SYFY’s Happy!: Official Trailer #1


SYFY’s new show Happy! is about an ex-cop turned hitman (Chris Meloni, from True Blood and some other shows) who partners up with an invisible blue unicorn* played by Patton Oswalt to try to help some people.** Scary bad things happen along the way. It’s Mr Robot meets My Little Pony meets GYNX. I’m…in? At least for the pilot. Who can resist Patton Oswalt as a blue unicorn? Not me.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 2: We Can’t Kill People! Recap


Joel and Sheila have driven out into the desert to dispose of Gary’s remains. Sheila’s gossiping about friends who might sell their house. She’s excited about the listing. Joel seems a bit tense. They have a Rubbermaid bin full of Gary, but Sheila couldn’t find the lid. They have an argument about the lost lid that has been had by every single cohabitating couple since the invention of Tupperware. They might be the first ones to have it over a container holding the body parts of a coworker. Let’s hope so, for our peace of mind.

Another car appears in the desert. They rush to push Gary toward the hole they’ve been digging, but without a lid, he slops over the sides and ends up all over the place. Joel and Sheila prove how strong their marriage is by putting aside the argument and shoving the Gary mush toward the hole together. The other car pulls right up in front of them. By now, they’re covered in blood, holding shovels, and surrounded by a bloody mess on the ground. Joel suggests they act casual. They should pretend to be helpful Mormons who’ve stopped to clean up a murder site. Mormons do have a reputation for being helpful during crises. It could happen.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9: When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh? Recap

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is renewed for a third season! The CW renewed almost all of its fall shows on Sunday (1/8), giving the showrunners ample time to plan for next season. (And avoid mistakes like letting Santino Fontana slip away.)

It’s a week later, and Paula and Rebecca have settled into coparenting. Paula understands the value of a wife now. She appreciates it so much, in fact, that she’d like several. (Duh, we all need a permanent 50s housewife and mom of our own.) Rebecca’s avoiding Josh, even though he’s made good on his promise to woo her. There’s a little shrine in the corner, filled with his offerings- stuffed animals, balloons, candy, and other romantic little gifts. Josh has been standing outside Paula’s house, waiting for Rebecca to change her mind, for 3 days.

Rebecca admits that she’s scared that Josh is still not committed to her. He’s had three girlfriends in three months. She can’t trust him any more. Josh promises things will be different this time. With a brief shovel talk from Paula, then her blessing, Paula and Josh head out into West Covina to start their romance for real. There’s a reprise of West Covina playing in the background, but this time we see the town closer to how it really is. The kids are spraying graffiti, the porn theater is hanging a new sign, and the ambulance-chasing lawyer is looking for new business. Everyone is happy, and happy for Rebecca and Josh. Rebecca thinks she’s going into the relationship with her eyes wide open this time.

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