Frozen Broadway Musical Dream Cast Part 3: Kristoff and The Duke

Time for the next round of Frozen dream cast choices! Why, you may ask, is there a video of Aaron Tveit and Gavin Creel singing a song from Rent at the top of a post about Frozen? Well, that’s a very good question. Both metawitches have kind of an obsession with this video, and since these boys are alternate choices for 2 dream cast roles, it seemed like the perfect time to pull it out. Where better to put it than right at the top? (I admit, I’ll likely pull it out at the slightest provocation. Be prepared. Or afraid.)

But first, let’s talk about Kristoff. Andrew Keenan-Bolger, from Newsies (Crutchie) and Tuck Everlasting (Jessie), would make a great Kristoff. He’d be able to play Kristoff as loyal, down to earth, easy going but pragmatic, a little bit whimsical (he was raised by trolls), a little bit Only Sane Man, with a dash of underlying sadness that makes him and Anna kindred spirits.  For an alternative, we like Vincent Rodriguez III (Crazy Ex’Girlfriend). The first video below shows Andrew singing Letter from the Refuge from Newsies. In the second video Vincent sings Double Talk (City of Angels).
For the Duke of Weselton there’s no one else for me but Martin Short. Except my alternate pick, Gavin Creel. Let me throw in here, since we didn’t put it in the Santino/Hans post, we pick Aaron Tveit for the alternate Hans. (Please, you didn’t think I’d get through an entire dream cast without including Aaron, did you? 😘  ) Hopefully the Duke’s role will be beefed up and he’ll become more of a mustache twirling, broad comic villain that some veteran actor can really sink his teeth into. We’d love scenes of the Duke and Hans plotting, a duet between the 2, maybe more scenes of what’s happening back in the castle while the sisters are out in the mountains. Martin Short is fantastic at these kinds of OTT characters. Gavin Creel was amazing in She Loves Me as the womanizing cad. He’s ready for a role like this. Especially alongside Aaron Tveit reminding us of his dark, intense side as Hans. Watch the video of the two of them singing Take Me or Leave Me above, then think about them together in a musical staging a coup in a castle. Below, Martin Short performs in multiple Inappropriate Musicals with James Corden on The Late Late Show.

In part 4, we’ll cast the trolls, Oaken, and Olaf.

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