Rachel Bloom Writes Song For Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover


This crossover just keeps getting better and better. They’re already bringing together some of the best cast members from the four CW Berlantiverse shows and allowing these triple and quadruple threats to sing (and, dare we hope, dance? Some of them are amazing dancers, too. Go watch Grant Gustin’s Glee performances again. And Darren Criss can keep up.) Now they’re adding in original songs written by Rachel Bloom, of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Broadway darlings who wrote Dear Evan Hansen, Dogfight, and A Christmas Story, and who have now moved on to Hollywood to write the lyrics for Oscar nominated song City of Stars from La La Land. Can Pasek and Paul go for their EGOT all in one year?

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Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet: Trailers and Promotional Posters


So, I haven’t been paying much attention to the upcoming Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet. Based on the title and what little I knew, it seemed like it was going to be something like another Desperate Housewives, which, not interested. This evening, instead of pushing the button for the next episode of The OA, I accidentally hit a button for the Santa Clarita Diet. It’s definitely not Desperate Housewives.

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New(ish) Poster for The 100 Season 4



This is definitely the most stunning poster this show has ever released. My heart starts to race a little bit just looking at it.

There are several things I notice about this picture that are especially interesting to me, beyond its sheer beauty and sense of motion. Specifically the fiery, explosive motion coming at you.

It may seem strange, but what struck me first was the fact that the three people in the center are Clarke, Bellamy and Monty. Clarke in the center and Bellamy just off from her is no surprise, but Monty being part of the main three certainly is, and it’s a very happy surprise for me. I adore Monty. He’s kind and smart and cautious, but when he needs to be ruthless, he will be ruthless. I’ve always felt that he’s an invaluable member of the team for those qualities, and it seems that he’s starting to move up in the ranks of the team leaders. (Maybe he’s the Duke?)

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Review and Analysis/ Season 2 Speculation


No Tomorrow Season 1 is Now Available on Netflix

I really love this show that manages to be both optimistic and a dark comedy at the same time. It’s filled with unique, quirky characters who still feel like real people in real situations. I’ve actually known multiple people in green card marriages, some of whom fell in love, some of whom didn’t. We’ve all known, or been, people stuck in dead-end jobs, unfulfilling marriages, or having midlife crises. I’ve known several people who changed careers and decided on something nontraditional, like Evie’s dad and Timothy, or had an unusual second job, like Deirdre. They had to work hard and face their own and everyone else’s doubts in order to succeed. No Tomorrow infuses these common scenarios with new energy as Xavier sweeps through and wraps everyone up in his enthusiasm, encouraging solutions as creative and life affirming as he is. It doesn’t work out equally well for everyone, every time, including for Xavier, but that’s part of life and risk taking.

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The OA Season 1 Episode 3: Champion Recap


The beginning of episode 3 looks like a normal family shopping trip out to a discount store, until Nancy Johnson is accosted by a reporter and the illusion is shattered, for her and for us. The reporter, Patricia Knoller, specializes in telling the stories of young people who have been held hostage for long periods of time, and then returned to their families. She wants to turn Prairie’s story into a book. Nancy is unhappy with the intrusion into her family’s privacy, and dismisses Patricia. Before she goes, Patricia gives Nancy a copy of one of her books and her business card. She explains that she works closely with the victim and the family, and tries to make the experience something that is beneficial to the family, especially financially beneficial.

Nancy shops for a little longer, then sees Prairie, who is trying on a sweatshirt that reminds her of Homer. They look at each other across the store aisles. The love shared between the two women is palpable, but so is the concern and fear Nancy has for her daughter. She invites Patricia to dinner to discuss the book deal. Everything is going well, until Patricia mentions the sense of closure that finishing telling their stories can give the victims. Prairie gets upset, and tells her that she can’t give her that. Her story isn’t over. It’s just beginning. Prairie runs from the room. Nancy, Patricia, and Abel all look at each other, confused and worried.

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New Interview with Current Hedwig Euan Morton (Plus Bonus Audio)


Theatermania.com posted a new interview this week with Euan Morton, who is currently playing Hedwig Robinson in the national tour of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Euan talked about what makes his Hedwig different, and his experiences as Hedwig with audiences across the country.

“We had one woman in L.A.,” recalls Tony nominee Euan Morton, the show’s lead actor, about one performance shortly before he took over the part. “Darren [Criss] was doing the role, I was in the audience, and [this woman] said, ‘I thought this was a play about Harry Potter’s owl.'”

“I thought it was fantastic,” he laughs. “Like, didn’t you look at the posters? Does it look like an owl?…It’s bizarre.”

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12: Is Josh Free in Two Weeks? Recap


This week, Rebecca goes into full melt down mode as she tries to plan her wedding by herself. She has very little time and no idea what she wants her wedding to be like, other than “normal.” The episode highlights Rebecca and Nathaniel’s unhealthy goals in life. Rebecca needs to feel normal, or at least appear normal, by marrying the normal boy in a normal wedding. Her standard of normal isn’t even well-defined in her own mind, making it impossible to reach. Nathaniel’s standard of manhood is very well defined. He needs to live up to his father’s unrealistic ideals, or die trying.

Rebecca spends the episode on what amounts to random busy work, flailing around in an unorganized way, trying to recreate other people’s weddings. Her disorganization is notable in someone who is known for being a top-notch attorney, which requires a high level of analytical and organizational skill. This is self-sabotage.

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Riverdale Season 1 Chapter One: The River’s Edge


Riverdale is the new CW Twin Peaks lite teen mystery drama from Greg Berlanti, of the DC Berlantiverse, and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer for Glee, Big Love, Supergirl, Marvel Comics, and Chief Creative Officer of Archie Comics. The adult cast is stocked with veterans of teen and science fiction shows, such as Molly Ringwald, Skeet Ulrich, Luke Perry, Robin Givens, and Tom McBeath. One, Mädchen Amick, is an actual Twin Peaks cast member. So, the show starts with a great resume and critics have given the pilot great reviews. For myself, I’m a little burned out on high school dramas after five years of The Vampire Diaries and having been one of the few who stuck with Glee until the bitter, bitter end. I loved Twin Peaks way back when, though, and I do still love a good twisted, quirky, potential cult show in the making. So, what the heck, let’s give it a shot.

They start right off with their homage to Twin Peaks. This not a coincidence:

The settings for both shows are very similar, small towns in the Pacific Northwest where nature is still rugged and wild. The rivers rush, the mist creeps, the mountains loom, and the forests are dark and dense with towering, dripping evergreens. This is not a place where man has tamed nature. The outdoors is a character, and potentially a villain.

In fact, Jughead, our narrator, begins by telling us about the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, the Laura Palmer of Riverdale. Kudos to everyone involved for not making him a blonde female. The Blossom twins, Jason and his sister Cheryl, who are both redheads, drive out to Sweet Water River dressed in white and holding hands, to take an early morning boat ride on July 4th. Nothing unusual in that, right? Before they get in the boat, Cheryl asks Jason if he’s scared. Jason shakes his head no. They get into the boat, and Jason rows them out into the middle of the water, while Cheryl sits with her gloved hands primly in her lap. Moments later, a gunshot fireworks thunder loud sound is heard.

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Watch Newsies Movie Event 2nd Trailer, Making of Videos and More


Fathom Events Will Show the Newsies Movie Event in Cinemas Nationwide February 16, 18, and 22

The touring version of the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Newsies was filmed last September during its Los Angeles run. Several members of the original Broadway cast returned for the filming, including, Jeremy Jordan (Jack), Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Crutchie), Kara Lindsay (Katherine), and Ben Fankhauser (Davey). The score, by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman, includes the songs “Santa Fe,” “Carrying the Banner,” “Seize the Day,” “King of New York” and “Once and for All.”

This week Disney released a 2nd official trailer, which we have posted below, along with The Making of The Newsies Movie Event Episode 1: Return to Rehearsals, The Making of the Newsies Movie Event Episode 2: Return to the Stage, and the 1st official trailer.

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Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 11: Wake Up Recap


In this episode, we find out exactly when and how Agent May was switched with the LMD. LMD May realizes what she is, but also realizes she can’t do anything to change Radcliffe’s plan for her. Coulson tries a reckless plan in a bid to gather more information about Nadeer and the Watchdogs, but it fails spectacularly, revealing that SHIELD has a mole. The title of the episode is a red herring, in many ways. Characters think they’ve woken up and figured out the truth, but it’s another lie, or only a partial truth, or they can’t use the truth to take the kind of action that they need to. The truth doesn’t always set you free, especially in government work. Especially if the government you work for is the federal government.

It turns out that May was switched with LMD May at the beginning of episode 8, The Laws of Inferno Dynamics, 5 days ago in AoS time. I remember thinking that she disappeared from the episode for a long time. It’s good to know that she hasn’t been held hostage and drugged for weeks, but 5 days is a long time for her body to be abused like that.

Mace assigned May to go get Aida to help take down Eli Morrow. Radcliffe called Aida and activated a protocol within her instruction files after he found out May was on her way over to his house. When May got there, Aida sedated her mid-conversation. She downloaded May’s memories, personality, and whatever else they can get out of the original’s brain into LMD May, who Radcliffe already had ready and waiting. Aida switched May’s clothing over to LMD May, did her hair and makeup, then turned her on. LMD May picked up the conversation exactly where it had left off before the original was knocked out. Creepy.

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