Manifest Season 1 Episode 10- Crosswinds: Sneak Peek, Extended Promo and Surprise Returns [Video]


Update 1/8/18- Added a 2nd clip and the episode 11 promo. NBC took down the extended promo, so it was replaced with the regular length promo.

NBC’s new scifi show Manifest will return from its winter break tonight (January 7th), with a new episode titled “Crosswinds”. Up until a few weeks ago, the promotional materials had the episode title listed as “Unaccompanied Minors”. The emphasis of the episode must have changed in the final stages of editing. It may not be as family centric as the original title and promo suggested, or the new title could suggest more focus on conflict and characters working against each other. Perhaps some hostilities that have remained mostly unspoken will be brought out into the open.

Or maybe some forward momentum will be lost, hopefully for UDS rather than the passengers:

A crosswind is a strong wind that blows across the direction that vehicles, boats, or aircraft are traveling in, and that makes it difficult for them to keep moving steadily forward. (

Sneak Peek and Extended Promo videos after the cut.

NBC has released a short scene from the episode, showing the 11 recovered passengers, who look to be catatonic, plus Autumn, Fiona, and Saanvi, in a spacious beach house (or maybe a docked cruise ship?). Autumn calls Fiona and Saanvi into the room with the passengers, because she’s just seen them all suddenly jerk simultaneously, as if they’ve received an electric shock. They all jerk upright again while the three women are watching. Saanvi suggests that they need to gather as many of the Flight 828 passengers together as possible to figure out what’s happening to them, and to warn the passengers about the research.

It looks like UDS has started up their experiments again.  How are they affecting all of the experimental subjects from a distance? Did Belson sneak one passenger out, before Vance and his team arrived to stop the experiments? Did they chip them all? Is Cal feeling these shocks as well?

It looks like my fear that Fiona would kidnap the subjects didn’t come true. I watch too many conspiracy theory shows. 😜 I hope this means she’s trustworthy and that her research was stolen, but I doubt it. I’m not a very trusting soul, and that would make it a very big coincidence that she was on the plane, spouting platitudes. has a 2nd exclusive sneak peek that takes place a little while after this one. Michaela has just arrived, and Saanvi is filling her in. They walk by a catatonic passenger named Paul, whose wife never showed up to find him at the airport when the plane landed. Michaela touches his hand to commiserate with him, since they were both abandoned by their significant others while the plane was missing. When she does, she gets a calling that consists of a vision of a blizzard, and the words “Find Her”. When she let’s go of Paul’s hand, he wakes up. Michaela says that she felt like she was transported to the blizzard.

Is Paul’s wife lost or stuck somewhere snowy? Is the connection between the passengers the key to waking all of them up? Does this have something to do with Fiona’s collective consciousness?

Finally, NBC has also released an unusual number of photos prior to the episode. I usually wait to use them in my recap, but I can’t resist sharing these two, with some fan favorite familiar faces, Flight Attendant Bethany Collins and Flight 828 Captain Bill Daly! They are two of the 18 passengers that Saanvi is able to round up. Hopefully we’ll find out how Bethany got out of jail and how Thomas is doing.

Manifest’s Michaela Finds Connection To Rescued UDS Passenger In Exclusive Clip


I made this copy before they changed the episode title from Unaccompanied Minors to Crosswinds!




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  1. Your comments regarding tonight’s mid-season premier episode perfectly describes and connects some of the continuing subplots in ongoing storylines.

    It’s all connected. And when it comes to previewing or reviewing a tv episode, no one connects a storyline to its substance better than you. Thank you.


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