Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 2: When Will Josh See How Cool I Am? Recap



Lots of honesty mixed with disappointment amongst the characters this episode. Some of the truth-telling goes well, some makes things worse.

Greg goes to a biker AA meeting. Alcohol was Greg’s shield until 27 days ago. My Marvel Cinematic Universe-loving heart is going to take that as a Captain America reference.

What could possibly stop Greg from bringing the donuts?

Of course West Covina has a Ping Pong Cocktailaria. What small town doesn’t?

Josh repeats Rebecca’s made up ping pong title back to her just as fast as she makes it up. Impressive. Physical stuff is his comfort zone.

I love the purple shirt on Rebecca and the orange cardigan on Paula in first office scene. They look so good on each actress, and with each other. Are the characters coordinating outfits now?

Paula becomes a fairytale princess and sings Maybe This Dream after she asks Rebecca to write a reference for her law school application. We see her low self confidence, and more hints that she’s had tough times in her life that we don’t know about yet:


Maybe this dream
Won’t lead to disgrace!
Maybe this dream
Is in reach!

Maybe this dream
Won’t poop on my face!
Like at a seagull
At the beach!

Maybe this dream
Won’t be like my wedding
The organ played
“There goes the bride”!
I came back.

Daryl writes a recommendation too. Wonder how close he and Paula were before Rebecca got in the middle? Is their best friendship all in his head, or did they used to be closer? Paula ends up using Daryl’s letter, beause Rebecca gets too involved with her own life to remember Paula’s deadline. Paula is disappointed, and thinks maybe Rebecca didn’t want to write the letter at all. But Rebecca says she’s supportive of Paula and wants to be there for her. Relying on Rebecca is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Greg’s back at work, where everybody knows your name, and that you’re an alcoholic who works in a bar. They all sing Greg’s Drinking Song, about his fond memories of the stupid shit he did when he was drunk.


Father Brah! Josh needs reassurance that his impulse to continue to avoid telling Greg about sleeping with Rebecca is okay. FB gives him the OK. Josh blows it anyway, cause Josh is a Hufflepuff. It’s hard to be mean on purpose. Greg tries to be okay about it, but, oops, his fist goes through a wall.

Rebecca sensibly takes lessons with an 11 year old ping pong champ so she can fool Josh into thinking she’s always been good at ping pong. Spoiler: It doesn’t work.

Hector: Why are all of my friends in love with this girl?

Rebecca imagines Josh will finally be ready to commit to her once he sees her ping pong skills. She has a 7th grade girl moment and imagines him singing Ping Pong Girl:


Ping-Pong shows that she has
control over her body!
But it doesn’t threaten
my masculinity like
basketball or hockey!

She’s like Serena or Venus!
Just watching her swing
affects my penis!
You know us dudes,
we love to talk
about our penises!

[our penises!]

Ping-Pong girl!

She is so indifferent!
It makes me want
a tangible commitment!

She and I should give
a 30 year mortgage a whirl!

My P-P-Ping-Pong girl!

Those Love Kernels are still controling their relationship.

Greg doesn’t bring the donuts to the AA meeting, and doesn’t show up at the ping pong cocktailaria. The gang is worried he’s drinking again and reveals that Josh told Greg about him and Rebecca. WhiJo reaches Judge Reinhardt levels of judginess before he and Hector take off to look for Greg. After the B team leaves, Rebecca leaves Josh to wait where he is while she gets Paula’s help (stalker skills to the rescue).

Rebecca finds Greg sitting next to a duck pond, sober and with a bandaged hand from punching the wall. They have the heart to heart they should have had a month ago. My sweet Ravenclaw gives Rebecca and Josh his blessing, even though he was on his way to Rebecca’s house to tell her he loved her when he was arrested. He steps aside so his best friend and ex-girlfriend can be happy. Greg and Rebecca are physically very in sync during this conversation. Their positions and body lamguage mirror each other’s, and they sit close together, almost leaning in together. It’s very different from the distance we’ve been seeing between Josh and Rebecca. Even at the lowest point between them, when they’ve disappointed each other and should be angry, they still understand and are able to comfort each other. If only they were both in a place where they could keep it together enough to do that all the time. Greg’s actively working on dealing with his shit. Rebecca only deals with it when forced to. But, at the end of the episode, she calls Josh out on the way he’s been treating her, and cuddles up to Greg’s Emory sweatshirt. She’s still torn between both men, which isn’t good for anyone’s mental health, least of all Greg’s.

Next week, Rebecca thinks of her romantic situation as a love triangle. Not sure anyone else does, including the other two sides of the triangle.