Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 4: Sneak Peek (Video)


The Midnighters Find a Baby Weretiger

Minor book and show spoilers.

Calling all Midnight, Texas book readers! Midnight, Texas is doing the baby weretiger plotline from the books, with their own twist. For one thing, the baby is a girl instead of a boy, a welcome change in a show with too few female characters. For another, the Rev isn’t around to help raise the baby. Even if he returns, he’s no longer a weretiger, so he’ll be of little help in controlling the child.

My next question is, will the other character who came to Midnight as part of this plotline join the cast soon? This character was also part of the Sookie Stackhouse books, but was notably left out of True Blood. If they follow the books, this addition would bring a romantic shake up to the town that it could use right about now.

Or will Kai “cure” the girl of being a weretiger, bringing the species that much closer to extinction?

In the clip, the baby’s mother has died in childbirth, and the Midnighters must decide what to do with the orphaned child. They slowly realize that the mother came to the Rev’s church because her child is a weretiger. Joe uses his angel light to confirm the baby’s species.


Images courtesy of NBC.