The 100 Season 4 Episode 3: The Four Horsemen Recap


Things aren’t going well at Arkadia, as usual. They aren’t able to find and preserve enough food to store on the Ark for when the radiation comes, and they won’t be able to grow their own protein without a hydro generator. Raven takes a verbal shot at Bellamy for choosing to save people over the generator, but he tells her that he’s going to sacrifice himself anyway, so nothing she says is going to hurt him now. Raven turns to Clarke instead, to nag her about making a new list of 100 people, this time the ones who’ll get to be in the Ark on Doomsday. I love Raven, but she gets kind of stubborn, mean and single-minded when she’s in a bad mood. And she’s definitely in a bad mood this season.

The discussion is interrupted when Nyko, Luna and some of her people arrive at Arkadia suffering from Acute Radiation Sickness. They are looking for medical help from Skaikru. Luna has the grace to acknowledge that Skaikru has good reason to turn her away, and to beg them not to. Abby would never turn away anyone in need of medical help, and this group includes children, so they’re brought right in to the med bay. They tell Skaikru that all of Luna’s people are dead except the ones they’ve brought here, and the fish throughout the ocean are dying, as well. After Jackson examines the patients, he determines that the radiation sickness is from eating radioactive fish, rather than airborne radiation.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 2: Heavy Lies the Crown Recap


This week on The 100, everyone learns, again, how difficult leadership is, how much the grounders hate Skaikru, and how uncertain their long term survival is.

We start nine days previously, when ALIE still had control of everyone in the City of Light. She’s instructed a young man named Ilian to kill his family members one by one until his mother takes the chip. When Clarke shuts down ALIE, Ilian’s mother is dying, and tells him to avenge her death. He’s the only one in his family left alive.

Back to the present day, Abby and Kane are enjoying the pleasant accommodations in Polis and finally sharing a bed. 😌 Abby feels a little guilty about Clarke’s father, but Kane tells her that Jake’s part of who she is. He sends her off to help King Roan.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 1: Echoes Recap


This season begins moments after last season ended. Everyone is waking up from the City of Light, assessing injuries, finding missing loved ones, and seeking to lay blame. Octavia is climbing down the outside of the Commander’s tower to find Indra, who is being taken down off of her cross. Octavia gives Indra the news that the City of Light has been destroyed, and Pike is dead.

Clarke and Bellamy arrive on the ground and survey the damage. Bellamy feels guilty about the City of Light because he’s so used to being wrong and feeling guilty at this point that he’s starting to feel like everything is his fault. This one’s on Jaha, though. Certainly not on any of the 100. Jaha is the one who let himself be seduced by ALIE’s promises to the point where he lost his common sense and unleashed her on everyone else.

They move on to their typical argument about whether to tell everyone the truth now, or to wait. This time the subject is the nuclear reactors that are going to melt down and produce enough radiation to make 96% of the earth uninhabitable in 6 months. Clarke thinks they should speak up now, because she never learns. Bellamy thinks they should wait, because he’s learned how to read a room. He can see the Grounders circling, looking for someone to blame for their current losses. They don’t need more bad news from Wanheda right this minute. And he needs a nap before he has to act as her knight in shining armor again.

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The 100 Season 4 Trailer: Holy Radiation Poisoning, That Was A Lot (VIDEO)

OKAY I have a lot of feelings so here we go:

  • Toxic rain and incinerated pyramids. YAAAS.
  • Clarke’s speech. ❤️ I feel like it’s been a while since we had her standing in front of a bunch of people inspiring them and leading them. She was so broken throughout season 3. It was painful. But it looks like she’s getting her hope back, settling back into being the inspiring leader she naturally is. She seems a little brighter than she was last season.
  • WHY ARE THERE RADIATION BURNS ON CLARKE’S FACE. I’m gonna assume this is a dream or a hallucination or something of the sort.
  • ECHO. ECHO MY LOVE. I am SO excited to have her back. The actress who plays Echo, Tasya Teles (awesome name), is so charismatic and so good. I’ve been sad that we didn’t get more of her for a long time.

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