. She starts to quote Frederik. Rasmus tells her that their father is dead, because he wanted to change Rasmus. Just like the dead soldiers wanted to change him. They all think he’s weak, but he isn’t.

Simone says that Rasmus isn’t acting like himself. Rasmus tells her she doesn’t know who he is or how he feels. She tells him, and herself, that she tried to protect him.

The viral cloud pours out of him. “No, you want to change me.”

Before it reaches her, Martin runs into the other end of the room, yelling for Rasmus to pay attention to him. He begs Rasmus not to kill again, to try to find a peaceful solution instead.

Simone is now facing watching another loved one die in front of her, after she watched her father die in episode 1 and Lea die in episode 5. She’s watched Rasmus kill dozens of people, starting with the scientists in episode 1, who wanted to help him, through Lea, who was his friend, to the soldiers, who were largely innocent, starving pawns. She can’t deny what he is anymore.

And she can’t deny that Martin is the one who’s there for her and comes back for her, even with all of their flaws. Fie is a great friend to her, wise, patient and understanding, but willing to tell her when she’s wrong.

She stuck with her family, both Frederik and Rasmus, long after it made any moral or emotional sense to, because they were all she had in the world and all she had left of the old world. Now that she has Fie and Martin, maybe she can let go. Rasmus and Frederik are toxic personalities who are abusive toward Simone. Frederik haunts her from the grave, affecting every important decision, because his choices for her were all she had left of him.

With all of that in mind, Simone listens as Rasmus blames Martin for trying to control him. When Rasmus sends the viral cloud after her boyfriend, she shoots her brother in the heart. The virus is stopped dead in its tracks. Rasmus has his pride wounded more than his body. He bleeds a tiny bit before the hole closes up again, without even leaving a scar.

He’s completely shocked that Simone would shoot him.

Martin holds Simone, who looks like she’s going into shock.

Rasmus leaves the building. Outside, he finds Sten waiting for him. He’s ready to be reunited with his true father, the king of the apocalypse.

Martin, Simone and Fie stand by Sarah, who is laid out on a table, as if she’s being prepared for burial. Fie checks her pulse. Suddenly, she takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. She has faint black veins from the virus.

The Bride of Frankenstein awakens. Notice how her hair is bigger and looks like it has a stripe (on her left)?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah, but I can’t help but notice that at least three named female characters have been shown dying in the last 2 episodes- Lea, Kira’s mom Martha, and Sarah. Which one comes back to life? The youngest, hottest one, of course.


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The original Bride of Frankenstein (1935), for reference:

The girl has style. She could walk right onto the set of Rocky Horror or Hedwig, and still look modern, with only a minor costume update. Photo by John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images.

How Sarah Became a Monster Why Didn’t the Virus Kill Sarah?

Why did Sarah survive the virus, when no one else has, despite Apollon’s extensive experimentation? There are two obvious reasons. First, she’s immunosuppressed, so her body didn’t fight the virus and the virus didn’t become toxic as it defended itself. It’s the same version that’s in Rasmus’ body, treating her like she’s him. We’ve been given ample evidence that the current issue that causes death isn’t the virus. It’s the virus feeling threatened and defending itself. Just like a human with a gun.

(The version of the virus that’s escaping from Apollon has been trained to go nuclear as soon as it’s startled. Rasmus’ virus isn’t that lethal yet.)

Second, Sarah wants to be infected with the virus, because she knows that it cured Rasmus of his intitial terminal disease and has extended his life. He’s able-bodied, strong and healthy. No matter what other problems the virus may seem to cause, For Sarah, being alive, with a good prognosis, would be worth carrying the virus. After all, she’s already in isolation and on her deathbed, anyway.

The virus is sentient, and can sense the intentions of its host. It knows Sarah wants it there and won’t try to be cured. It chose her as a host, just as she chose it.

A third possible reason is the manner of transmission. It could be that a kiss is the most gentle way to transmit the virus, and thus the most likely to be survived, especially when combined with blood loss and death. Sarah is one of the few people to receive Rasmus’ version of the virus from such a direct transmission, when he was feeling love instead of negative emotions.

Sarah was turned into a viral carrier the way a new vampire is usually created. She sustained a mortal wound, had her own body fluid drained, then had a small sample of the new version transmitted to her through the equivalent of a bite. She had to die and be reborn for it to take hold. Because her initial exposure to the virus was small and she was either comatose or dead, with poor circulation, her system was taken over slowly instead of all at once. The virus rebuilt her blood supply and healed her wound, rewriting the way she functions, possibly even her genetic code. When it finished, she reawakened, with the same powers and health as Rasmus.

The gang should make an effort to keep Sarah away from Sten, since she’s his holy grail, not Rasmus. She’ll probably head straight for Rasmus, and Sten, first chance she gets.

“Just Like Romeo and Juliet”

Sarah knew what she was doing when she asked Rasmus to kiss her. Besides the romance of it all, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 5, Scene 3, the two lovers commit suicide in Juliet’s family tomb. Romeo dies first. Juliet lies unconscious in the tomb at this point, but Romeo thinks she’s dead. They’re devoted, not smart.

He drinks a vial of poison, kisses Juliet, and says, “Thus with a kiss I die.” Then he dies. Moments later, Juliet wakes up and figures out what happened. She tries to drink the last drops of poison from the vial, but can’t get enough, so she kisses Romeo, hoping there’s some left on his lips. That still doesn’t work, so she takes Romeo’s dagger and stabs herself.

By bringing up Romeo and Juliet, Sarah was referring to the virus, which she knew hadn’t been cured, passing between them during their kiss, if it hadn’t already been transmitted while they’d held hands earlier in the day. Sarah received the equivalent of the stab wound first, by getting shot, then took the poison.

Lucky for her, maybe, Rasmus’ poison prolongs life indefinitely.

The Story of Simone and Rasmus

The Rain is, at its heart, the story of Rasmus and Simone. This season, we watched Rasmus make more attempts to grow up, but he still doesn’t have a concept of what adulthood truly is. He’s stuck in the child’s idea that adults are free to do anything they want, all the time, without answering to anyone. He said it to Simone early in the season, and he says it to her again in this episode. The virus has been pestering him to take control of his life, but, until this episode, it was simpler to let the others do most of the adulting for him.

This show equates the willingness to sacrifice for others with adulthood and maturity. We’ve seen the other characters, including Sarah, give up all sorts of things, from their lives to their petty greivances, for each other. But Rasmus doesn’t sacrifice. People sacrifice for him and Rasmus takes advantage of that tendency. Then Simone tries to clean up his mess. Right up to the end of the finale, he didn’t sacrifice and Simone kept trying to save him.

He didn’t help Sarah, who was still weak from the trip to Bakken, run through the dark hallways to escape Sten’s army. He took care of himself. Then he sat with her in the hall and endangered everyone, instead of moving her someplace safe. As soon as she passed out, he took off to indulge his own feelings.

He doesn’t feel grateful to Simone for everything she’s done for him. He just accepts that it’s his right to expect her to be there for him. If she’s not, the failure is hers.

By the end of the episode, the virus is exploiting his already twisted reasoning and reinforcing his paranoia. Some of what he yells at Simone and Martin is very close to what the personified virus was whispering in his ear. Sten will reinforce his twisted entitlement even further, at least for as long as he has a use for Rasmus.

Simone was raised to take care of Rasmus as if he was her own child. The closeness between the two children freed up both parents to emotionally neglect them. Becoming the sole caretaker of a child when you’re a high scooler is scary, especially one in remission from a deadly disease. Simone threw her whole self into mothering Rasmus. She didn’t develop an identity outside of him as she grew into adulthood.

But, unlike Rasmus, she didn’t fight change when they came out of the bunker. She was ready for it. She quickly caught up and learned how to transfer the skills she’d learned while caring for Rasmus to caring for a group and caring for friends. She became a leader, a friend and a girlfriend.

She has other relationships to fall back on and other interests to pursue now that Rasmus has rejected her. She’s become a scientist in her own right, with a natural curiosity. She and Fie can continue their research on the virus. Simone will miss Rasmus, and blame herself, but she’ll be fine.

The real question is, what will happen to Rasmus? He’s gullible, unstable, violent and heartbroken. He’s broken all ties with everyone who cared about him even a little bit. Sten will exploit him and push him, while also using lies and flattery to keep him off balance. Rasmus is used to being the one using his charm to elicit favors. What will he do when it stops working, when he can’t manipulate the manipulator, and Simone isn’t there to save him?

The Aftermath of the Battle over Rasmus

Both Patrick and Jean disappear midway through the fighting, and we never find out what happens to them. As I mention in my S2Ep5 recap, Lea wasn’t the only survivor who was pushed aside and forgotten by the arrival of new members.

Jean took his revenge and expressed his anger, hurting himself in the process. Then Lea’s voice in his head told him he’d done enough to avenge her. I’ve said in other recaps that there isn’t a compelling reason for Jean to continue to exist, but he probably will. He’s already come back from the Not Quite Dead once, and I’ve lost count of how many The Rain characters have done the same thing.

Kira and Martin left Patrick standing guard outside the secret entrance while they went inside, and then they forgot about him. Patrick is a very useful character, even if no one likes him much. That might save his life.

Kira also disappeared after Sarah appeared to die. We never found out what her plan for Rasmus was. Did she plan to give Rasmus to Sten hoping that they would kill each other?

It looked like Kira could have been the one who shot Sarah. She might have wanted to set Rasmus’ temper off. Have the rebels figured out a way to contain the virus, even if it can’t be killed, so they needed to lure Rasmus to Apollon?

I’ve wondered if Rasmus could call all of the goo back to himself, the way he controls the cloud. If he could be convinced or tricked into calling it all to him, then contained in something that would permanently mummify him and push the virus into dormancy and starvation, even if he and it wouldn’t technically be dead, I think we could call it a win.

They’ve already told us that the virus can’t be beat by fighting it. Apollon’s mistake is that it continued to fight. They need to find peaceful means to negotiate with the virus, and try to figure out what it ultimately wants. What is it so paranoid about? Since it’s sentient, you’d think someone could find a way for it to communicate. In a way, the virus is a victim of Apollon, just like the people of Denmark. It’s been experimented on and attacked, used against its will. It’s trying to defend itself and survive. If it’s approached with that understanding, the conversation might go differently.

Or it might be an insane, homicidal maniac of a virus that has to be put down. Better to know for sure.

Unanswered Questions

It didn’t rain at all this season, after it rained every day in season 1. The characters also didn’t come across any fresh water in streams, ponds, etc. Who is controlling the rain and water supply? Apollon? The virus? Martin and Simone were very happy to find Johanne and Klaus’ water tank, as if water was scarce.

Maybe the contaminated rain was the virus’ way of trying to reconnect with Rasmus. The rain was safe within hours of Rasmus and Beatrice getting dripped on. I doubt we’ll ever fully understand Beatrice’s death, but maybe the virus knew that Rasmus didn’t want her to be hurt, so it was trying to bond with her, the way it did with Sarah. Beatrice fought it, so the attempt failed, but she also didn’t die a normal death from the virus.

We didn’t see any wild animals this season, after infected dogs were important last season. I’m not sure we even saw birds in season 2. Does this mean all of the  animals are dead now?

The black viral goo spreading through the plants hasn’t satisfactorily been explained at all. We know that Rasmus sheds it, and it also comes from the Apollon lab, but why? Why is the virus doing this? Why does it want to kill everything? Won’t it also die then? And what about the plants’ reaction to Rasmus? Is the goo waiting to rise up into a big blob of slime and do his bidding? (If you think this is a silly idea, you have clearly never watched 1950s B movies.)

Where does the rebel base fit into all of this experimentation? They were doing their own work as well, which I bet included Jakob working toward curing Sarah using the virus. Is the base responsible for any of the escaped virus?

We have 2 or 3 genres of scifi horror going at once now, and I’m curious to see if The Rain can pull them all in together again for an explanation and ending that make sense in season 3. (Let’s face it, if it gets a season 3, it’ll be the final season, since that’s now Netflix policy for most shows.)

How will the super virus that brought on a viral apocalypse, the powerful human monster who’s under the influence of his greedy mad scientist creator, and the spreading, world-eating slime from outer space intersect again? Will Rasmus be able to control the slime? Will Sten be able to control Rasmus? Will Sten figure out how to safely take the virus into himself? Will he try to kill Rasmus after that, because he doesn’t want another god competing with him?

I feel certain that Sarah is the one who’ll understand her viral powers and potential first. She’s smarter than Rasmus, more in touch with her body and used to being sick. She’s used to working her way through new treatments. She fully accepts the virus and will want to experiment with it.

Rasmus is too impulse driven to focus on something like exploring his powers for long. But Sten might drive him to use his powers, so that he discovers them. What we really need is for someone to sit down for a nice long, relaxed chat with Demonic Viral Hallucination Child Rasmus, and get some answers out of him.

Were the rebels and the doctors on the base from 2 different groups? So far, they don’t seem to know each other, or anything about each other. It’s a strange situation for people who were living in hiding down the hall from each other.

Is Kira trying to rescue Martin and Simone’s people, or are they just disposable pawns to her? I’d like to see more of her next season, and not as a villain. With her knowledge of Sten, Apollon and the virus, and Simone and Fie’s knowledge of Rasmus and the version of the virus he carries, they could make some serious progress. Plus, now there’s Sarah and her version of the virus, which is probably slightly altered from what Rasmus gave her, since it had to adjust to her body.

Fie is pregnant. Sarah carries the virus. Fie was touching Sarah a second before she woke up in that last short scene, which means she definitely had the virus. The adults must have some immunity to low levels of exposure, and Sarah and Rasmus can control who they want it to kill. But what about the fetus’ exposure? What will it mean for the baby for Fie to have the virus or the antibodies in her blood?

Now that Sarah has the virus herself, she doesn’t need Rasmus anymore. Will she ditch him, since he’s kind of a jerk, and their version of Romeo and Juliet ended? He did leave her without staying to see if she was really dead or had just passed out. The Bride of Frankenstein traditionally rejects the monster. Sarah is so much better than Rasmus, she’ll probably have more control of the virus, as well. Will the season 3 finale come down to the viral Adam and Eve battling it out?

ETA 11/25/19: The Rain has been renewed for season 3, which will be its final season. The renewal came through back in June, but somehow I missed it. 3 seasons has become standard for Netflix originals.

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