Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10: Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!

Oh Nathaniel, It's On!

This week, Rebecca is determined to save the little guy, with a little help from her friends and acquaintances. In Rebecca’s mind, saving the little guy means taking the law firm back from Nathaniel after he refuses to let her have her job back. She’s also going forward with her plan to donate an egg to Darryl. Meanwhile, Heather has new career opportunities with Home Base corporate, and new life opportunities with Hector. She also volunteers to do a surprising favor for her friends.

Heather is still trying to figure out who she is, and what she wants to do with her life. She appears on Hector’s podcast, and says that she’s many things, including a chewer of gum, but none of these things define her. Hector would like to define them more clearly as a couple and take their relationship to the next level. Heather isn’t sure she can do that until she figures out who she is.

Rebecca visits Nathaniel at the office and announces that she ‘s ready to come back to work. Nathaniel reminds her that she doesn’t work at Whitefeather anymore, since she quit during her breakdown. Rebecca says her mother quit for her while drugging her, so that can’t be legal. It never occurs to Rebecca that she took off from work without even a phone call, if her mother’s call doesn’t count.

Nathaniel practices being a crazy ex-boyfriend, and fires her on the spot, just to clarify matters. She doesn’t work there, regardless of the details of how it came about. They argue about their break up and trade vicious personal insults. Rebecca’s hormones are making her emotionally volatile.

Rebecca goes to the break room to complain to the office gang. They accidentally tell her about Nathaniel’s new girlfriend, Mona, the girl he took home from the gay bar. Rebecca looks at pictures of her on Tim’s phone. She’s tries to be fair until she sees a photo of Nathaniel and Mona at Raging Waters, Rebecca’s favorite waterpark. Nat would never go there with her. This means war!

Nathaniel gained controlling interest in the company by buying shares from Darryl’s ex-wife Stacy. If Rebecca can find a loophole to have the sale voided, they can buy the shares, and take the company away from Nathaniel. To convince the gang, Rebecca sings a reprise of Who’s the New Guy from season 2 (We miss you, Karen!). The new version is called He’s the New Guy.


Kevin asks Heather what she is, then he asks her where her parents are from. After an uncomfortable, stumbling conversation, Heather guesses that he wants to know what her ethnic background is, but was worried about offending her. He tells her that there’s a corporate training program that she’s eligible for. They’re encouraging diverse candidates to apply. Heather takes the application.

For her training program, Heather has to dress in a corporate suit and pantyhose, with no tattoos showing, no piercings, and no unusually colored hair. Her style is definitely cramped. She complains about the pantyhose to the manager in charge, pointing out that they’re unsanitary and promote infections. Everyone stops talking and looks at her. Yep. Never allude to female nether regions in a business setting. Too scary. All other parts may be spoken of, as required.

Rebecca meets with Stacy in her home hot tub to convince her to sue to have the sale of her shares to Nathaniel voided, then sell the shares to Rebecca and friends. Stacy’s neighbors have a crying baby, so Rebecca makes a deal to file a noise complaint against the baby in exchange for the shares.

Nathaniel confronts Rebecca over the shares, and their argument makes it clear that they’re still attracted to each other. After Nathaniel leaves, Rebecca decides to borrow Heather’s vibrator for 8-10 minutes.

Heather’s supervisor in the training program tells her that her idea for the Home Base restaurants to serve desert tacos has been accepted by the company enthusiastically. She brings up her idea to institute ride sharing so that kids won’t have to ride home with drunk parents any more. The supervisor calls her a visionary.

Rebecca and Nathaniel meet in court, still ready to have angry sex. Their arguments in front of the judge turn into the Horny Angry Tango.

The choreography is pretty lame, as are the lyrics. It feels like they threw this together to fill up time.

The judge rules in Rebecca’s favor. She plans to sell the Garfinkel ring to raise money for the shares, until the jeweler who appraises it tells her that the ring is a fake. Rebecca asks all of her rich acquaintances for money, but no one will help her buy the shares.

Heather agonizes over what to do about her job. She’s doing well at it, and she likes having a real job and insurance. But, she hates the corporate environment and misses her side hobbies.

Rebecca realizes that she’s missed a hormone shot, and takes two at once. In a fit of hormone induced rage, she spends the night researching Nathaniel’s new girlfriend on the dark web, and may or may not have taken a hit out on her, then canceled it.

She confesses all of this to her therapy group before Dr Shin arrives, but begs them not to tell him any of it. She didn’t get his approval for the hormones and egg donation because she was afraid he’d tell her not to, so he can’t know about the rest of it either. She just wants the chance to save the little guys that she works with.

After the session, one of the guys in the group, Bert, tells Rebecca that he’ll give her the money to buy the shares and be her silent partner. He likes how she wants to look after the little guy.

Darryl and Bert designate Rebecca the senior partner. She moves into Nathaniel’s office to share with him, since Darryl will have a baby soon.

Heather interrupts a Home Base board meeting to tell her boss that she was going to quit, but she realized that Home base really needs more diversity, and really needs more real people with good ideas. So, instead, she wants to be out in the field, making the stores better. She wants to go into the management trainee program. Oops, they don’t have one of those either, but vote to start one.

Heather tells Hector that she finally knows who she is. She’s the regional manager of three Home Bases, with the West Covina Home Base as her home base Home Base. Now she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level too. She’s hoping that Hector will move in with her, but she knows how close he is to his mom. Hector has been watching Josh and his mom become besties, so now he’s ready to move out and have a life of his own. It’s a little sad to see Hector and his mom moving on from each other, but ultimately probably for the best.

Heather is now Kevin’s supervisor. He gets her a present to apologize for the diversity misunderstanding. It’s an Indian scarf, but Heather isn’t Indian. Her mother is white and her father is black. Kevin is mortified again. It’s a gorgeous scarf though. Or maybe it’s a sari?

Darryl and Rebecca wait for news on the egg and embryo. The fertilization goes fine, but the surrogate is already pregnant, so they can’t implant the embryo. Darryl needs to find a new surrogate within 24 hours or they’ll freeze the embryo, making it less viable. Heather hears their discussion and offers to carry the baby for them. Hector is busy moving in, and is sort of blindsided.

Rebecca and Nathaniel are being very grown up about working together. They apologize for antagonizing each other, and explain things a little better to each other. They are so grown up that Rebecca ends up in Nathaniel’s lap, making out.


Heather has become a champion level bowwoman through continuing ed classes, but the Ren Faire only comes once a year. Pretty sure she can win the Hunger Games and go on tour with those skills. Maybe even take her boyfriend with her.

Rebecca needs to take frequent hormone injections in her abdomen throughout the episode. Every time she does, the people around her get grossed out, complain, suggest she do it in the bathroom, and one calls her a junkie. Thanks, once again, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for your [lack of] sensitivity toward marginalized populations. Diabetics and other chronically ill people who need to take care of themselves medically in public get hassled and misunderstood enough without you making it seem okay to harass them. It is, in fact, federal law that disabled people be allowed to inject medications or test blood sugar wherever and whenever they need to, whether idiots in the area would prefer they risk infection by going in a bathroom or not.

I have no idea how the law would cover hormone injections, but the body and medication shaming that this show did in this episode, while acting like the complaints were justified, is more evidence that this isn’t the show I used to watch. Unless Rebecca’s body is being used or admired for sexual purposes, I guess it’s gross. There were the negative reactions to her bare stomach. Then there was the complaint about her having gas in group therapy. And her sweaty boobs wiped all over Nathaniel’s office wall. Kevin was body shamed as well. Heather even made a company wide rule to make sure no one had to see him shirtless.

Then there was the ageism involved with suggesting that Josh shouldn’t be friends with Hector’s mom. Maybe Josh’s true calling is to be a gigolo for older women. Maybe he just has things in common with her.

As I’ve predicted from the beginning, Rebecca is lying to Dr Shin because she wants his approval. Her actual life and the life she describes to her therapist are two different things. He’s not going to be much help if he doesn’t know the truth about her actions and thoughts.

I lost count of how many times Heather mentioned her mysterious side hobbies. That’s got to be the set up for something.