A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: In Which Diana And Matthew Welcome Twins

In episode 4, Diana and Sarah seek the help of a local coven to perform a locator spell to aid in their search for the last missing page. Now that they have more blood samples to work with, Chris and Miriam’s research yields some disappointing results, which Miriam shares with Matthew in New Orleans. Everyone returns to London just in time for Diana to go into labor.


Diana (Teresa Palmer) sits on her bed, weaving a spell using the knots Goody Alsop taught her in the 16th century, with her grimoire and a pregnancy book beside her. After a minute she stops to take a break, then heads downstairs, where she runs into Gallowglass (Steven Cree). He watches her with affection as she takes a cup of tea from Fernando (Olivier Huband) and greets Phoebe (Adelle Leonce) and Sarah (Alex Kingston). The two women have been sifting through the hundreds of potential TJ Westons who might own the third page from the Book of Life and are getting frustrated.

Diana wonders if the TJ with the page doesn’t want to be found, so she’s been creating a locator spell. Sarah is intrigued by Diana’s idea, but realizes they’ll need a coven, since it takes several witches to work that type of spell. Phoebe, Gallowglass and Fernando worry that working with a coven will alert Peter Knox (Owen Teale) to their activities, but Diana has come too far to let Peter scare her off.

Fernando finds Gallowglass smoking a cigarette outside and uses the moment alone to push his stepson to move on now that Diana has Matthew (Matthew Goode) to protect her. He says that Gallowglass has fulfilled his promise to Philippe and deserves some happiness of his own. Gallowglass replies that he hasn’t been serving as Diana’s lifelong bodyguard because of Philippe. He’s not sure he deserves happiness. Fernando worries about what will happen if Gallowglass stays.

Fernando seems to be jumping the gun here, since Diana is very pregnant, Matthew is on another continent, and there are so many threats against Diana that I can’t keep track of them. I don’t think he understands what a serious threat Peter Knox is. But he’s right that Matthew will eventually notice Gallowglass’ feelings. If Gallowglass stays, sooner or later Matthew will tear the family apart in a fit of jealousy and blood rage over some perceived misstep by his nephew.

On the other hand, it warms my heart to hear Fernando call Gallowglass “mio figlio”- my child. I don’t remember him showing his mate’s son that much affection in the books. The show has created a nice visual shorthand of the two bodyguards moving in sync and working together that was lacking in the original story.

Meanwhile, Matthew sits on the porch in New Orleans and broods about his centuries of history with family and blood rage. Obviously he doesn’t answer his phone when Miriam (Aiysha Hart) calls, since she’s working on the cure for his vampire disease. What would be the fun in that?

Chris (Ivanno Jeremiah) worked all night confirming his latest research results. Now that he also has Ransome’s (Parker Sawyers) blood sample, he can tell that something in Matthew and Jack’s (Toby Regbo) non-coding human DNA triggered blood rage when it met up with the vampire genetic code. Though vampire genes are brutally dominant, Chris theorizes that they don’t completely replace human DNA.

Chris: “Matthew is a combination of the genetic ingredients he inherited from his human parents, as well as what he inherited from Ysabeau.”

Miriam: “Something in his human DNA reacted with the blood rage in Ysabeau’s.”

Chris: “Matthew possessed the triggers the blood rage gene needed to express itself. This is more complicated than we thought.”

Diana leads Sarah and Gallowglass to the street where she and Matthew lived in the 16th century, hoping to find a friendly coven still living in the area. To help get her bearings, she works a spell that reveals the way the street looked in the past. Her magic draws out the leader of the local coven, Linda Crosby (Shobu Kapoor), who says they’ve been waiting for Diana’s return.

She takes them to the same meeting house where Diana learned from Goody Alsop. Diana and Sarah explain to the gathered witches that they need to finish Diana’s locator spell in order to find a page from the Book of Life. Linda says they’re glad to help. They get to work on the spell.

Gerbert (Trevor Eve) holds a black tie cocktail party in Venice which Satu (Malin Buska), Benjamin (Jacob Ifan) and Domenico (Gregg Chilingirian) attend. Satu quotes Meridiana’s prophecy at Gerbert, “Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the children of the night,” then asks if he thinks it’s about Diana Bishop.

Gerbert: “It must be so exhausting being you, Satu. Can’t you just enjoy yourself for once? Ah, there’s Benjamin. He asked if you’d be attending.”

Gerbert wins the episode. Again. No one is more efficient and clever with words when he eviscerates someone.

Domenico approaches Benjamin and asks if he’s having fun. Benjamin is surprised that there are so many warmbloods at the party. Domenico tells him that Gerbert uses them to help support his collection, so he throws them a crumb occasionally, much the same as Benjamin.

Benjamin spots Satu on the balcony and walks away from Domenico without a word.

He wants to know if Satu has reconsidered his proposal. She tells him that everyone thinks Diana is the powerful witch from the prophecy. She looked inside the other witch and saw that Diana is powerful, but she doesn’t know how to use her magic. Satu believes she’s the witch from the prophecy. She’s powerful and more in control of her magic than Diana. She stands face to face with Benjamin, unafraid.

Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Diana Weaves Locator Spell
Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Phoebe & Diana Search for Timothy
Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Fernando Talks to Gallowglass
Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Satu & Benjamin

Gallowglass sits in the back of the room and watches as Diana leads Sarah and four other witches through the locator spell. They sit at a table and light four large candles. Diana writes TJ Weston in red ink on a piece of parchment. They sprinkle salt in the center of the table, then Diana says, “Salt of earth, show us the land… Missing pages, lost and found, where is Weston on this ground?”

The salt vibrates, the witches’ palms glow with magic and Diana sprinkles some of the salt on the parchment. The ink and salt leave the paper and fly to the center of the table, where they form a map of a neighborhood, then a model of a house. The ink flies back to the parchment and rewrites itself as TJ Weston’s address.

In New Orleans, Jack does finishing work on a cradle while Matthew, Marcus, Ransome and Geraldine (Genesis Lynea) talk nearby on the porch. They speak as though Matthew built the cradles alone, though in the book he and Jack made them together. We’re currently watching Jack work on them alone, while the others compliment Matthew’s skill. No one says anything about Jack.

Miriam arrives and calls Matthew into the house without stopping for small talk. Once inside, she takes him to task for ignoring her attempts at communication for weeks.

Matthew: “Look, I apologize. I have been somewhat preoccupied with the new scion and earning their trust.”

He already has Miriam’s trust, so he no longer needs to treat her with respect. 🤬

Miriam doesn’t bother to ask for a real apology. She goes on to explain that the new blood samples confirm Chris’ theory. In an angry tone, Matthew asks what his theory is.

She should tell him to check his email, but she doesn’t.

Miriam: “Blood rage is a developmental anomaly. There’s a genetic component for sure, but the blood rage gene itself appears to be activated by something in the human non-coding DNA… We believe it manifested when Ysabeau sired you. There might never be a cure. Not for you, not for Jack. Not for the twins if they need one. We’ve been looking in the wrong place this entire time. The answer doesn’t lie with vampires. Our human genes hold the key.”

Diana, Sarah and Gallowglass drive to the Cotswolds to visit TJ Weston. As they walk to the front door, Diana hands Sarah a defensive spell, explaining that she should know how to protect herself, just in case.

Gallowglass knocks on the door, but no one answers. Noticing a racing heartbeat inside and worried the creature is in distress, he prepares to break the door down. Diana decides to try the open side door instead. 🤦🏻‍♀️

They find TJ Weston (Phaldut Sharma) hiding behind a table in a disorganized room full of books and papers. Diana realizes he’s a daemon just as he notices she’s witch and Gallowglass is a vampire. She apologizes for disturbing him and asks for TJ Weston. He claims Timothy Weston isn’t there and asks what she wants with him. She tells him they’re looking for a page from a manuscript they believe Weston owns and explains the page’s history.

Timothy stands up, ready to talk, but still holding a cricket bat, and says he doesn’t want a vampire in the house. Gallowglass agrees to wait outside once Timothy puts down the bat.

Telling them to lock the doors behind them, Timothy leads Diana and Sarah into another room, where he plays piano for them. He tells them that he studied at the Metropolitan Conservatoire, but people always whispered about him. Diana asks if the page is with his papers. He confirms that it has an illustration of a tree, then says he used to look at it all the time. “It’s made from the skin of my ancestors. It’s all the family I have left now. Having it here in this house, it’s like they’re still with me.”

Diana says she’d like to see it. Timothy laughs and says he doesn’t know where it is. Sarah suggests a finding spell, but Timothy doesn’t want magic in the house. He tells them they can’t just take things from him. He wants his things left as they are. Diana assures him that they didn’t intend to force him into anything.

His fears seem like they came from somewhere besides just random mental illness and paranoia. He’s very specific that he doesn’t want witches and vampires entering the house and taking things from him, using their supernatural abilities to coerce him into doing their bidding. That sounds like something the Congregation might order.

Outside, Diana tells Gallowglass that if they take the page from Timothy he won’t have anything left. When Gallowglass offers to try talking to him, Diana assumes he means that he’ll threaten or strong arm the daemon into giving up the page and tells him no, they aren’t the Congregation. Or Matthew.

Gallowglass: “I didn’t mean… Come on. I hope you think better of me than that.”

Since most of the vampires she knows are de Clermonts or the powerful schemers on the Congregation, she thinks all vampires are very much like that, they just hide it better.

She tells him she wants to do this on her own.

On her own, except for the help of literally everyone else in her vicinity, including Gallowglass. Times like this are when I understand why she and Matthew are together and hope Gallowglass finds someone better else. She strolls through this episode like she’s the queen, never considering the wreckage she might leave behind.

Gallowglass decides it’s time to confess that he’s more than just her temporary bodyguard.

Gallowglass: “You don’t think I know? You had that same look of determination on your first day at Yale. Philippe asked me to look out for you.”

Diana: “Look out?”

Gallowglass: “And make sure you made your way to Matthew.”

Diana: “You would’ve waited centuries. He had no right to ask that of you.”

Gallowglass: “Diana, I did it gladly.”

Diana: “I’m so sorry.”

Gallowglass: “No, no. I won’t have you apologize for something that you had no power to prevent. I knew from the off that you were never meant to be mine.”

Diana: “I couldn’t have asked for a better guardian.”

Gallowglass: “Philippe de Clermont always did have an unholy ability to give you a job that you couldn’t refuse.”

Diana: “Thank you.”

He watches her walk to the car.

Gallowglass: “But it would cost you a piece of your soul.” 😭 😭 😭 🕊

Philippe knew that Gallowglass was the one person under his command who would unselfishly take care of Diana, put her needs first, then walk away when it was time, the way someone does when they love someone so much that they only want what’s best for the other person, even if it means they get hurt in the process.

Matthew isn’t capable of the kind of selfless love that Gallowglass has for Diana.

In New Orleans, Matthew continues to sit and brood on the porch. Miriam confronts him, pointing out that his mood isn’t actually about the cure for blood rage. It’s more of his endless, ongoing depression and guilt cycling through his mind. But now he has responsibilities beyond himself that need his attention- a scion, a mate, and two children on the way. He’s mentally stuck on blood rage though, certain that the twins’ lives will be ruined because of it, despite the aristocratic life he’s lived for more than a millennia.

Miriam reassures him the twins might not be vampires, might not have blood rage and even if they do, he and Diana will help them lead fulfilling lives. She says he’s not a failure if he doesn’t find a cure for blood rage, but Diana needs him with her for the twins’ birth. He will have failed if he gives in to his inner demons and continues to hide in New Orleans.

Matthew responds to Miriam’s kick in the pants by calling Baldwin and arranging a meeting.

Diana has Gallowglass drive her to Agatha’s house next. Before she goes inside, she says she glad he told her the truth back at Timothy’s house.

Agatha (Tanya Moodie) is surprised to see Diana, but invites her in. Diana explains that she needs Agatha’s help.

Linda Crosby is still sweeping up salt from the locator spell when Peter Knox arrives at the meeting house in search of Diana. He can feel the signature of Diana’s magic in the room, but Linda refuses to tell him anything, reminding him instead that she’s under Father Hubbard’s protection. He insults Hubbard and dismisses his authority. When Linda points out that Peter has been thrown off the Congregation and no longer has any official power over other creatures, he uses his magic to violently lock her in a cupboard. Then he examines the table and what remains of Diana’s spell, using his own locator spell to discover where she went.

After explaining her dilemma, Diana brings Agatha to Timothy’s house hoping she’ll be able to get through to him about the missing page. He’s as anxious as he was earlier, but he lets them in when he realizes that Agatha is a daemon like him. He asks why she’s helping a witch.

Agatha: “For the same reason that you should be, Timothy. The Book is our chance to prove that daemons matter, too. We’ve faced centuries of prejudice, because no creature or human has even tried to understand us. I know how you have suffered, Timothy, forced into isolation. I share your pain. I had to give up my family because I took a stand against bigotry and ignorance. I do not want to have done that in vain.”

Diana: “Timothy, we need to prove to the Congregation that their cruel and antiquated laws are the reason why creatures are suffering. This page will complete the Book of Life, make it whole again.”

Timothy: “You don’t have to explain, I know exactly who you are. You are the one who will learn how it all began, the blood, the death, the fear. And the one who can put a stop to it, once and for all. I know where it is.”

He goes into the next room and digs the page out from under a pile of papers. Diana says a heartfelt “thank you,” then turns away to study the page more closely. She’s collected all three missing pages and can reassemble the Book of Life once she convinces the library to give it back to her. 🥂 💃 ❤️ 🎇

Agatha tries to continue her conversation with Timothy, but he tells her she doesn’t have to keep pretending, now that she’s gotten what she wants. Agatha assures him that he won’t be alone anymore. There’s a whole community waiting to accept him. He’s not sure he’s ready for that. Agatha says they can take it slow.

Once they’re outside, Agatha vents her anger about daemons like Timothy, who are left isolated and depressed, slowly losing their minds, because the Covenant discourages daemons from congregating. While the Congregation puts its energy into solving the mysteries of why witches are becoming less powerful and vampires are unable to sire new children, daemons languish, suffering from increased mental illness and suicides.

I think the increase in mental illness explains Timothy’s confusing behavior. When Diana visited the first time, the presence of two witches and a vampire triggered him into an episode of his mental illness, which left him too panicky and dissociated to think straight. When she came back with Agatha, he’d already calmed down some. Then the comfort of having a powerful daemon to help if he needed it calmed him down more, allowing him to think clearly and remember where he kept the page and who Diana is.

Diana agrees with Agatha and tells her she wants to repeal the Covenant. They need a revolution- but not today. Right now, she’s going into labor!

Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Diana Gives Sarah Defense SpellDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Timothy WestonDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Gallowglass Confesses to DianaDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Matthew & MiriamDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Timothy Gives Diana the Page

Matthew and Baldwin (Peter McDonald) meet on a wooded hillside, because why wouldn’t they? Baldwin assumes Matthew wants to plead for Jack’s life. Then he reveals that he already knows about Matthew’s plan to form his own scion. Matthew claims that Philippe would approve of his plans to strike out on his own. Baldwin points out that Philippe is gone and Matthew has to deal with him. He could seize Matthew’s assets and lock him out of Sept-Tours if he wanted to. Matthew calls his bluff, telling him to go ahead and do it, claiming he can live on love and an Oxford professor’s salary.

Baldwin changes direction, asking if he’s really going to throw away 1500 years of family history and loyalty for a witch who’ll be dead in 50 years. Matthew hides behind Philippe again, claiming he made a promise in front of Diana and their father that he needs to honor.

Baldwin asks how it was to see Philippe again. Matthew gives him a mysterious half smile and tells him it was, “as you’d expect.”

Baldwin gave Matthew an opening there, but Matthew doesn’t take it. Though Baldwin worshipped Philippe just as much as Matthew and Ysabeau did, Matthew doesn’t provide his brother with any details or even a single anecdote to soothe Baldwin’s aching heart. It’s a particularly cruel moment of sibling rivalry that shows that Matthew can’t bring himself to be kind and generous even when his family’s lives depend on it. Much of season 2 revolved around Matthew’s feelings about seeing Philippe again, so we know he understands what Baldwin is feeling.. He could reveal something to Baldwin as a peace offering.

Not surprisingly, Baldwin tells Matthew that he won’t support the scion. Matthew asks him to respect his decision. Baldwin refuses and walks away.

Matthew’s coldness toward Baldwin while asking for a favor could be seen as a bit of rebellious self-sabotage, since he didn’t want the scion in the first place. Leaving it so that Baldwin is in charge also serves as a failsafe should the twins have uncontrollable blood rage. If Matthew decides to kill them, he can claim to be following Baldwin’s orders, relieving himself of the guilt.

Once again, Matthew and Diana are on two different trajectories, though Matthew’s is unspoken. She’s ready to tear the world down and rebuild it in order to make it safe for creatures, including all three of her children, to live the lives they choose, safe from the likes of the Congregation, Philippe, Baldwin and Matthew the de Clermont Assassin. Matthew is looking for a way out of his guilt and depression, whether it’s through his own death, immersing himself in battle or the numbness of turning his life over to following someone else’s orders. Diana and her cause run the risk of becoming one more way for him to lose himself for a little while, until reality sets in again and he remembers his anger or loses interest.

When Diana, Agatha and Gallowglass arrive home with Diana in labor, Fernando calls Matthew and tells him it’s time to come home as well.

Sarah acts as midwife for Diana, telling her she helped Rebecca give birth and she’ll be there for this entire process. Diana asks for Matthew. He arrives hours later, with the New Orleans crew. Sarah points out that they were getting along fine without him. Diana labors in the tub while Matthew holds her hands.

Marcus uses his vampire senses to check the babies’ vitals and pronounces them healthy. Diana says she already knows. He retires to the next room until he’s needed.

Now Diana labors through a sexy, romantic montage that’s just completely ridiculous. If anybody out there has managed to stay in soft focus and looking perfect through their labor, I salute you. For most of us, it’s a much less attractive affair and not a time when a woman should worry about how she looks.

Gallowglass stands in an exterior doorway as the first baby is born, with Fernando giving him a meaningful stare. Once they hear the baby’s cry, Gallowglass says, “Matthew will never leave her side again.”

Diana and Matthew sit on the floor next to the bed and marvel over the perfection of their daughter. When Diana feels the second baby coming, she hands her daughter off to Matthew and spreads out, ready to give birth on the floor.

Because why give birth in the tub, on the bed or on a birthing stool when you can put your aching body on the hardest, most awkward surface possible for everyone involved? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Miriam let’s Ysabeau listen in on the phone as her second grandchild is born.

Later, Diana and Matthew sit on the floor, leaning on the bed again. I am outraged that this woman who JUST GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS is still sitting on such a hard surface. If the witches have something that makes her capable of performing this feat painlessly hours after giving birth, well, I’ll have what she’s having.

In her witch-fentanyl-induced haze, Diana wishes her parents could meet the twins. Guess she’s forgotten she and her dad are/were timewalkers and her two dead moms are ghosts at Sept-Tours. Same with Matthew’s vampire dad. The grandparents meeting the babies is very possible.

Sorry. I lost the ability to take this episode seriously when Diana turned into a pinup girl during labor. I’m also unable to cope with Matthew’s split personality in my current condition. And Fernando is pressuring the Only Sane Man* to leave town. 🤯

Where were we?

Matthew tells Diana that Philippe would be proud of his grandchildren. Diana wants to name their son Phillip and Matthew suggests Rebecca for their daughter, after the babies’ grandparents. Downstairs, where they’re allowed to sit on upholstered furniture, Marcus officially announces the news and Miriam pops open a bottle of champagne.

Gallowglass downs his glass in one gulp, then quietly slips out the door while the others celebrate. Matthew holds one of the babies next to a window overlooking the street. He and Gallowglass are aware of each other as Gallowglass, formerly Matthew’s closest friend, rides away on his motorcycle. Matthew does nothing to stop him from leaving.

Agatha left Diana’s house as soon as Matthew arrived and drove back to the Cotswolds to check on Timothy. She discovers he’s gravely injured after having been magically attacked by Peter Knox and left lying on a dining table in a circle of salt. Agatha tells him she’s there with him and tries to get him to talk, but he dies (or passes out?) before he can speak.

Discovery of Witches S3Ep4 Sarah Supports Diana Through LaborDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Fernando Pressures Gallowglass AgainDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Timothy & AgathaDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Downstairs Crowd CelebratesDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Gallowglass About to Leave TownDiscovery of Witches S3Ep4 Tree of Life Page


It’s bad enough enough to lose Gallowglass in this episode- at least he’s still alive. Meeting and losing Timothy all at once is too tragic. In the book, Peter doesn’t attack Linda Crosby, or at least she’s fine when she appears in a later adventure. We don’t see Timothy again after he gives Diana the page, but according to book The World of All Souls, he’s still alive.

Also, Timothy recognized the skin the daemon page was made from as belonging to his grandfather, which suggests a startlingly recent origin (early 20th century?), since daemons have the same lifespans as humans and Timothy was born in 1979. Yet we know the page was torn from the Book of Life in 1591. Whoever created the pages must have timewalked throughout history to find the creatures involved, then settled somewhere in time to create or assemble the book. Despite Stephen Proctor’s warning to Diana that she couldn’t timewalk with the book, there’s a very good chance that other’s have.

Matthew has had 1500 years to train himself to keep most of his thoughts to himself, but Jack still says much of what he’s thinking. Whenever Jack expresses violent, jealous or possessive feelings, there’s a good chance Matthew feels the same way.

I can live with most of the cuts and changes from the book, but I’m sad we didn’t get to see the paintings depicting Diana’s time in the 16th century that Jack painted on the walls of the coven’s meeting place in the book. Jack also told stories about Diana’s life to the creatures of London for 400 years, sharing the love that he and Diana felt for each other. By the time she returned, thanks to Jack, she was not just welcomed, but beloved.

Without Jack’s first person memories, the modern witches must be acting based on prophecy, 400 year old stories and the respect Father Hubbard feels for her. I’m glad they had Linda Crosby mention that the creatures within the traditional London city limits are still part of Father Hubbard’s flock and that they look up to him for protection and mediation of disputes. Peter is undoubtedly jealous of the loyalty Hubbard commands from witches after all these centuries and angry that Hubbard gave the vampire page to Diana rather than to him. Hurting Linda was a bit of indirect revenge he could take against Hubbard.

Though Peter is a formidable enemy, he’s mortal, out of control and making mistakes. He seemed desperate when he attacked Linda and I doubt he thought about what would happen when her coven and the rest of Hubbard’s flock decide he’s their enemy.

Diana already has numerous reasons to kill Peter, including her parents’ and Em’s murders. Now she and Agatha will feel they led Peter to Timothy Weston, causing his death, plus whatever happened to Linda Crosby- I didn’t like the crunching sound we heard when the cupboard doors closed on her. We saw how easily Satu disarmed Peter and threw him across the room. Diana is undoubtedly stronger and better trained than her. And she’s a de Clermont now, which gives her political power, while Peter can’t hide behind the Congregation or Gerbert the way he has in the past.

Peter’s days are numbered.

Gerbert, Peter’s frequent co-conspirator, will be much more difficult to bring to justice, if there even is such a thing for ancient immortals. Diana is married to an ancient assassin- what if the families of his victims demanded justice? But they won’t, because these deadly battles for dominance and territory are considered a normal part of vampire culture. With Gerbert, the de Clermonts might have to settle for negotiating a peace treaty.

Or, they could quietly beat Gerbert at his own game. Ysabeau is the only person on this show who can beat him in a verbal sparring match, which is why he’s in love with her.

Domenico went about attacking him and the de Clemonts in the only way possible in season 1- secretly, using a proxy who was killed in the operation so she can never divulge his part in it. I still find the sacrifice of Juliette hard to forgive, but it did hit Gerbert hard and nearly killed Matthew. Philippe is probably the only de Clermont who had the combination of strategy, stealth and patience that Domenico showed in season 1. Maybe the Scooby gang/new scion can develop it as a group. In the meantime, sooner or later Gerbert’s latest proxy, Benjamin, will require a full frontal assault. He is a de Clermont, so they will be allowed to handle him however they wish.

It’s clear that Satu is a powerful weaver. Though Stephen Proctor was a weaver, Diana’s father couldn’t stop Peter the way she did. She’s looking for someone to take her seriously, but her ambition gives her blind spots. She hasn’t stopped to think that just like her, Diana has had time to get training and is now also in control of her magic.

Phoebe found a TJ Weston who was a composer in the 90s, then disappeared- maybe Timothy was also that TJ Weston, but he went into hiding due to his dislike of crowds.

*Only Sane Man, from TVTropes.org– In a group of characters who are strange or wrong, the Only Sane Person is either the only one who notices or the only one who cares about what’s actually happening. The Only Sane Person goes through a process of trying to get the rest of the group to see the truth, but it ends in failure. Eventually, the Only Sane Person accepts that the rest of the world is deeply flawed and develops a sarcastic sense of humor to cope with the ensuing bitterness.

TV Gallowglass has been on this rollercoaster for so long that he’s mostly given up on the sarcastic sense of humor he had in the 16th century, since it’s wasted on this humorless group (other than Marcus, who’s had to temporarily put aside his sanity for the cause). The Only Sane Person role can also rotate through the group, which is somewhat true of season 3 as well. But Gallowglass is the only one who refuses to get caught up in the madness at all and remains focused on Diana’s safety and the missing pages. Also at AlltheTropes.org.

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