Frozen Live Action Musical Dream Cast Part 1: #1 Draft Choice= Santino Fontana


We are going to get to the dream cast, but first, let’s have a moment of silence for the loss of Santino Fontana, and his character Greg, from the best show on TV that nobody watches, Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Friday nights on the CW, check it out, maybe if enough people do, we’ll get a 3rd season). Santino says he left because he has the opportunity to write, do theater, and films. He already has 2 films in post-production (Galileo and Impossible Monsters), both expected to be released in 2017. He’s the lead in both films.

(Quick aside: Galileo takes place and was filmed here in New Mexico, where we metawitches live. As usual, we completely fail as celebrity stalkers irl, and totally missed this while it was happening.)

We’re going with the Frozen Broadway musical as our hope for one of the theater opportunities. The story is going to be expanded and deepened, with a dozen songs added. That means we can find out more about Hans. He can have a “Who Am I?” solo villain song added in the 1st act, and a comedic villain duet with the Duke added in the 2nd act. Plus several ensemble songs at the end of each act and other crucial moments. They’ll want a big name or 2 in the cast, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep someone from the movie. Most of the movie cast won’t be willing to reprise their roles for various reasons. Santino seems like the best choice, since he’s already a Broadway regular and a prince, if they can make the role of Hans attractive enough.

The Frozen musical just finished a month long developmental lab in NYC with a full cast (the cast list wasn’t announced). The world premiere will be at the pre-Broadway tryout in Denver, August 2017. Then Frozen is expected to open on Broadway at the St. James Theatre in Spring 2018 (where Something Rotten is currently playing). Wish us luck getting tickets for the Denver version.🍀

After the cut, more Greg and Hans videos to tempt you. Plus, Santino singing with his wife, because I will never get over him marrying one of the Broadway Cinderellas.