Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2A Review and Analysis

Rebecca’s peddling as fast as she can to avoid taking a good look at herself. She doesn’t have Josh, Greg, or Paula to keep her relatively sane any more. She has her new girl group, but neither Val, nor Heather are likely to go as far down the obsession path with her as the other three did. Val shares her obsession with Josh, but has too much self-respect to take the stalking too far, I think. We’ll see. Even if she does, I doubt it will affect the other parts of her life.

Rebecca was seeing “signs” everywhere, right from the pilot on, and Paula encouraged it. It was literally a giant sign pointing to Josh that told her to move to West Covina. That makes the negation of the signs that much more meaningful. Greg was the anti-Josh when he refused to give the “danger” sign credit for his decision to leave instead of staying in West Covina with Rebecca. He took responsibility for the decision, and told her that straight out. The acknowledgement of Josh’s love kernels was also a step in the right direction for Rebecca, but she still had to ask Greg if he loved her. She’s still too caught up in seeing what she wants to see in people, rather than seeing what’s actually there. She’s been forced to face that Josh never really loved her, and the results have been difficult for everyone, and will probably continue to be.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 4: When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone? Recap


Sadly, Rebecca,  Josh’s friend is about to leave you alone for a long time, possibly forever. This is Santino Fontana’s last episode, since he only wanted a one year contract. While this is great news for Greg the character, it’s sad news for fans who enjoyed watching him every week. I’m going to believe that Greg, and Santino, will be back eventually. He’s too close to too many people in West Covina to leave forever, as Greg himself said. My shipper heart will keep hoping that Greg and Rebecca will get their happily ever after, even though I will try to stay open to other possibilities. But, if Glee can bring Jon Groff back for its last two episodes to give Jesse St James and Rachel Berry their HAE, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can do the same for this pair, once they’ve both worked out all of their issues separately.

On to the actual recap…

We pick up where we left off last week, as Rebecca catches up with Greg at the airport. He’s about to fly off to start college at Emory. She begs him to stay, but he can’t. They’re terrible for each other, a shit show, in fact. He didn’t say goodbye to her because he loves her, and he wouldn’t have been able to bring himself to leave if he’d seen her. He walks off into the sunset gets on the escalator to go catch his flight. There goes the man of my dreams (in addition to my husband and my other 10 TV boyfriends and girlfriends, of course).

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 3: All Signs Point to Josh…Or Is it Josh’s Friend? Recap


We start this episode with the season 2 theme song, to remind us that Rebecca is a girl who’s obsessively in love, and she’s not going to listen to what anyone else has to say about it. And everyone has something to say about it. The theme fades to Rebecca’s fantasy of a polyamorous relationship between her, Greg, and Josh, complete with pizza in bed and arm wrestling for sex. It’s as wholesome and adorable as the Brady Bunch.

It turns out Rebecca’s explaining this fantasy to a real polyamorous threesome, who burst her bubble immediately. Poly relationships aren’t the same as love triangles, Bex, and aren’t a way to get out of choosing between the two guys you’ve been bouncing back and forth between. Nice try though, and nice little positive speech about what poly actually is.

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 2: When Will Josh See How Cool I Am? Recap



Lots of honesty mixed with disappointment amongst the characters this episode. Some of the truth-telling goes well, some makes things worse.

Greg goes to a biker AA meeting. Alcohol was Greg’s shield until 27 days ago. My Marvel Cinematic Universe-loving heart is going to take that as a Captain America reference.

What could possibly stop Greg from bringing the donuts?

Of course West Covina has a Ping Pong Cocktailaria. What small town doesn’t?

Josh repeats Rebecca’s made up ping pong title back to her just as fast as she makes it up. Impressive. Physical stuff is his comfort zone.

I love the purple shirt on Rebecca and the orange cardigan on Paula in first office scene. They look so good on each actress, and with each other. Are the characters coordinating outfits now?

Paula becomes a fairytale princess and sings Maybe This Dream after she asks Rebecca to write a reference for her law school application. We see her low self confidence, and more hints that she’s had tough times in her life that we don’t know about yet:

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Where Is Josh’s Friend?

Welcome back to Crazy Town! I mean West Covina, California! Let’s take a moment to review where we left off last season. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin Rebecca and Josh finally hooked up at the wedding that they both just happened to be attending. Or at least Aladdin thought it was a hook up. The Princess thought they were probably well on their way to being engaged. The carpet flew and everything. Josh must be really good in bed.

Greg, Rebecca’s actual date for the wedding and sort of boyfriend, got passed out drunk and had to be poured home by our resident patron saint of clean living and patient friendship, WhiJo (leaving Rebecca free for her hook up). Rebecca, fearing Paula’s disapproval, had hidden that she was back with Greg again. Paula found out and absolutely snapped, since she’d heavily invested her considerable talents and energy into Rebecca and Josh’s fantasy relationship. Rebecca screwing that up by falling for Josh’s best friend was not part of Paula’s plan for her daughter’s best friend’s life. Greg and Paula are currently having a few issues with priorities and control. Daryl and WhiJo continue to be the cutest couple on the planet.

And, that’s what you missed on CEGF! 😍

We open the new episode just after the end of the season finale, with Rebecca desperately trying to convince Josh that she didn’t think they were engaged or any creepy stalkerish stuff like that. The flying carpet has knocked her off her gaslighting game, but Josh also isn’t the brightest, so they end at an uncomfortable stalemate.

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Frozen Live Action Musical Dream Cast Part 1: #1 Draft Choice= Santino Fontana


We are going to get to the dream cast, but first, let’s have a moment of silence for the loss of Santino Fontana, and his character Greg, from the best show on TV that nobody watches, Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Friday nights on the CW, check it out, maybe if enough people do, we’ll get a 3rd season). Santino says he left because he has the opportunity to write, do theater, and films. He already has 2 films in post-production (Galileo and Impossible Monsters), both expected to be released in 2017. He’s the lead in both films.

(Quick aside: Galileo takes place and was filmed here in New Mexico, where we metawitches live. As usual, we completely fail as celebrity stalkers irl, and totally missed this while it was happening.)

We’re going with the Frozen Broadway musical as our hope for one of the theater opportunities. The story is going to be expanded and deepened, with a dozen songs added. That means we can find out more about Hans. He can have a “Who Am I?” solo villain song added in the 1st act, and a comedic villain duet with the Duke added in the 2nd act. Plus several ensemble songs at the end of each act and other crucial moments. They’ll want a big name or 2 in the cast, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep someone from the movie. Most of the movie cast won’t be willing to reprise their roles for various reasons. Santino seems like the best choice, since he’s already a Broadway regular and a prince, if they can make the role of Hans attractive enough.

The Frozen musical just finished a month long developmental lab in NYC with a full cast (the cast list wasn’t announced). The world premiere will be at the pre-Broadway tryout in Denver, August 2017. Then Frozen is expected to open on Broadway at the St. James Theatre in Spring 2018 (where Something Rotten is currently playing). Wish us luck getting tickets for the Denver version.🍀

After the cut, more Greg and Hans videos to tempt you. Plus, Santino singing with his wife, because I will never get over him marrying one of the Broadway Cinderellas.

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