#Oscars So Sexist


That’s the hashtag that’s everywhere today, right? No, I didn’t think so. I mean, Patricia Arquette didn’t say anything to offend people by suggesting that women’s rights are as important as other causes, and the wrong movie was originally given the big award, so, as far as I can tell, virtually no one noticed that approximately THREE women gave acceptance speeches last night, and not many more won awards, even as part of a group. It was wonderful to see the diversity in the audience, as far as race and country of origin were concerned. But the women in the audience were either actresses, or plus ones. Very few were nominees for anything other than an acting award, and even fewer won. Among those who won as part of a group, almost none gave the acceptance speech. The speeches were given by the men.

Under the cut, the actual statistics on the gender of the winners and nominees.

My husband, who lives for looking up these kinds of numbers, looked up the winners and nominees when I pointed out at the end of the broadcast Sunday night that the only woman who won an award for something other than acting was Colleen Atwood for Costume Design. It may have been a great night for racial diversity, but it was a sad night for women. Yes, Viola Davis won an award. Where were her sisters who are writers, directors, make up artists, song writers, editors, etc.? I know they exist, because I watch TV and independent movies. When will those talented women of every color and age be given a chance at the big movies and awards on more than a token basis?

Here is what my husband found, and posted on his Facebook:

Remember all the outrage last year about the Oscars being racist? So, what happened this year? Of 24 awards presented, three were won solely by a woman. And two of those were in the categories that can *only* be won by a woman — best actress and best supporting actress. So…

Out of 20 non-gender-specific awards:
– 14 were won by men.
– 5 were won by a mix of men and women.
– A woman won one.

And out of 102 non-gender-specific nominations:
– 70 were given to men.
– 22 were given to a mix of men and women.
– 10 were given to women.

And your feeds are filled with outrage about sexism, right?

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