A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: In Which Diana and Matthew Have Unexpected Family Reunions

In episode 5, Matthew and Diana continue to work with Chris and Miriam to analyze creature DNA. Father Hubbard returns Jack to them, with mixed results. After Benjamin reappears, Matthew agrees to form a scion.


The episode begins with modern day Father Andrew Hubbard (Paul Rhys) kneeling in his church while doing a little light devotional reading. Hubbard recognizes Benjamin Fuchs’ (Jacob Ifan) footsteps as he approaches from behind. He says he told Benjamin never to darken his door again. Benjamin won’t leave until he gets what he came for (not “who,” though he’s referring to a vampire). Andrew says he hasn’t seen the person in question in months. Benjamin is sure he’ll show up sooner or later and orders Andrew to inform him when that happens. As Benjamin walks away, Andrew whispers, “Why can’t you just leave him alone, Benjamin?” Since Benjamin is a vampire, he hears the whisper, but ignores it.

At Imperial College, Miriam (Aiysha Hart) tells Matthew (Matthew Goode) that they’ve identified about 100 vampire genes and have about 400 more to analyze, but the work is more complex than they originally believed. It would take Chris (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Miriam years to complete by themselves, so they want to bring in more help. Matthew wants the work done in time to help the twins in case they inherit blood rage.

Down in the parking garage, another car blocks Matthew and Diana (Teresa Palmer) from leaving. Father Hubbard gets out and reminds Diana that she left something with him in the 16th century, which he is now returning. Matthew and Diana’s foster son, Jack (Toby Regbo), now a vampire who appears to be young man in his 20s, gets out of the car. Diana recognizes him the second she sees him.

Back at Diana’s house, Jack explains that Father Hubbard turned him when he was about to die from the plague. Andrew couldn’t bear to let him die. Matthew is, of course, angry. Before leaving the 16th century, he made his own arrangements for how Jack would live out his human life. Andrew scoffs at the way Matthew left Jack in the dark about what was really happening and expected him to be satisfied with being foisted off onto one of Matthew’s friends. Jack was heartbroken at the loss of a second set of parents and spent the rest of his human life searching for signs of Diana and Matthew’s return to London.

Matthew believes Jack couldn’t understand what he was choosing before Andrew turned him, but in reality he understood better than most. After watching Jack desperately search for his missing parents for years, Andrew told Jack the truth, that they had timewalked back to the future and had no plans to return to their past. When Jack became a vampire, he understood that it was a way to eventually see his parents again. Diana, who lost her own parents as a child and hated leaving Jack behind, sympathizes with Jack’s story.

Matthew is, once again, angry, as if timewalking is some future technology Andrew revealed to Jack instead of a form of magic that was more common in the 16th century than today. And as if he and Diana were so incredibly stealth about their time travel and magical adventures when Jack, an intelligent, observant child, lived in their household.

Diana takes the fall and admits that she gave Andrew a single drop of her own blood in exchange for his promise to take care of Jack. Andrew honored their arrangement for more than 400 years. He throws Matthew’s callous treatment of Jack in his face, then leaves.

What Andrew actually asked of Diana was that she become a member of his flock, as was expected of every creature who lived within the London city limits, except the de Clermonts. Andrew would drink a little blood from the candidate as part of the ritual for acceptance into the flock. This allowed him to see their memories and decide if they were someone he should allow to live within the city limits or if they would cause too much trouble. Because of his guidance, all three species lived and worked together peacefully for hundreds of years without interference from the Congregation. Diana cheated him a bit by only allowing him one drop of blood, which meant he only saw one or two of her memories, but he let her get away with it and still honored their agreement.

The de Clermonts don’t like Andrew because they don’t think they should have to follow anyone’s rules but their own. That doesn’t mean he deserves their low opinion.

Matthew and Diana retreat to their bedroom, where he yells that by giving Andrew her blood, she could have revealed his secrets in addition to her own. In other words, he doesn’t actually care what she revealed about herself. He thinks she was stupid and through her blood told Andrew too much about him- that’s what matters. Deep down, he still doesn’t trust her or think much of her.

Diana: “Hubbard couldn’t let Jack die. Could you?”

Matthew: “I chose to die as a human rather than live without my wife or son!”

Matthew expected Jack to give up on life and die as quickly as possible after he lost them- in a sense, this was Benjamin all over again. He took in Jack, lavished him with attention so that Jack came to think of him as a father, then willingly abandoned him, expecting him to die.

Diana: “Do you wish you had?”

Matthew: “No. Because I would never have met you and now I have a chance to be a father again.”

Diana: “That’s exactly what Jack has. Another chance to have a family. With us.”

Matthew’s Intentional Leap Confirmed

Yikes. That was a major reveal. The books strongly hint that Matthew jumped off the church and his behavior strongly suggests severe depression, but this is the first time in canon he’s admitted he was trying to take his own life. (I wrote as if it was canon in my comments last week because it’s always seemed so clear to me, so it’s good to have this confirmed.)

Diana, as usual, barely notices the billboard-sized red flags surrounding her husband.

Ysabeau told Diana that Blanca, his human wife, was Matthew’s true mate. She didn’t think he’d ever get over her and Lucas, his human son. I suspect Diana equates these losses with her feelings about the loss of her parents and doesn’t understand how visceral ancient wounds remain for vampires. Look at how deeply Fernando still grieves Hugh after 700 years. Matthew’s survivor’s guilt and depression aren’t going anywhere and they are going to be a factor in how he relates to the twins.

Plus, there are hints that Matthew didn’t understand what Ysabeau was offering him before she turned him and he regrets his choice. That regret may continue to fester over time and turn into resentment toward Diana. He’s eventually turned on every previous woman he’s been romantically involved with and killed some of them, which he and Hamish discussed in season 1 episode 2.

Now we’re learning he’s repeatedly created father-son situations, then abandoned the son figure. I won’t spoil the storyline of Time’s Convert, the fourth book, which tells Marcus’ history, but I’m confident in saying this is a pattern for Matthew. The rest of the family are used to picking up the pieces from the messes he leaves behind.

Peter Knox (Owen Teale) sits in his office in Venice, which has a gorgeous rose stained glass window, and reminisces about finding an old grimoire in Bohemia. But then he tosses it aside, resentfully telling Satu (Malin Buska) that the book is from a time when witches had more power and the spells no longer work. More importantly, while in Bohemia he also found a letter from the 16th century daemon Edward Kelley about the missing pages from the Book of Life. Kelley confesses to tearing the pages out and sending them to three different recipients. Peter plans to find the pages and then the book.

Satu realizes he wants her to help him. Peter pulls out the carved stone ball he uses to focus spells and begins to tell her she owes him everything so she has to help him. Satu waves her hand and sends his stone ball out through the center of the stained glass.

Satu: “I owe you nothing. You can’t control me. I am a Weaver.”

Peter quotes Meridiana’s prophecy from season 1: “Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and of the wolf, for she will destroy the children of the night.”

Peter wants her help even more now, reminding Satu that she can’t trust Gerbert. Satu thinks the prophesied witch is her instead of Diana. She doesn’t trust Peter or Gerbert, who are both just two men obsessed with power. As she walks out, she magically throws him against his desk.

Peter and his gang murdered Diana’s parents because Stephen was a weaver. Satu needs to be careful.

Discovery of Witches S3Ep2 Diana & Jack 1Discovery of Witches S3Ep2 Diana & Matthew 1Discovery of Witches S3Ep2 SatuDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 PeterDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 Marcus & Phoebe

Marcus (Edward Bluemel) finds Phoebe (Adelle Leonce) researching the whereabouts of the contents of John Dee’s library. Diana sent the Book of Life back to him before she returned to the present. They hope that one of the missing pages was hidden somewhere inside one of his books at a later date. Over the centuries his library has been scattered all over the world. Phoebe is looking for the current locations of the volumes on alchemy and magic for Diana.

John Dee was the Queen’s astrologer in the 16th century who Diana and Matthew met in season 2 episode 3. The daemon Edward Kelley stole the Book of Life from him in Bohemia. Matthew and Diana went to Prague on the pretense of finding the book and Kelley and returning them both to London, but they couldn’t pry Kelley away from Emperor Rudolf. Diana sent the Book of Life back to John Dee after her father timewalked to the 16th century and told her not to bring it back to the present (season 2 episode 10).

While Phoebe talks, Marcus flops down on their bed. Sensing his mood, she sits next to him and says that she thinks Matthew feels guilty about Jack.

Marcus: “He’s a 6th century patriarch. Vampire families are held together with obedience and discipline.”

Phoebe: “Yeah, well, Diana’s a 21st century witch. Something’s going to have to change.”

Matthew’s Death Wish Part 2

To be clear, Marcus wasn’t agreeing that Matthew feels guilty. He’s explaining Matthew’s anger toward Diana. And Phoebe says that he’ll need to get over it if he’s going to be with a modern woman. To some extent, this conversation is meant as foreshadowing. But the issue isn’t really that Matthew is an ancient vampire. Though Phoebe is right, it’s hard to imagine the family continuing as they are right now, with Matthew’s death wish so close to the surface.

Matthew’s acceptance that Jack survived does not equate to guilt over the decision he made a few weeks ago that it would be best if Jack died as quickly as possible. As far as Matthew knew, Jack had served his purpose in Matthew’s life. Matthew assumed that the rest of Jack’s life would be spent in suffering of one kind or another, so there was no use in prolonging it- the same thinking he’s applied to his own and Benjamin’s life and that Philippe used to convince Matthew to perform a mercy killing on him.

In Matthew’s view, life is nothing but pain and there’s no way to end the pain but death. His unacknowledged depression and suicidal ideations were manipulated to turn him into the family assassin. Because of his own death wish, he doesn’t care if he dies trying to kill someone else and he’s apathetic about the deaths of others, sometimes even envying them.

In season 1, when Matthew and Diana got together, he told her with satisfaction that now his life had a beginning, a middle and an end, because he would choose to die when she dies in a few decades. In this episode he told Diana that the path he chose for Jack was the path he chose for himself when he was human, but vampires denied both him and Jack peaceful deaths, granting eternal life and pain instead.

Matthew pokes his head into the room where Jack sits and sketches to say that he and Diana are leaving to meet with Chris and Miriam at the university. Gallowglass (Steven Cree) and Fernando (Olivier Hubert) will babysit while they’re gone. When Matthew notices the sketches that cover the table, Jack tells him that drawing helps him think- or stop thinking, whichever is necessary at the time.

He asks why Matthew didn’t want him to become a vampire. Matthew doesn’t answer, just glances at a few drawings, then drops them. Jack keeps talking, in a bid to regain the parental interest he remembers Matthew lavishing on him in the 16th century, a few weeks ago in Matthew’s time. But to Matthew, he was little more than a pet, another temporary human he’d enjoy for a while but knew he’d soon leave behind. Diana is the one who took Jack into her heart.

Jack tells him that when he was near death, his life felt unfinished and he knew that becoming a vampire would give him the chance to see Matthew and Diana again. Matthew looks like a predator and sounds insincere when he says he’s glad Jack is there and they have a lot to catch up on. He glances down at the drawings, giving the impression that he doesn’t approve of Jack’s life.

Jack suggests they start over with a clean slate. Matthew grunts and closes Jack in the room as he leaves. Jack opens up his sketch book, revealing the stolen miniature portraits and continues with the drawing he’s creating from them.

They were rightfully his portraits. Matthew and Diana gave them to him just before they left for France at the end of season 2 episode 3. The mystery is how he lost them and they ended up in the auction house where Marcus and Phoebe met (season 2 episode 4).

Miriam and Chris explain that in addition to being understaffed, they don’t have enough genetic samples from Matthew’s bloodline to establish how blood rage is inherited. They need more than Matthew, Marcus and Ysabeau’s DNA. Miriam suggests that Marcus go to New Orleans and convince his children and grandchildren to provide samples. For once, Matthew agrees without arguing and says he’ll talk to Marcus.

Chris announces that he intends to share the data they already have with his students while they’re waiting for the new samples. Matthew obviously disagrees with this and can’t resist arrogantly throwing insults in with his objections. It’s not like Chris is doing him a favor or anything.

Then Matthew goes on a rant, explaining to Chris that the Germans tortured and killed his father during World War 2 because he was a vampire and Chris could never understand the danger and pain involved with being hunted and hated for who you are.

Yeah, the wealthy, white guy who’s also a literal predator/serial killer actually went there. It’s like he thinks the Germans only persecuted Philippe, no one else. As I said last time, he’s a vampire supremacist.

Chris, who’s been dealing with this shizz his whole life, answers with a grace few of us would have: “I’m a Black man from Alabama. Believe me, I understand what humans are capable of! Now, my team here are not the wrong hands. You’re not going to be able to keep the existence of creatures away from humans for much longer. You’re one autopsy, one genetic counseling session, one home DNA-testing kit away from being outed. Now who do you want to have that information?”

Since Miriam and Diana agree with Chris, Matthew is outvoted. Chris is also inarguably right. All it will take is one accidental daemon or witch child who doesn’t know what they are and who’s missed by the Congregation. Realistically, it would have happened 20 or more years ago during prenatal testing, since daemons can be spontaneously born to humans.

Later, Jack and Gallowglass work on motorcycles together in the garage in Diana’s house. Jack happily tells Gallowglass that though he was worried Matthew and Diana wouldn’t recognize him, Diana knew who he was the second she saw him. They both agree that she’s just like they remember her.

Baldwin sneaks up behind Jack enters the garage unexpectedly and asks to see Matthew and Diana. Gallowglass moves between him and Jack, then asks if something’s wrong.

It seems odd that Baldwin (Peter McDonald) would show up unannounced and come in through the back alley rather than the front door. Maybe a spy told him they were fraternizing with daemons and witches again or maybe he just decided to check up on them and have an enforcement session.

Baldwin asks who Jack is, then orders him to get out of the house, NOW. Gallowglass nods in affirmation that Jack should listen to Baldwin, so he obediently walks toward the door. As he passes, Baldwin notices that he belongs to Father Hubbard and calls him a stray. Jack keeps walking. Then Baldwin says, “It’s family only in this house.”

Jack is family twice over, through Matthew’s bloodline and by adoption as Diana and Matthew’s son- but he doesn’t have a blood vow singing from his forehead the way Diana does. He doesn’t know who Baldwin is and they aren’t related by blood, only custom. Gallowglass could have introduced Jack, but he probably didn’t think it was his place.

Baldwin’s rejection, after Jack’s waited centuries to be openly accepted back into the family, sets off his blood rage. He jumps on Baldwin’s back and bites him in the neck the way an attacking animal would. Baldwin pulls him off and throws him on the garage floor.

Diana and Matthew are lying on top of their bed, still discussing the decision to share creature DNA with Chris’ students. Matthew tells her they’re asking him to go against 1500 years of survival instincts and the reason Philippe created the Covenant in the first place. Diana says Philippe also believed that “the only reliable thing in the world is change.”

They’re interrupted by the noise from Baldwin and Jack’s confrontation and rush to the garage. Baldwin accuses them of concealing Jack from him. He’s holding Jack, who’s still in the thick of blood rage, by the scruff of the neck, forcing him to kneel. Matthew encourages Jack to calm down and look at him. Jack begs Matthew to claim him in front of Baldwin. This outrages Baldwin even further. He roars that he’s the head of the family, not Mathew and he’ll get Jack under control. He bites Jack’s neck and drinks his blood as a punishment and to steal his memories. He sees Jack’s childhood memories of Matthew and Diana and his memories of committing the blood rage murders.

Baldwin stands back up, but before he can speak Diana magically removes a chain from a lamp and wraps it around his neck, pulling it tight. “Take your hands off my son.”

The chain continues to tighten. Even with his vampire strength, Baldwin can’t budge it.

Who’s the head of the family now?

Matthew is now the most reasonable person in the room, a very scary situation indeed in a negotiation between three people who won’t stand down. But he understands and does well with out of control people. That’s why some of his best friends are daemons.

Matthew half begs, half commands Baldwin to let Jack go. After a minute, Baldwin does. Then Matthew explains that Jack belongs to them and insists that he’ll deal with further punishment. He asks Diana to release Baldwin. She takes her time, but snaps her fingers to loosen the chain.

Discovery of Witches S3Ep2 ChrisDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 Gallowglass & JackDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 Jack & BaldwinDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 Diana

Diana rushes to Jack, who’s huddled up against a wall, but the vampires yell at her to stay away from him while he’s still in a blood rage. Baldwin barks out that he saw in Jack’s blood that he’s the blood rage killer. He pulls the photos from Domenico’s file from his jacket pocket and waves them in the air, shouting that Jack is responsible for this slaughter. Then he drops the papers on the floor next to Diana.

Matthew and Diana are stunned. She asks Jack if it’s true. Wide-eyed, he tries to deny it or say he doesn’t remember doing it. Baldwin blames Matthew for protecting Jack and tells him he knows what he needs to do.

Matthew kneels on the floor and disavows the son he just claimed: “Monsieur, I promise you, I had no knowledge of Jack’s blood rage.”

Baldwin: “Brother, this could ruin our family. Kill him.”

Matthew: “God help me.”

Matthew stands up and looks Baldwin in the eye. Baldwin tells him to do it, as in right now, in his role as family assassin. In the past, Matthew killed dozens, maybe hundreds, of vampires with blood rage, including his own grandchildren and great grandchildren.

During moments like this, Matthew seems to almost go into a submissive trance, where he just lets the familiar vampire traditions and his own role in the family buoy him along, while he dissociates. We saw Philippe work him into a frenzy, then bring him down into this state in season 2- that’s how Baldwin learned the technique. This nihilistic submission is almost worse than blood rage and based on Matthew’s history, he alternated between the two for centuries, acting very much like Juliette Durand, his long-term lover. It’s his default state if he doesn’t have someone to protect or a project to engage his mind and hands.

Matthew steps toward Jack. The younger man’s blood rage reignites and he disappears into the street. Diana and Gallowglass stood together to watch Matthew give in to Baldwin’s demands. Now Gallowglass tries to follow Jack, but he’s too fast. Diana repeatedly tells Matthew not to kill Jack, turning it into a question on the final repetition. He doesn’t respond.

Missing Pieces

It feels like we skip a scene here, where Diana kicks Baldwin out of her house and tells him to call first before the next time he stops by or his welcome won’t be as friendly as it was this time. Then she wraps the chain around Matthew’s neck and tells him he works for her now, not Baldwin, so no, he won’t be killing Jack. And reminds him that Jack is her son, so if he’s going to continue being her husband, he’d better get with the program.

Then they’d figure out what to do about the out of control progeny. In a household full of monsters, where Dad is the family assassin, the vampires regularly hunt humans, and the witches’ family have been hunted by humans, how much do six more dead humans matter? Asking for a friend.

The issue, for creatures, isn’t that humans are dead. Humans are a different species and have no issue with killing creatures, so creatures feel the same about them. It’s that these are particularly sensational crime scenes and the murder spree has caught the interest of the public and the Congregation. Jack broke all the rules that keep the creatures’ presence quiet and allow vampires to hunt humans without getting caught. On top of that, he made it obvious that he has blood rage, which puts everyone who shares his bloodline at risk.

Matthew and Diana confront Andrew about Jack’s blood rage. He explains that Jack didn’t want them to know and he hoped Jack could maintain his control well enough that they’d never find out, the way Matthew did with Marcus for more than 200 years.

Jack’s blood rage is very much like Matthew’s, and many other chronic illnesses- if he avoids stress and lives a healthy lifestyle, he’s able to keep the symptoms under control.

Let’s recall that last episode Matthew screamed at Marcus that family members should only be told about blood rage on a need to know basis. Since Marcus didn’t need to know even after the culling of most of his children and grandchildren, the blood rage murders of a few warmbloods shouldn’t matter to Matthew.

But what Matthew really wants to know is who Jack inherited blood rage from, so he knows who to blame (and kill). As far as he knows he murdered everyone else with the condition centuries ago, except for himself and Benjamin (who he hasn’t been able to find and kill). Andrew admits that Benjamin is his sire, solving a longstanding mystery.

Andrew was a parish priest in 1349 when the plague wiped out his entire congregation. He buried them, then dug a grave for himself and climbed in. He waited to die, but instead he was brought back to life by Benjamin, who hoped he’d have blood rage and join his schemes against the de Clermonts. He’s only a carrier and avoids Benjamin’s plots.

Diana asks why Andrew brought Jack to them now, which should be clear already- Jack could rejoin them now without altering history. But let’s pretend that Andrew is a schemer too.

He tells them when Benjamin made contact with him again after a long time, he realized Jack has blood rage and is easily led. He could use Jack for his plots against the de Clermonts the way he’d wanted to use Andrew, by feeding Jack’s blood rage and turning it into a sadistic addiction. He convinced Jack to go along with his plans by telling him that this is what Matthew would want from his son. This was how Jack needed to prove he was worthy of being part of Matthew’s family.

Diana: “And you couldn’t stop him?”

Andrew: “Oh, I tried, Diana. but I have many lost souls in my flock to take care of and I was Jack’s sire, but I wasn’t his father. He promised me. He said, “I will not kill,” so many times. But it was like an addiction.”

Matthew: “It is an addiction if it isn’t controlled. And Benjamin would have been far too strong for him.”

Andrew: “You’re my last hope for him, Matthew.”

The Never-Ending de Clermont Daddy Issues

Andrew is Jack’s father. He denies it for the benefit of Matthew’s ego.

In this scene, Andrew sounds like the parent of an out of control teenager or young adult who’s tried everything to help their child but can’t compete with outside influences. He’s run out of options and is on the verge of losing his child. Even death seems possible. Turning Jack over to Matthew for reeducation is the only choice he has left.

Andrew is a humble, self-deprecating man and he needs Matthew’s help, so he doesn’t take the credit he deserves for raising Jack and keeping him safe. In reality, he’s been a working single parent to Jack for more than 400 years. Benjamin swooped in fairly recently (sometime after Philippe died) and played on Jack’s pride and ignorance, in addition to his blood rage, using Matthew’s reputation as a killer to goad Jack into imitating him.

Since Jack desperately wants to be acknowledged as a de Clermont, Benjamin was able to exploit the fact that Andrew has never placed importance on his own vampire lineage. Andrew understands that the only way to bring Jack back into the fold is to give him what he craves, acceptance from Matthew, the man he sees as the patriarch of their line. Since Andrew isn’t selfish, he also always intended to reunite Jack with Diana and Matthew when they came back from the 1590s. Jack’s need to be acknowledged as an official member of the family adds a layer of urgency.

The way Baldwin imperiously makes the distinction between who’s a hanger on and who’s legitimate family should make it clear why Jack craves being acknowledged as part of Matthew’s bloodline and as his adopted son. As a twice orphaned street urchin since the 1590s, Jack wants ironclad protection against losing his family again.

Remember when Peter Knox killed one of Diana’s mothers and nobody sought #justiceforEm because Baldwin told them not to? Funny how often they can disobey him when Daddy/son issues and depressed men are involved. But why would we focus on the witches and women in a show called A Discovery of Witches?

Back at home, Diana reiterates that Jack is their son and they need to help him, not kill him. Matthew reiterates that Jack should die, because Matthew thinks everyone should die. He longs to end his own Jack’s suffering and bring him peace. Plus Jack has put the rest of the family at risk.

Welcome to parenthood, Matthew. Wait until you have twins whose noses never stop running from October through April. They’re like little plague machines.

Sarah (Alex Kingston) tells him he’s being stupid and a drama queen, as usual, since Chris is working on a cure for blood rage. Matthew dismisses the potential cure and goes straight to his worst case scenario of someone else killing Jack instead of him. He wants to kill Jack and he wants to do it now. His reasoning is that he won’t torture Jack as much as someone else will.

He’s screaming at Diana and Sarah now, so “reasoning” may be the wrong word.

At this point I finally realize that this goes beyond blood rage and depression and into psychopathy. Matthew is a serial killer who can’t stop himself from murdering someone periodically and Philippe made him the family assassin to channel those urges. He’s Dexter, vampire edition. I begin to wonder if he murdered his human wife and son before trying to off himself.

Fernando leans against the wall silently, but gives Matthew the hard side eye.

Matthew claims that he’d have to disobey Baldwin to save Jack, which would be insanity. “This is a war that we cannot win.”

As he leaves the room, assuming that as patriarch he’s spoken the last word on the subject, Sarah rolls her eyes so hard they practically get stuck in the back of her head. Diana says, “A father protects his children. Where are you going?” “To find Jack.”

He can openly defy Baldwin and the Congregation on any other matter except when it comes to killing his descendants. Then he jumps to obey.

Discovery of Witches S3Ep2 Andrew HubbardDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 FernandoDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 SarahDiscovery of Witches S3Ep2 Phoebe & Marcus 2

Phoebe is surprised that the normally gregarious Marcus is spending so much time alone in his room. He tells her that Matthew has gone out hunting Marcus’ brother, Jack and it’s bringing back memories of his worst trauma. When Phoebe is confused that Matthew intends to kill a member of his own family, Marcus explains that blood-raged vampires are immediately killed in order to stop them from exposing vampires’ existence to humans. Because Marcus is a carrier, the Congregation once sent Matthew to kill Marcus’ entire clan in New Orleans. Matthew left only a few of Marcus’ children and grandchildren alive, the ones who were carriers like him.

Marcus doesn’t mention that Matthew was also supposed to kill him or that he only learned the truth about why Matthew murdered his children recently, when Ysabeau finally told him. At the time of the culling Matthew gaslighted him with an excuse about Marcus making too many children.

Matthew locates Jack hiding under a bridge, his blood rage barely under control. Jack says he knows Matthew is going to kill him and he understands. But as Matthew speeds toward him, Jack holds out the miniatures like a talisman. He tells Matthew that he killed a man to steal them back, since they were all that was left of Matthew and Diana. He didn’t know that becoming a vampire would give him blood rage. When he realized he had the disease he wanted to die, but Philippe told him to wait for Matthew.

Bingo. Said the magic word. Philippe trumps Baldwin.

Jack slumps to the ground, kneeling in obedience, but making it look casual. This is a stroke of genius, because it also ensures that Matthew sees him as a boy who needs forgiveness rather than a threatening man.

Philippe told Jack that Matthew would teach him to control himself. Maybe he also told Jack how to win Matthew over, because Jack plays self-loathing and lets Matthew decide to save him.

Jack: “He can’t have known how evil I would become.”

Matthew: “The boy I knew in Blackfriars had no evil in him whatsoever.”

Jack’s incredulous eyeroll outdoes Sarah’s. At ten, he was a con artist, card cheat and master thief. He’s still got Matthew’s number.

Jack coyly says he’s not the boy Matthew knew. Matthew takes a step toward him and Jack says he won’t fight back. But he moves backward as Matthew continues moving forward. Finally, Matthew stops and crouches down, looking Jack in the eye. He tells Jack that he’s done a lot of things that are wrong, many that weren’t considered wrong in the past but are now, then repeats what Diana said earlier about Philippe and change.

Diana waits outside for them when they get home. She hugs Jack.

Inside, Fernando gives Jack a spare shirt to replace the bloodstained one he’s still wearing. Jack mentions that Matthew said Fernando helped him learn to control his blood rage. Fernando says he taught Matthew to pause and reflect rather than letting the blood rage control him, but learning control isn’t easy or quick.

As Jack leaves the room, Gallowglass adds that Diana would do anything for Jack. Once Jack is gone, Fernando tells Gallowglass not to let Matthew know about his feelings for Diana. Gallowglass replies that Philippe ordered him to watch over Diana. He’s kept her safe for her entire life. Fernando argues that Diana doesn’t need Gallowglass anymore now that she has Matthew.

Fernando: “One day, perhaps soon, Gallowglass, you will have to walk away from her.”

Gallowglass: “I know. But not today.” 💔 😭 🐉

Have we learned nothing from Matthew’s willingness to kill anyone and everyone?

And who decided it’s okay to break Gallowglass’ heart?

Fernando views Matthew and Diana’s unconventional marriage as another version of his union with Hugh. Any threat to their marriage will feel like a threat to unconventional creature matings, especially because Matthew and Diana’s marriage is so public. He’s sworn to protect them as the test case that’s meant to end the Covenant.

I would like to think that Fernando, as Hugh’s mate, is also being protective of Gallowglass, Hugh’s son, but in the books it’s made clear that his first loyalty is to Matthew. He views Gallowglass as too loyal to Philippe, while he sees Matthew as another of Philippe’s victims, like himself and Hugh.

What matters is that Philippe assigned Gallowglass as a bodyguard who would protect Diana and her children with his life for good reasons. She has many deadly enemies and needs all the protection she can get. Fernando doesn’t know Matthew as well as he thinks he does and he doesn’t know Diana at all. And he has no understanding of how vulnerable infants are.

Gerbert (Trevor Eve) meets with Domenico (Gregg Chilingirian) in Venice to discuss the de Clermont pedigree and their family secrets. He wants to know if Domenico can be trusted. Domenico points out that Gerbert is the one who can’t be trusted. He made Domenico part of his attack on the de Clermonts during the last Congregation meeting without discussing it first.

Domenico starts to say that he doesn’t want to be part of Gerbert’s schemes anymore, but he’s interrupted by Benjamin, who’s as overbearing as Philippe and Matthew. Domenico is shocked to see him, since he thought the other man was dead. Gerbert greets Benjamin warmly, then tells Domenico that they’re preparing to reveal themselves to Matthew.

Matthew lies on the bedroom floor, leaning against the bed. He watches while his very pregnant wife slides down to join him, instead of making her life easier by getting up on the bed for them to comfortably lounge together.

It’s the little things that tell you who a husband really is.

Diana thanks him for not killing their son.

This is what I mean. He says, “You’re welcome,” as if he did her a favor.

Then he tells her he’s going to New Orleans to convince Marcus’ kids to join his scion. Diana thinks forming a scion is the only way to change things. He sees it as taking responsibility for his bloodline.

Those sound like two different goals. His goal sounds like it could end in more murder.

He tells her he’ll take Marcus with him- as if anyone in New Orleans would speak to him without Marcus there. And Jack, so he doesn’t kill anyone else in London. They are sad that they’ll have to be apart for a while.

Matthew has one other task to accomplish before he leaves. This is really all about him, but Diana can tag along.

Chris’ lab is filled with students and a DNA profile is displayed on a big screen. He asks the students to focus on chromosome 24, known as CC. Then he reminds the students that they’ve all signed nondisclosure agreements.

Matthew moves forward and reveals that CC stands for Creature Chromosome. This is his DNA. He tells the students that he’s a vampire and debunks the popular myths. He hopes this collaboration is the beginning of humans accepting creatures. Then he introduces Miriam as a vampire and Diana as a witch. The class has questions.

While Marcus packs his bag for New Orleans, Phoebe asks how many children he has left there. Five out of twenty children survived the culling, plus some of his grandchildren. Although they won’t like that he’s brought Matthew, he assures her that he’ll be fine and he has to do this.

At the airport, Matthew asks Marcus for his support. Marcus tells him to fulfill his promises and finish what they’ve started- find a cure for blood rage, form a scion and help get the Covenant repealed. Then Marcus will forgive Matthew for the murders and the secrets and he’ll give his allegiance to the new scion so they can live without Baldwin policing their every move.

Matthew gets a call from Benjamin, who tells him to check his email. Matthew, Marcus and Jack all watch the video Benjamin sent, which shows Benjamin coercing Jack into committing 2 blood rage murders. He tells Jack that he needs to do this to prove he’s worthy of Matthew’s respect and love. Benjamin tells Matthew that Jack truly is his child.

Benjamin wants to have a family reunion. He can’t wait to meet Diana.

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If you are interested in Diana’s storyline (yes, she has a rich storyline beyond arguing with Matthew) and in hearing what the female characters have to say, I encourage you to read The Book of Life. Most of it is told from Diana’s perspective. She is surrounded by female characters most of the time. The adapters have chosen to make Matthew and the male storylines the focus of the adaptation, while turning the women into little more than prompts for male action and dialogue. In the book, Diana is an action hero on a treasure hunt and Sarah is a lively sidekick on her adventures.

Andrew’s glasses are for show, since vampires have perfect vision.

After Benjamin realized that Andrew doesn’t have blood rage, he left his vampire child to his own devices. Andrew chose to continue the work with London’s needy that he’d done as a human priest. He switched to working with creatures and kept the identity of his sire a secret. Because he was essentially an orphan, he wasn’t beholden to other vampires. He capitalized on the good will he brought from his human life and gathered the orphaned creatures of London together in a unique mixed species clan that was ahead of its time.

Andrew is the exact opposite of Matthew. He builds community and keeps creatures alive who would otherwise die. Matthew is the angel of death, destroying individuals, families and communities when ordered to do so. While Matthew was given the choice whether to become a vampire after he jumped off the church roof, Andrew lay down in a grave to accept God’s decision over whether he would live or die, then Benjamin made the choice for him. Both men died after losing everyone they cared about. Once they were vampires, Matthew lived like a prince of the powerful, exclusive de Clermont family. Andrew continued to honor the vow of poverty he took as a priest and to take in the sinners and downtrodden among London’s creatures.

Philippe must have known Andrew and Jack’s lineage, otherwise he would have had Jack killed. Philippe knew Andrew because of his prominent position in the London creature world. Maybe Philippe’s network of spies was able to keep better tabs on Benjamin than Matthew was or maybe Andrew was savvy enough to realize it was to his benefit to take Philippe into his confidence about his sire. Through their collaboration, Philippe gained a network of spies in London’s underworld and Andrew gained the secret patronage of the de Clermonts for his flock.

In the book, Matthew gives the Mayfair house to Diana as a wedding present, so I will continue the tradition of referring to it as her house.

King Francis from Reign didn’t die- someone found a vampire priest to make him immortal!

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