Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 1: Stay (I Missed You) Recap

Roswell, New Mexico S2E1 Ann Evans (Claudia Black) & Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles) at Noah's Funeral
Ann Evans (Claudia Black) & Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles) at Noah’s Funeral

There are alien zombie ghosts running around Roswell, New Mexico in season 2 and it’s glorious. Rosa (Amber Midthunder) is alive and not an alien zombie ghost, though she may develop similarities to one of those things if this show follows its predecessor. She and Isobel are both being haunted by Noah, but apparently for very different reasons.

Welcome to season 2 of the CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, where the alien fun is ramping up to epic proportions.


Rosa is channeling Max’s memories of Noah and combining them with her own memories of Noah’s possession of Isobel, then turning them into nightmares. A worried Liz sends Rosa to now big brother Kyle to have her head examined. He discovers that Max healed all of Rosa’s afflictions. Her injuries from the accident are gone and she shows no signs of ever having done drugs.

Isobel continues to sense Noah’s presence and can’t understand why, when the ghost she wants to be haunted by is Max. They always had a psychic connection in life, so why does she have a psychic connection to Noah in death?

Max’s body is in Rosa’s pod, since Isobel can’t accept that Max, her other half, is gone. Michael uses an ultrasound machine to show Isobel that Max had a massive heart attack due to damage that he incurred during the season 1 finale battles with Noah, not just from bringing Rosa back. His heart is so damaged that there’s no way to repair it.

Liz is going through the Roswell version of bipolar disorder: should she mourn her dead alien boyfriend or should she become a modern day Dr. Frankenstein in order to bring him back to life? You get exactly one guess as to which she chooses.

After discovering that Rosa is dreaming about Max’s memories and her alien handprint is still glowing, weeks after Max brought her back, Liz figures out that Rosa and Max’s brains are psychically connected. The connection is keeping Max’s brain alive, which gives Liz a reason to create a plan to save him.

Liz, Kyle and Michael decide to use Noah’s heart as a transplant for Max. They discover that Alex’s brother, Flint (Kyle has Papa Jesse Manes in a medically induced coma), has already seized Noah’s body from the morgue and is on his way to Area 51. Liz and Rosa are driving on the same highway, since they had intended to leave town when they thought there was no hope of saving Max. Instead, Rosa runs Flint’s van off the road and they snatch Noah’s body.

Fun Fact: I-40 is nowhere near Roswell. Get a map, show.

Liz, Kyle and Michael do an alien autopsy on Noah down in Michael’s bunker lab. Michael explains the differences between alien bodies and humans. Aliens seem to be fully integrated cyborgs, with their tech based on their organic structures, which Liz appreciates. It turns out Noah’s heart is a fixer upper, so Liz will have to invent some new regenerative medicine techniques to restore his heart before they can give it to Max.

Maria, Michael and Alex are all confused about where they stand with each other, so Michael does the honorable thing and finds a rando at the Wild Pony. Maria takes the keys to his truck because she recognizes that this is a cry for help, proving that she’s the one sane person in this threesome. The universe retaliates against her good sense by alien rapturing her mother, who is once again wandering the desert alone at night.

I’d say that she should find a better facility for her mother, but she probably doesn’t have any other options.

That Wild Pony sign is definitely an alien beacon.

Isobel shows her usual reasoning abilities and reacts to Max’s death and being haunted by Noah by going out into the desert and breaking her neighbors’ glass bowls with her mind. She figures that this will eventually turn into a skill that will heal her brother or drive Noah out of her mind.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. Michael stops trying to get her to understand words and takes her to the ultrasound machine.

The triple whammy of Max’s lost heart, her lost connection to him, and the fact that she’s hearing Noah instead of Max is finally too much, in addition to putting up with her mother’s presence throughout Noah’s funeral. Isobel gives up and decides to hold a one-woman vigil for Max in the cave.

One woman and one alien ghost. After several hours alone with Noah’s presence, Max’s pod and the ultrasound machine, Isobel has a brainstorm and does an ultrasound of her belly.

Yep. Isobel and Noah’s ghost are expecting a baby! Time to go on a mission to find that copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Alien that the Manes Men have been hoarding for 75 years!

But we’re not finished yet. Max breaks into Rosa’s dream and knocks Noah out with his lightning. He tells Rosa that she has to tell Liz not to bring him back to life, no matter what.

Actual Zombie Max Evans
Actual Zombie Max Evans

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Finding out everything there is to know about alien reproduction sounds like a good bonding mission for the turbulent threesome of Michael, Maria and Alex. I know those crazy kids can make this thing work out. Michael doesn’t know what to do without a boy and a girl to bounce between. Separate households will need to be maintained.

The baby’s stem cells will no doubt play a role in Liz’s cure for Max and how Isobel decides to handle the pregnancy.

Lily Cowles stole every scene that Isobel was in, but the funeral and the scenes at the house afterward were the best. It takes some talent to upstage Claudia Black.

Isobel’s funeral outfit was simply fabulous. I look forward to the episode where she and Rosa realize they’ve been the same person all along and try to wear each other’s clothes. Then they both realize that they’re actually kind of in love with Noah and demand that Liz, Kyle and Michael get him out of their heads and into their beds. If she can’t worship his ashes, Isobel needs to worship some part of him!!

Noah was a terrible person but an amazing character and I want him back, in the flesh. He’s going to be a baby daddy!!! He needs his heart! They can take a road trip to Area 51. I’m sure there are lots of pickled hearts up there that Max could use. Or Liz can build a heart for him out of a piece of the ship.

Clearly Claudia Black must be told everything immediately and stay on forever. She has extensive experience in these matters and will be very helpful. Plus, she was an epidemiologist in Containment, so Roswell should hire her right away before the coronavirus hits town. We don’t know how it will affect the aliens. Max, Isobel and Noah’s conditions are all very delicate.

Michael would have gotten much further, much faster in his research if he’d brought a biochemist on board sooner. It seems strange that he never compared his own blood and biology to the alien tech.

I’m so proud of Michael for the speech he made to Alex about the way Alex has pushed him away then called him back, over and over. I have this in my life with relatives and at some point you have to be the strong one who stops the madness. This is the reason I don’t support their relationship as currently written. They have deep love and chemistry, but an unhealthy dynamic. Sometimes people can change that, sometimes they can’t.

So far, they are both perpetuating the same patterns and neither should be in a relationship with anyone. Michael left Alex and purposely took his pain out on Maria. She’s healthy enough to recognize what he’s doing, but I don’t think she should subject herself to someone who’s using her the way he did in this episode. I was glad that she stopped him from driving, then walked away without engaging him any further. Let him cry on another shoulder if hurting her first is the price of emotional intimacy.

I feel bad for Maria, since she has a lot on her shoulders and no one to share it with. Her messed up friends put her in danger but lie to her about it; use her and abandon her; and keep secrets from her that she has the right to know. It’s about time that she was brought in on what’s really going on, so that she can reunite with her bestie Rosa and figure out the truth about her mom.

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