Charmed Season 2 Episode 2: Things to Do in Seattle When You’re Dead Recap

In Things to Do in Seattle When You’re Dead, the Vera-Vaughn witches and Harry continue to cope with the loss of their powers and the demons’ war on witches. This week, a dream about the demon with Harry’s face leaves Macy troubled, Maggie discovers that everyone in Hilltowne thinks the sisters died in a house fire, and Mel struggles to bring a sense of order back to her life. They all deal with trust issues.

Macy and Harry go on a mission to rescue a witch from the demons. Maggie decides she needs to work on growing up more by taking on more responsibility and facing hard truths. Mel tries to reconstruct spells from the Book of Shadows to start bringing their magic back. They all find some success and a bit of their individual powers shine through in the process.


It’s night and Macy is wearing a silky, low cut nightgown and robe as she walks toward her bedroom mirror. Harry appears behind her, also wearing a robe. He says her name. She startles and turns, telling him he scared her. He asks if she’s happy to see him.

Macy closes her robe tightly around herself and asks what Harry wants. Sexy as this all is, even in a dream, she’s subconsciously figured out that it’s not the real Harry.

Harry moves closer to her and says he wants them to be together. She tells him they can’t. He says they must. It’s their destiny. “Can’t you feel it?” He touches her shoulder, face and hair while he speaks. Then his voice hardens, and he says she needs to tell him where she is.

Macy wakes up and realizes this has something to do with the demon assassin. She doesn’t want to go back to sleep, so she gets on her tablet and researches the witches who ran the bed and breakfast in Vermont in the previous episode. She discovers that they had a niece who was visiting them and gets up to tell Harry.

Harry can’t sleep either. He’s sifting through the wreckage of the fight and the party, looking for clues. He finds one of the demon assassin’s darts, but it doesn’t tell him anything about who or what he is.

Maggie is also awake and browsing social media. She discovers that her friends think she’s dead and rushes to find Mel. Her sister is downstairs cleaning up from the party. With the loss of their powers and their former lives, Mel is looking for a way to feel in control of her life. When Maggie tells her that Hilltowne thinks they died in a house fire, her response is to drop Maggie’s phone in a pitcher of drinks to stop anyone from using the phone signal or Maggie’s social media log in to track them.

Macy and Harry tell Maggie and Mel that they have a mission- to save Layla, the niece of the witches who ran the Vermont bed and breakfast. Layla is an 18 year old witch who went missing just before the attack on her aunts’ bed and breakfast. She was last scene at a gas station near the hotel, being driven by the giant demon from episode 1.

Maggie does a reverse image search on a symbol from a sticker on the car. It’s the logo for the 7th Circle Club, an indusrial nightclub about 30 miles south of Portland in Colton, Oregon. They decide to visit the club, worried that Layla could be in the hands of the demon assassin.

They get dressed and head out to the Command Center, but can’t get into Safe Space Seattle, as it hasn’t opened for the day yet. Harry can’t orb them in, because his powers are still recovering from the poisons he absorbed from Macy. Macy and Harry decide to drive to Colton, since it’s only a few hours away, while Mel and Maggie stay in the Command Center, since they don’t have their normal powers.


Macy and Harry rent a car, but Harry is so used to orbing that he finds it a trial to use an old fashioned map and travel in the physical world. Macy drives, but keeps remembering her sexy dream about Harry’s evil twin.

While Mel and Maggie wait for Safe Space Seattle to open, Mel vents her feelings about being relegated to the B team. She’s worked hard all of her life to be an A student and witch. Maggie tries to help her be a little more accepting of their current status, but Mel won’t have it and snaps at Swan when she unlocks the door. Each woman steals a new key card once they’re inside.

The key cards must be reset each night, since they had a working key card in episode 1.

Once they’re in the Command Center, Mel searches through stored ingredients and finds rare Himalayan mandrake root. She could combine it with common ingredients from Katrina’s store and make a cloaking serum. Mel gets excited at the idea of recreating the Book of Shadows using remembered spells and potions.

Maggie continues looking over news from Hilltowne and discovers their father has died.

Macy expresses her nervousness to Harry as they drive through fog on their way to the demon night club. She’s worried that they don’t know anything about the demon they’re facing. Just as Harry’s about to respond, a woman runs into the road and collapses.

She’s a witch suffering from the same poisoning as Macy had last week. Harry tries, but she’s too far gone for him to save. As she’s dying, she begs them to save Layla from the demon gathering at the 7th Circle tonight. They decide that they absolutely can’t let another witch die. They’ll save Layla, no matter what.

Maggie worries that the news of their deaths in a house fire caused their dad, Santiago, to die from a heart attack. Mel tries to get Maggie to see that it wasn’t their fault. They argue over whether Santiago was a bad dad or the worst dad. Even though he wasn’t her biological father, Maggie has a few fond memories of him and she still has the thoughtful gifts he gave her. Mel argues that Santiago was a total loser and tells Maggie to grow up and face reality. Maggie refuses to grow up if it means denying her past.

She walks out and takes her anger out on a punching bag in Jordan’s gym. He finds her there and makes a crack about how she’ll end up being the one needing first aid if she doesn’t wear proper clothing and improve her form. She starts to leave and says that she’ll get his first aid kit back to him soon.

He asks her name as she’s leaving, but before she can answer, he apologizes for asking and says that he knows most “girls don’t want to give personal info to…”

Maggie interrupts to tell him that she is not a girl. She is a 20 year old, formidable, grown *ss woman, who can deal with the consequences of her decisions. Then she walks out, without telling him her name.

But how was Jordan going to finish the sentence Maggie interrupted? Girls don’t give their names to boxing gym owners? Guys who are a bit stingy about sharing first aid supplies with strangers?

Maggie returns to the Command Center, decides to make one of those decisions that she’ll have to live with, and rolls the magic ball to the coordinates of her father’s funeral.

Mel also decides to take action that she’ll have to live with and tries out some shoplifting in Katrina’s store. Desperate times and all that. Katrina sees her and asks how she intends to pay for her items. Mel lies and says she left her wallet in the car. Katrina calls Mel out on her disrespect and skepticism toward Katrina and her beliefs and abilities, gently noting the ironic rudeness of Mel stealing items she also pretends she doesn’t believe will work.

But then Katrina proves she’s a complex and amazing person by giving Mel the items anyway, saying that she can see that Mel is in some kind trouble and needs them. She asks that Mel pay the value forward when she can.

Katrina patiently points out that while Mel may not believe in the power of what Katrina is selling, Katrina does have powers of her own, like the power of perception. This is certainly true- Katrina does have her own magic, even if she isn’t a witch in the way the Charmed Ones are witches.

Harry and Macy observe the 7th Circle Club, which is in an old cannery, from a distance. Harry tells her that all of the demon bloodlines are there: the Carnals, the Vagrants, the Malignants and the Primordials. They are the elite of the demon world and each bloodline has unique powers and its own agenda. Up until now, they’ve been at war with each other. If they’ve teamed up, then Layla is in even more danger.

I’m not sure how Layla could be in more danger than the several witches we’ve already seen brutally murdered in episodes 1 and 2. But the important question here is- Which bloodline does Macy belong to, and what is its agenda? Can we please meet her demon family?


Harry and Macy have a moment of wardrobe angst because they didn’t bring their demon party outfits with them, but then Macy remembers that Maggie is always prepared for a party and makes sure that her sisters are covered too. She whips a vial of glamour powder out of her purse, and with a swirl of green, we have extremely hot goth versions of our favorite Charmed couple.

Harry tries not to drool over Macy’s demon look, but she tells him he needs to work on his dangerous bad boy expression. When he gives her a leer, she flashes back to her dream. He can see in her eyes that something just happened and insists that she share. Without hesitation, Macy tells him that she had a dream about him, or someone like him, that looked like this.

Mel uses the Safe Space kitchen to whip up her cloaking serum, then successfully tests it on an apple. When she goes back to the Command Center to show Maggie, she finds it empty, with a computer open to the page for their father’s funeral.

Maggie stays out of site at the funeral, which is sparsely attended. When everyone else has gone, she says a prayer over his casket, while clutching the ballerina from the music box he gave her as a child. Harry joins her, dressed in his normal style. Maggie runs over to give him a hug. After a moment, he stiffly hugs her back. Maggie the empath pulls away, saying he seems different. He says, “Do I?”

Even without her powers, she senses something isn’t right with him.

The real Harry tells Macy that he hoped he’d imagined that the demon assassin looked like him. Macy admits that the version in her dream was very seductive. Harry says that he must be a shapeshifter or an even more powerful demon. Since the assassin could be in the club and disguised as Harry, Macy shouldn’t trust him from here on out.

Maggie asks fake Harry if he got his powers back. Harry definitely isn’t acting like himself. He tells Maggie that he’s gotten some of his powers back. He heard about her father’s death and came to check on her. He holds out a hand to her and insists they return to her sisters.

Since the real Harry should know that Macy’s on a road trip, Maggie becomes even more skeptical and refuses. Fake Harry reminds her that she’s alone and powerless. He holds out the sickle shaped knife that the demon assassin used to attack real Harry and calls her a lamb lost in the woods. She picks up a shovel and tries to hit him. He stops her and tells her he’ll kill her if she doesn’t take him to her sisters.

No worries, the sisters are already out looking for him. A cloaked Mel picks up the shovel that he’s dropped and knocks him out with it, then instructs Maggie to run toward the return portal.

Even without their powers, the Vera-Vaughn sisters are not lost little lambs, in the woods or anywhere else.

Maggie and Mel emerge from the portal and into the Command Center. Maggie is freaked out that the demon assassin looked like Harry and that almost no one went to their Dad’s funeral. Mel is angry and scared that Maggie took such a huge risk by going to the funeral and that she had to use up some of her newly made cloaking serum to save her sister.

Mel isn’t surprised that the funeral was empty, since Santuago alienated everyone he knew. Maggie apologizes for putting them both in danger and acknowledges that their father treated people badly. But she still loved him, and was touched by the gifts he’d send her when he couldn’t visit. After Maggie expresses this to Mel, she can tell that Mel is hiding something, and asks Mel to stop protecting her from the hard truths. She has to face the tough parts of life if she’s going to grow up.

Mel describes Maggie’s 7th birthday, when Santiago promised to take her to the ballet. He didn’t show up, but the next morning he left her the music box that she still loves and a note. Their mother said that he was called away on work. The truth is that they didn’t hear from him. Marisol made up the work story and Mel bought the music box and wrote the note because they couldn’t stand to see Maggie so upset.

The witchboard emergency lights activate, showing 2 witches in danger- Layla and Macy.

Macy and Harry are about to enter the 7th Circle Club for the big all demon bloodline gathering. The giant demon goon who Macy faced at the end of episode 1 is working as the doorman, testing entrants’ powers to ensure that they have demon blood. Macy has demon blood and powers and is determined to save Layla, but Harry can’t pass the test. Macy gets in line.

Mel made enough cloaking serum to hide her and Maggie for 10-15 minutes. They’re worried the demon assassin will find Macy, since it found Maggie, so they portal to the club.

Macy gets into the club, then the bouncer puts a power-suppressing cuff on her.

Just imagine how out of control demon bar fights could get without that precaution.

The club is full of a predictably rough-looking but tame crowd. Macy sails through to the front, where a shrouded figure is tied to a stake. She realizes it’s Layla, ready to be sacrificed.

Harry walks around to the side wall of the club and tries to orb inside, but his power is still on the fritz. Suddenly, invisible Mel and Maggie shove him against the wall and demand to know who or what he is. He responds by listing the ingredients for Marisol’s coquito (1 part sweetened condensed milk, 1 part coconut cream, 1 part rum, a dash of cinnamon, and vanilla).

The code works and the sisters recognize he’s the real deal. They all discuss the lookalike assassin, who could be stalking Macy as we speak, while she’s alone inside a demon club.

Macy is safe for the moment, because it’s time for the main event. A Primordial demon emcee named Godric takes the stage, and reminds them all that they haven’t gathered like this for more than 1,000 years. He speaks on behalf of their host, the demon overlord who was predicted in the prophecies, who is the rightful heir of Zagan the Great, a demon who died more than 1,000 years ago.

Since Zagan’s death, the bloodlines have been at war with each other in meaningless conflicts. They blame the witches for oppressing and dividing them. With the Elders and the Charmed Ones gone, the demons will unite and dispense with the rest of the witches, starting with Layla. He whips the shroud from the stake to reveal her, as the demons whoop and cheer at the thought of massacring witches. Macy forces herself to clap along while holding back tears.

A well dressed demon named Callum interrupts the show to inform Godric that the Carnals won’t fight witches just to put the Primordials in power, especially for a cowardly leader who won’t even appear in public. As he turns to walk out, Godric threatens that if he leaves, he’s alone. Callum isn’t scared. He leaves with a few others.


Godric calls the bloodline leaders forward. Before they move, Macy speaks speaks out in agreement with Callum. Godric demands to know who she is. Macy brings up her demon-witch-scientist confidence and claims to be the Overlord. She orders everyone to bow to her.

I find her totally convincing in that outfit and with her righteous indignation turned up all the way, but Godric is a sexist jerk who insults her some more. No potential love interest status for you, Godric!

It’s Mel and Macy to the rescue this time, as they invisibly storm into the club, wreaking havoc and starting fights between the demons. Godric is fooled into thinking Macy is using her powers, even though she’s still wearing a cuff.

Harry finally orbs inside, just as Macy frees Layla from the stake and rushes her off the stage. He tries to help them through the mayhem, but Macy isn’t sure which Harry she’s seeing until he slows down and speaks sincerely to her. Then she has no doubt that it’s her Harry.

Then the cloaking serum wears off and they all make a run for it, but not before Godric gets a good look at them. They run past a security camera in the entryway that also gets a good look.

Back at home, Maggie contemplates her complicated relationships with her father, Mel and her music box. She understands that she needs to let go of some of the past and the lies that made her life easier. She sets the music box aside and shows Mel an application for a part time receptionist job at Safe Space Seattle, her way of accepting the reality of the present.

They need to have official access to key cards to get into the Command Center until they get their powers back, so this is one way she can be mature and do her part. Meanwhile, Mel will be working to reconstruct the Book of Shadows, but she realizes that having her sisters is more important than the spellbook. Maggie notices Jordan’s first aid kit in the corner. She still has one more task for this week.

Maggie returns the first aid kit and apologizes for taking so long to return it. Jordan asks how her adult dilemma went. She tells him it didn’t go great, but says no when he asks if she wants to talk about it. He respects her wishes, and she asks why he’s so nice to her, since she’s not his type.

I weep over the fact that a man treating a woman with respect and kindness is an unusual event that needs to be praised and questioned, rather than normal male behavior. And let’s recall, she had to push for him to loan her the first aid kit. He wasn’t really that nice or generous. He’s just behaved in a way that, in a woman, would be considered mildly decent. Katrina gave Mel the stuff she was trying to steal, and Mel isn’t returning to the store, paying for what she took, and asking Katrina why she’s so wonderful. Yet Katrina really is wonderful.

Jordan agrees that she’s not his type, but says that he finds her formidable, echoing her words from earlier in the day. On her way out, Maggie tells him her name.

I hope that Maggie’s self image isn’t really so low that she thinks someone would only help her because they think she’s cute. And I hope she wouldn’t fall for a guy who would only help a woman if he thought she was cute. That’s on the demon scale of gross.

Harry finds Macy in the Command Center writing the names of the witches they couldn’t save on a chalkboard. She doesn’t want to forget them or that they were real people, not just lights on the witchboard. Harry takes the chalk from her and makes a second column on the board, where he adds Layla’s name. He reminds her to celebrate their victories while also mourning their losses.

Then Harry apologizes for hiding that the demon assassin looks like him. His whole purpose in life is to protect witches. It’s the only life he knows and remembers. When he saw himself trying to hurt the three sisters, he was afraid for the first time in his life as a whitelighter.

Macy suggests that Harry discover who he is outside of being a whitelighter, but Harry doesn’t even know what to do with that suggestion. Macy is worried that Harry is having an identity crisis, but he’s worried that the demon assassin will be able to use his face to fool the Charmed Ones and get close enough to hurt them. He wants to come up with a code word or signal so they’ll always know it’s him.

Macy assures him that she doesn’t need that. (As we saw at the funeral, neither does Maggie.) Macy draws Harry close to her and says that she just needs for him to look into her eyes and she’ll know.

Harry hopes she’s right, because the demon war on witches is only going to escalate. Macy is glad the demons think they’re dead.

Except, oops, they were recognized at the club. Godric and the assassin examine the surveillance footage.



Wow. I thought Harry and Macy were about to lean in and kiss for the entire last scene. The sexual tension between those two is killer. Little whitelighter-witch-demon babies might start spontaneously popping up in the Command Center just from the looks they’re giving each other.

When you think about everything that happened last season (Charity, Fiona and all of the Elders died, Fiona kidnapped and tortured Harry, Harry almost died, Macy absorbed the Source of All Evil, etc) in comparison to Harry saying that the one thing that’s ever truly scared him is thinking that he or someone like him could be the one to hurt the witches in his charge, you realize what a profound statement that really is.

I love his character so much and I love how much they’re continuing to have all 4 main characters bond to each other this season and commit to their mission together of working to save witches and do good. They have flaws and continue to grow and change, but they always strive to grow toward the light, and the world needs more of that.

The 7th Circle Club is named after the 7th Circle of H*ll, from Dante’s Inferno, where the souls of violent sinners go. Santiago’s funeral was in a forest, which would correspond to the fact that he was an alcoholic who did violence to himself for most of his life, landing him in the 2nd Ring of the 7th Circle, the Wood of the Suicides. The rest of the violent sinners are exposed to either a river of fire in the 1st Ring, for those who were violent against others, or a rain of fire in the 3rd Ring, for those who were violent against God, Art and Nature. The fire in the club could be interpreted either or both ways.

Fun fact: Harry says he finds driving on the right side of the road barbaric and Macy just nods. Actually, Madeleine Mantock, who plays Macy, is British, just like Rupert Evans, who plays Harry. It’s just as “barbaric” for her.

I agree with Harry about cell phones, GPS and the internet, though. I have no idea how we survived without them. It was a slow motion world filled with lots of paper. It wasn’t in black and white, though. 😉

I really love Katrina as a character. She’s both grounded and mysterious, which is great for Mel. Mel always has the most interesting love interests. I’m not feeling any romantic chemistry between them- it was stronger with both Niko and Jada. Maybe they’re doing a slow burn and the actors will increase that feeling as Mel grows to respect Katrina over the course of the season.

Katrina definitely deserves respect. Mel has lost everything in her life but her family and being a witch, so she needs for that to mean something and to excel at it. Right now, she’s expressing that need by showing disdain for humans who dabble in the occult. We’ve seen mixed race demons and whitelighters with partial abilities. I wonder if we might see lost, untrained witches or diluted witch abilities in some form, too. That could explain Katrina’s sensitivity and wisdom. Or she could just be a very intelligent, intuitive human, like Niko. Maybe she will have some angel in her, like the whitelighters in the original series.

Either way, Mel needs to learn to respect other people’s needs, abilities and decisions. She habitually shuts people out and keeps the truth from them in order to overprotect them, which causes issues in her relationships. She made a unilateral decision and changed Niko’s life without her knowledge. In this episode we learned that she shielded Maggie from important truths about their father. Now she’s not being respectful toward Katrina, and not giving her any version of the truth about why she needs items from her store.

In comparison, Maggie didn’t tell Jordan the whole story about why she needed the first aid kit, but she told him as much as she could of the truth. She gave him that respect from the start. As an empath, Maggie has no choice but to be emotionally honest. She and Mel are opposites, in that Mel tries to stay grounded in facts and reality, but isn’t always brave emotionally, while Maggie is very brave emotionally, but isn’t always willing to face the cold factual truth of a situation.

Macy is the middle ground, grounded in science and fact and emotionally honest, but frequently insecure and unable to fully commit. Since the witches and their house were blown away to Oz, she’s trying very hard to be mature and take on more responsibility for others, just like her sisters.

Last season the Vera-Vaughn sisters learned how to be witches and sisters. This season they appear to be learning to be brave, self-sacrificing leaders who understand their power on a deeper level and who have chosen their path rather than simply inherited it.

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