Agents of SHIELD: Who Is The Superior?


On Tuesday night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Wake Up, Senator Nadeer, one of the high-ranking members of the anti-inhuman group the Watchdogs, tells Dr Radcliffe that in order for her organization to offer him protection, he has to meet The Superior and gain approval. We’ve been teased with the title of The Superior a few times, but haven’t been given a name yet. You can hear the capital letters in the title. They’re making such a big deal of it that it’ll be a let down if it’s not someone we’ve met before. Who’s still alive or easily revivable that would take the Watchdogs side? We haven’t had a movie crossover in a long time. It would be amazing if it was Thunderbolt Ross/William Hurt. William Hurt has no problem with doing TV, and has said that he loves playing the character. General Ross is the current, or most recent former, Secretary of State (if the MCU also had a presidential election in November, and President Ellis has finished his 2nd term). He’s in a perfect position to be The Superior. That would also quiet down some of the uproar about the movies not acknowledging the TV shows. Granted, it’s still within the TV show, but given the way movies are made, this is a reasonable compromise.

Who else could it be? I’m going to believe General Talbot and give him a pass. I want to believe Mace, but I’m paranoid and still slightly suspicious. As Coulson pointed out, the guy is really good at lying, even when his life depends on it. The most likely other alternatives are leftovers from SHIELD or Hydra. There are probably Hydra remnants all over the place who blame inhumans for reviving an old, outdated part of the Hydra mission and bringing down the organization with it. It was doing just fine being an organized crime syndicate that wanted to take over the world. The humans who worked so hard for Hydra must feel duped and angry. It’s one thing for Hydra to subjugate enhanced individuals for their own purposes. It’s quite another for the inhumans to attempt to destroy the human race by turning them all into strangely mutated inhumans. Daniel Whitehall, for example, wasn’t killed in a way that precludes him from coming back to life, especially since he has aspects of Jiaying’s near immortality. I’ve never been convinced that snapping Jiaying’s neck would permanently kill her, for that matter. She may be out to get the people who she feels abandoned and betrayed her and their true mission.

SHIELD members have obvious reasons for hating inhumans. I wouldn’t rule out former SHIELD agents who have turned into inhumans themselves. Self loathing is a powerful motivator. Someone may have found a way to revive Lash, and what came back has very little of Andrew left, meaning he hates inhumans even more. We just had a reminder of Andrew /Lash on the show. There are also the SHIELD agents who feel that the agency abandoned and betrayed them. This could easily be someone we think is dead, but who’s alive and living in some secret bunker, a fine MCU tradition. Agent 33/Kara Lynn Palamas isn’t necessarily as dead as Grant thought she was. She could blame the inhumans for desecrating his body and being the ultimate foundation of Hydra, the group that took everything from her, along with SHIELD.

Metamaiden has always maintained that we never saw Jasper Sitwell’s body: No Body=No Death. He has reasons to hate just about everybody, and has already been used to provide continuity between the movies and the TV show. Plus, I miss him and his cheeky office nerd overconfidence. He and Nadeer would be perfect together. Maybe they already were. She had to learn those spy skills from someone. If Director Fury could be kept alive in secret, why couldn’t Senator Nadeer keep her badly injured boyfriend alive in secret? We just saw Nadeer keep her brother in a secret hideout for months, then disappear him.


A member of either the Ward family or the Von Strucker family would work as The Superior. The Wards were an important, rich political family who were taken down by a combination of SHIELD and inhumans, if you want to look at it that way, the two things the Watchdogs hate most. The von Strucker’s were also a rich and powerful family, who were loyal to Hydra and ended up being badly used by Hive’s version of the organization. The show could bring back members of either family that we’ve already seen, hand waving away whatever death they wanted, or they could introduce a new family member who’s out for revenge. I’m totally up for Grant Ward’s extra evil secret twin showing up looking to get even. What could be more comic booky than that?