No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10: No Soup for You Recap


We start where we left off in No Truer Words, with Evie confronting Xavier with an X about the hidden past that Timothy dug up while researching his article. This deep, dark past consists of changing his name from Hamish Stegner, Jr to the much cooler Xavier Holiday (wouldn’t you?), and having been arrested 8 times in 5 months for trespassing, public nudity, and disorderly conduct. Xavier explains his crimes away as normal youthful rebellion where he comes from. Honestly, it was not that unusual where I come from, either. He didn’t commit any violent crimes, it was a long time ago, and they haven’t been dating that long. I’m not sure he owed Evie every single detail he might have forgotten to mention yet. One of their first dates was helping a cousin (that Xavier had just broken out of prison) to flee the country, so I’m not sure why him having a bit of a history himself would be such a shock. Seems more like an excuse for cold feet to me.

Eventually, Evie realizes that Xavier’s arrests all happened right after his mom’s death, and he changed his name because of his issues with his father. She points out  that Xavier avoids his own issues, while making everyone else confront theirs. Evie breaks up with him until he can live an honest life, be his whole self, and deal with his shit, since he lied about his debt and other things too.

Xavier is floored that Evie broke up with him. He has a hard time with consequences. But he did listen to Evie, and considers what she said. He decides to go through with it and calls his dad.

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9: No Truer Words Recap

This Is What You’d Call an Ironic Episode Title

There’s an epidemic of fibs, little white lies, and straight up, bald-faced lying going around Seattle this week. Everyone is hiding something. It could be something large or small, or something ultimately meant to protect themselves or someone else, or for less selfless reasons, but everyone has at least one thing that they’re hiding. Most of the characters have multiple secrets.

Deirdre has the biggest secrets that we are made privy to, since she’s been hiding a hot ex-husband (Broadway star Will Swenson), a dancing hobby, and several dance championships. Hank and Kareema go under cover to discover what Deirdre is hiding and lying to Hank about. They attempt to compete with Deirdre and Pete, but the plan backfires when Deirdre agrees to marry Pete for a third time after they win another championship together.

Deirdre is obviously going for the safer choice with Pete. She knows exactly how he’ll break her heart again, and she’ll be ready for it. She tells Hank as much. Hank would require too much risk, and after he didn’t put himself out there for her during the strike, she’s no longer willing to go for it. Hank’s going to have to work hard to win Deirdre back. She was crushing on him for a while before she found a safe way to approach him to begin with. She’s obviously got a history of heartbreak, and has learned to protect herself. Hank can’t half-ass their relationship the way he does a lot of things in life and expect that’s going to work. On the other hand, Deirdre’s clearly in love with Hank, and Pete isn’t really going to cut it any more. I’ll be shocked if she goes through with the marriage.

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8: No Rest for the Weary Recap


Keep Your Chin Up and Your Secretions In

Xavier is zorbing (say it out loud), Evie is overworked and binging on black market energy drinks, and her Cyber Hugs job has left her with a homeless telepathic rat named after a Greek philosopher. It’s time for this week’s episode of No Tomorrow!

The symbolism in the first scene left me a bit overwhelmed, just like Evie. Xavier is in a giant hamster ball, a caged rat from NIMH shows up, and Evie is asleep at her desk. She’s like a rodent on a treadmill trying to keep up with two jobs instead of one, we get it. She even gets called a corporate robot and tells Xavier she has no time for him or their apocalysts. Quelle horreur!

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7: No You Say It First Recap


Rain in seattle/ The reason for rain kisses/ A blessing indeed.

Street Poetry, A Fuschia House, and Space Tourism

This week, Xavier continues to deal with his financial crisis, and the Cybermart warehouse gets a visit from Cybermart founder Casey Corey, which inspires Evie to make another play for the Cyber Hugs job, and Hank and Deirdre to try harder to hide their relationship. Evie’s sister Mary Anne and Xavier try to work past their differences. There’s a lot of fuschia involved.

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