Watch Full Recording of the Bright Star Reunion Concert On Demand Now [Updated with Video]


Youtube Has Posted the Full Concert Recording on with Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, and the Original Broadway Cast

Post Concert Update: The concert was amazing, and the creative team shared a few juicy tidbits during the Q&A. A tour is being planned for 2018, starting in Salt Lake City. They’ve also been getting requests for regional licenses. (Like I thought, this show just needs time to grow its audience slowly and organically.) There are no current plans to make the show into a movie, but Steve said he tends to end up turning everything he writes into one, eventually. The entire cast and creative team were clearly excited about the Grammy nomination and the chance to perform the show again. Everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. They were all in good voice, and backed by a full bluegrass band. Steve and Edie performed at the top of each act. At one point during the Q&A, Steve took someone’s phone from the audience so that he could playback the question he’d just been asked (he said he’d already forgotten it), then took a selfie.

Watch the Entire Bright Star Reunion Concert Here

2021 Update: Oops, the original Theatermania link is broken, but have a lovely Youtube of the event instead! I finally saw the full version of Bright Star myself at the Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City in April, 2019. It was a wonderful production. I wished that I’d arranged to stay a couple of days to see the show a few more times!