Nashville Season 5 Episode 5: Love Hurts Recap


This week, we’re all super excited about shooting Gunnar and Scarlett’s music video with the famous, A-List director, until things take a nightmare turn for Scarlett. Like the title says, love hurts, and so does shooting music videos, at least if you’re a woman being directed by Damien George.

But first, Rayna, Zach and Damien have a self-congratulatory love fest on the way into the mansion where the video is being shot. Inside, Scarlett is unhappy with the dress she’s wearing for the video. She feels it’s too revealing. Let’s recall that her one condition for the video was that she didn’t have to show too much skin. Damien looks at the dress and explains that her character is wild, with no filter. Scarlett doesn’t understand what that has to do with the dress. Damien explains that it speaks to the character, and tells the costume mistress to remove more of the dress.

We’ve established with this scene that Damien is going to ignore Scarlett’s concerns, that he feels women should express their emotions through their sexuality, and that women can only express their sexuality through nudity. Scarlett’s character is going to get inside Gunnar’s character’s head and become an obsession for him, but Gunnar is fully clothed in a loose tuxedo, including a bow tie. Men are capable of expressing emotions and sexual desire without nudity.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 4: Leap of Faith Recap


This week, Juliette rushes her recovery while people push her to take pain pills, Rayna finds a new investor, and Will and Kevin’s relationship falls apart. The leaps of faith are subtle. Avery gives Juliette another chance. Juliette learns to trust her physical therapist, Avery, and God. Rayna takes a chance with a new co-owner/investor of Highway 65 who wants to have input on how the company is run.

Juliette is having a physical therapy session on her bed. She’s having difficulty stretching as far as she could because she didn’t take a pain pill before her session. Avery and the physical therapist are frustrated with her. Juliette is frustrated with her slow progress. She brings up a device that she saw online that would allow her to try walking now. The therapist tells her that she’s not ready for it. Juliette doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 3: Let’s Put It Back Together Again Recap


Juliette is sitting at the kitchen table and listening to demos because Glenn wants her to consider recording again. She can’t perform in the way that would do her usual style of songs justice, so she’s not feeling motivated. This is a great time for artistic growth, Juliette!

Avery is multitasking, managing to both hover over Juliette and get ready to go to the studio. He’s working on producing the young Youtube sensation we heard about last week. Juliette has had enough of his mother-henning, and practically shoves him out of the house. As soon as he’s gone, she switches to researching Hallie Jordan, the woman who saved her from the plane crash.

Maddie is starting an internship working the front desk at the studio. She has entitled attitude to spare. Ashley Willerman, the Youtube artist, shows up and announces that she’s hungover and needs coffee. She’s pleasant, polite, and grateful when Maddie agrees to go. Maddie has already declared that Ashley’s Youtube videos are stupid, though not to Ashley’s face.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 2: Back in Baby’s Arms Recap

Reaction/Recap for The Wayfaring Stranger is HERE

This week, we focus on Rayna and Deacon, and Scarlett and Gunnar, with a side of Will and Kevin and Juliette and Avery. Scarlett and Gunnar have reunited, but Scarlett is insecure about where they stand with each other. Rayna returns home from her cross-country drive with ideas for her new musical direction. Juliette continues to struggle with her injuries. Will deals with the unprecedented level of attention he’s receiving from attractive men, now that he’s out and proud.

Rayna has decided that she wants to make a new album with Deacon about their lives together. Deacon isn’t sure he wants to be involved, since the last year, in particular, has been very painful for him, and he doesn’t want to relive it. Rayna doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer, and insists he change his “no” to “I’ll think about it.” She spends most of the episode hounding him about how long he’s taking with his thinking, and how he should accomplish this thinking by talking to her. He finally explodes and tells her to stop pressuring him into saying yes, the way she always does. Rayna is shocked, SHOCKED, that anyone could ever think such a thing of her. Classic Rayna. Deacon, of course, eventually says yes, but he says it with a snarky song that lets Rayna know he was still right, even though he’s giving in. This is why he had to be the one to marry her. When he’s at his best, Deacon knows how to handle her moods and need for control gently and with humor, so that she doesn’t feel the need to get angry, rebel, and make things worse.

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Nashville Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peak Reaction: Ladies Night


In The Wayfaring Stranger We Check in with Our Four Leading Ladies

Nashville is back! And it remembers it’s a show about country music and the women who produce it! This episode was everything I was hoping for from the new showrunners. We spent a long time with Juliette and Rayna, giving them each time to figure where they are in their lives and where they want to go next. They had an amazing heart to heart talk together, the kind of scene I’ve always wished the show would give them more of. The scenes were allowed to breathe, with long pauses for reaction shots. Dialogue is obviously important, but body language can be just as important to character and relationship development. With less racing from scene to scene and fewer characters to service, the episode allowed us to sit back and watch people cuddle, or have awkward pauses in conversation.

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