No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8: No Rest for the Weary Recap


Keep Your Chin Up and Your Secretions In

Xavier is zorbing (say it out loud), Evie is overworked and binging on black market energy drinks, and her Cyber Hugs job has left her with a homeless telepathic rat named after a Greek philosopher. It’s time for this week’s episode of No Tomorrow!

The symbolism in the first scene left me a bit overwhelmed, just like Evie. Xavier is in a giant hamster ball, a caged rat from NIMH shows up, and Evie is asleep at her desk. She’s like a rodent on a treadmill trying to keep up with two jobs instead of one, we get it. She even gets called a corporate robot and tells Xavier she has no time for him or their apocalysts. Quelle horreur!

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Euan Morton and Hannah Corneau Become Hedwig and Yitzhak Tonight (PHOTOS)


Euan Morton and Hannah Corneau take over the roles of Hedwig and Yitzhak on the Hedwig and the Angry Inch National Tour tonight in San Diego, following the exit of Darren Criss and Lena Hall Sunday night. The original Broadway members of Tits of Clay, who play Hedwig’s band The Angry Inch, will continue with the tour. They are Justin Craig (Skszp, music director, guitars, keyboard), Matt Duncan (Jacek, bass), Tim Mislock (Krzyzhtoff, guitar) and Peter Yanowitz (Schlatko, drums). Original Broadway Yitzhak understudy Shannon Conley continues in her role. Mason Alexander Park will also stay on as the standby for Hedwig.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 “Medusa” Recap: Be Your Own Hero

SPG208a_0082b [].jpeg

Three TV Series Later, Chris Wood Finally Gets a Reasonably Happy Kiss (And So Do Both Danvers Girls!!)

It’s a jolly Thanksgiving in National City this week. All of Kara’s friends and loved ones gather at her apartment to celebrate. Even Barry and Cisco try to show up in the middle of dinner, but, oops, guys, your crosssover event doesn’t start until the end of the episode!

Alex, Winn, and James argue over who gets to come out first over dinner. No, Winn and James aren’t announcing that they’re dating, like I keep hoping, just telling Kara that James is The Guardian and Winn is his handler (why don’t handlers get cool names too?). Alex wants to tell her Mom that she’s interested in dating women. Unfortunately, dinner and the confessions are interrupted by the premature crossover event Vibe bubble. James and Winn will have to wait until another episode, but Alex and Eliza get to have their heart to heart later at the DEO. Eliza is as warm and accepting as ever, immediately figuring out what Alex has been trying to tell her and boosting Alex’s confidence the way only a mom can.

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Darren Criss Ends His Tour Run as Hedwig Today


The Road Is No Longer His Home

Here are a few songs from Darren and Lena’s last performance in San Francisco, 10/30/16, in honor of their last day on tour. After the cut, our reviews of one of Darren’s Hedwig shows we saw in San Francisco, the 10/15/16 matinee.

Origin of Love

Angry Inch

The Long Grift

Midnight Radio

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Moana Review: Female Bonding With An Unnecessary Male (Spoilers)


I saw Moana on its opening night! Very exciting, and for some reason there was practically no one in the theater. Night before Thanksgiving, I suppose?

Overall, I liked it. I found it emotionally moving, and the spiritual tone was enchanting to me. It is beautifully animated, and the music is absolutely beautiful (not surprising to me, as Lin Manuel-Miranda, writer and original star of Hamilton, cowrote the music). I found the messages and themes meaningful. There were a few times when I was almost brought to tears. That said, I do have some major complaints, most of which regard Maui, which I’m trying not to let color my entire interpretation of the movie.

Spoilers below! (And an unintentionally long review.)

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7: No You Say It First Recap


Rain in seattle/ The reason for rain kisses/ A blessing indeed.

Street Poetry, A Fuschia House, and Space Tourism

This week, Xavier continues to deal with his financial crisis, and the Cybermart warehouse gets a visit from Cybermart founder Casey Corey, which inspires Evie to make another play for the Cyber Hugs job, and Hank and Deirdre to try harder to hide their relationship. Evie’s sister Mary Anne and Xavier try to work past their differences. There’s a lot of fuschia involved.

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Hairspray Live! You Can’t Stop the Beat (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance)

This video ran during the parade. The song starts at about 1:15.

It looks fantastic!!

There’s nothing we don’t love about this performance. The cast all seem to fit, in the brief moments we get with them. Standouts are Maddie Baillio as Tracy Turnblad, Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Mabel, Derek Hough as Corny Collins, and Ariana Grande as Penny Pingleton. But where’s Martin Short as Wilbur Turnblad? We do get a glimpse of him in the teaser trailer released earlier in the week.

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